2612 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 11th April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 11th April 2013 Written Update

Rashmi is walking out when Randeep asks her to stop
and proposes to go on dinner.
Rashmi is distressed about Swami not being happy with her work
and she fires Randeep that her personal life comes after her profession
and she needs to prove worthy.
Randeep consoles her and she leaves.
Bidhisha tells Randeep that Rashmi’s innocence and her common persona
isnt fit for their SIU job but Randeep holds these qualities
as Rashmi’s strength and Bidhisha is left disheartened.

Rashmi reaches the college and talks to Mrs.Joseph about
the NRI student Akhilesh as to why he is still been arrested.
Mrs.Joseph tells her that they need strong evidence
and he needs to be caught in the act to be arrested and for this she recommends
help from Mr.Narendra , the colleges discipline head.
Mrs.Joseph and Rashmi both go to Narendra and he offers to keep an eye on Akhilesh.

Prashant asks Bidhisha to accompany him on a vacation cum business
conference and she agrees to it.

Somewhere professor is explaining his counterparts about 2613
to be not an attack on just one country but the whole South-Asia
and they have to take advantage of the feud between the countries of the continent.

Randeep brings back the drug bag to Musa
and comes to know that it contains sugar.
Musa tells him that the packets have TATP , an explosive hidden
in them and he has been approached by someone to do this.
Randeep is left pondering on how to find out more about this transaction.

Rashmi and Naredra follow Akhilesh and tell him to
show his bag but he starts running.
Rashmi follows and him later points a gun at him to make him stop
but Narendra comes there and pulls her hand down.
He is shocked to see the gun and asks her who she is.

Later Rashmi is sitting in the staff room , scolding herself for
ruining the chance and again disappointing Swami.
Just then someone rolls a CD towards her.
Rashmi plays it and it has all her recording through the times
she had been following Akhilesh.
A man’s shadow is shown ,while he tells her that 2613 has already started
and they are no fools to make bombs in a college lab.

He even mocks the SIU’s intelligence and the camera zooms in on his face ,
to show that he is Mr.Narendra , the college’s discipline head

Update Credit to: 18shabbo

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