Suvreen Guggal 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 11th April 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with Suvreen & Tannu, walking through the streets of Mumbai. They then find the place they were searching for: Earth Properties & Estate Consultant. They walk in and meet a man there, who introduces himself as Shyaam broker. Suvi and Tannu introduce themselves and tell the broker they want a house on rent. The broker asks will one BH be ok? They say yes. Then he asks them, what’s their budget? They say 7,000 rupees per month. The guy laughs at them, and then says this much will get you nothing here, madam ji. one BH starts from 18,000 and 50,000 deposit. He says if you get a bgp then you have to give a minimum of 10,000 per month plus my brokerage and 3 to 4,000 for registration. Either you make your budget bigger, or drop the idea of living in Mumbai. The girls excuse themselves and leave the office. Suvi & Tannu step outside, and Suvi says she never imagined Mumbai would be this expensive Tannu says you dont know these broker type people, they talk big for no reason, & increase the prices. He’s not the only broker, we’ll go to another broker, we’ll get something in our budget for sure, she tells Suvreen. The camera then quickly pans across three other brokers saying their prices. Then we see the girls sitting across another broker, this broker says i’ll get you a home in my own building,& with that you’ll have to “do friendship with me” eww pervert!!! Suvi & Tannu look shocked, angry, and digusted. Tannu takes her shoe off and hits the guy across the face with it. Then the guy is shown holding his face, and Suvi is holding Tannu and rushing her out of there. Tannu says this guy should be hit till his bones break (literal translation, bear w/ me)

Suvi says I know, how was he saying that “i wanna do fraandship with you” chee then tannu says bekaar kahi ka. suvi says what do we know now. tannu says first lets get something to eat. suvi asks her whats the budget for lunch, tannu replies 20 rupees! suvi says 20 rupees! for 20 rupees in delhi, in nehru place, you can get rajma chawal, kadi chawal, shahi paneer, everything. i hope we can get something in mumbai. then the girls are shown at a vada pao stand, and suvi says only 2 vada pao in 20 rupees. the girls are eating, and suvi exclaims its too spicy. why is everything so extreme here in mumbai; extreme mirchi (spice), extreme heat, extreme traffic, extreme crowd, extreme cost. we still haven’t found a house, on top of that i lost my job. i dont know what im going to do tannu says the picture is still left (pic abhi bakhi hain), then her wallet falls into the water jug. the money is still dry though, and tannu then insists suvi keep the money for her. suvi says i cant keep your money in my bag. then tannu says the money is 50-50, and when you get a job, will i not use money from your salary. suvi then agrees and keeps the money.

*shift to delhi* camera pans to yuvraaj walking in to alisha’s room. alisha says you came to meet me, yuvi says yes who else will i come to, i really miss her. alisha aska suvreen? yuvi says who else? i just cant believe she left me and went so far. alisha says i guess this is life, if suvi likes living without you then i think you should also let go, just move on in life yuvraj (ugh shut up alisha, and i hate this annoying bg that comes on when alisha talks). yuvraaj says no alisha, she’s still mad at me, but its not that she doesn’t want to live her life with me, i know that no matter how many differences we may have, but she cares a lot about me, she loves me. as much, as much as i do about her (awww) Then yuvraaj hands alisha a letter and says can you please give suvreen this letter. alisha says sure, and then yuvi leaves. alisha then says to herself, i can do anything for you yuvraaj and i will make sure this letter never reaches suvreenof course this is expected from alisha

*back to mumbai* Suvi is saying call your friend to Tannu, keep trying. And then Suvi bumps into an elderly woman, and the woman’s groceries drop to the ground. Suvi apologizes, and the woman is like your not even watching where you walk, and then say sorry, whats sorry huh whats sorry? Tannu says her friend’s not picking up the phone. Suvi says we have to do something now, what are we gonna do, im hungry now. and plz dont say we’re gonna eat vada pao, im hungry, i dont wanna eat vada pao. Tannu says dw, im not feeding you vada pao. Tannu thinks im worried too but Guggal is in an even worse state than me, if her mood gets worse, then she might get scared and run home. i gotta do something to make her forget her stress. suvi and tannu are walking and then reach a club. tannu exclaims this is mumbai’s biggest club, all the big stars come here! this is what i have only seen in tv shows and movies till now. suvi says melodrama? tannu says noo, girls night out, free entry and free drink for girls. suvi says lets go tannu. tannu says look duggal (still calls her duggal instead of guggal), we have nothing else to do, we’re tired. lets enjoy the air conditioned air and fix our mood. suvi says why dont we try looking again. tannu drags suvi into the line and says cmon, lets go, we might see celebs, omg we may see srk or ranbir! in line, tannu whispers discreetly to suvi, uh i think getting in is gonna be a little difficult! suvi says thats why i was saying, now come on lets go. tannu grabs suvi and says oye, i said difficult not impossible. then tannu jumps up and screams oh my god, shah rukh khan! everyone in line gets out of line and starts to look for srk, tannu and suvi then head up to the front of the line (cue bhangra music bg). tannu apologizes and says sry i thought i saw srk the staff asks the girls, name please. tannu says parul saxena, daljit ahluwalia. the guy says it says mr.daljit ahluwalia. tannu says i know this happens all the time to me, once my name went to the boys hostel.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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