Honge Juda Na Hum 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 11th March 2013 Written Update

Roahn is worried about Muskan and is calling her but is unable to get through. Simran comes and tells him that police is searching for Muskan and Rohan should not worry. She asks Rohan if they had any fights. Rohan says that Muskan has come back to his life after two years and he loves her a lot and hasn’t fought. Rohan decides to search for Muskan and Simran offers to go along. They leave.

Rohan reaches back home. Preeti asks him if everything is alright. Meanwhile, Chintoo comes and asks Preeti to get his notebook from the bedroom . Rohan tells Chintoo that he has to talk to Preeti so Chintoo should himself go and get it . Chintoo tells Rohan about Rama and her brother.

ROhan goes to the room and tells Lallan to behave properly if he has to stay there. Lallan tells him not to lecture and they pick up a fight. Badri intervenes to stop the fight. He rues on Lallan for his misbehavior and apologizes to Rohan on Lallan’s behalf. Rohan leaves with Preeti. Badri chides Lallan .

Preeti, Rohan , Rajeev and their dad are sitting in the living room and everyone is asking Rohan about Muskan. Rohan tells them that he does not know. She had gone out and has not returned yet. He has even asked Avi but to no avail. Lallan and Rama are eavesdropping and both are happy. lallan tells Rama that he has hidden Muskan in such a place that these people will never be able to find her.

Avi comes and asks about Muskan. Rohan tells him that he even called police but they are not ready to write an FIR before 24 hours. Avi tells him that he will try and they leave for police station. Rohan tells Rajeev to stay back and take care of Rama and Lallan.

They reach police station and tell the necessary details . Police assures them that they will tell them about anything as soon as possible.

At home, Preeti expresses her concern about Muskan and wonders if Rama and Lallan are the reason behind all this. Rajeev and his dad disagree and lallan and Rama get worried. Lallan tells Rama to behave like a good typical daughter in law henceforth to remove these doubts. Rama agrees. Rohan and Avi come back and tell everyone that they have filed the complaint . Rohan and Avi wait for the phone call.

In the morning, Avi calls police station again and inspector tells him that it might be a case of kidnapping. Everyone gets worried.

Rama and Lallan wake up and decide to finish the work that day itself

Update Credit to: saumya

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