2612 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 11th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 11th March 2013 Written Update

Randip tells Rashmi to put her sim *the one given to her by Shahana* into Bhabhi’s cellphone and put another sim into her mobile and then divert all the calls from Shahana’s sim to her mobile. He tells her to come a place in less than 2 hours.

Policeman informs Jaddah that Randip has escaped while other criminals are dead in a cross firing attack. Jaddah goes to meet the only sub inspector alive after the incident in the hospital but couldnt get any information about Randip. The commissioner calls Jaddah to meet him urgently.

Rashmi meets Randip at a nursery and they hug. Randip complements her beauty. He then tells her about the bullet stuck in his arms and requests her to help him. She removes the bullet off his arms with a hot knife and ties a piece of saree at the wounded area.

The commissioner yells at Jaddah and wonders if he’s taking his personal anger out at Randip’s case? Jaddah assures that he will find get Randip back in jail soon.

Shahana monitors Rashmi’s location and is happy to know that Rashmi is at her home. Jaddah calls her up and they discuss about bombs and the detonator.

Randip watches Rashmi sleep and smiles at her. A kid hand overs 2 mugs of tea to Randip, Rashmi wakes up and asks if he is ok? Randip says yes. Rashmi tells him what all evidences she has saved up against Shahana. Randip listens to her quietly and says she has grown matured. Rashmi freaks out seeing Shahana’s call, she picks it up and hears that Bittu is no more. Rashmi runs away madly without saying anything to Randip.

At Shahana’s place Rashmi finds all three of them safe, Shahana shows her the chit she gave to the doctor. Shahana says the doctor was one from her gang & asks Rashmi to choose whom she loves a bit less out of the three as she has to kill one of them cuz of Rashmi’s unfaithfulness.


Update Credit to: SilentPromises

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