Junoon 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 11th April 2013 Written Update
The show begins with Meera seeing Aakash shadow,he’s walking perfectly and she’s shocked.
She enters his room with the jar of water and sees him sitting on a chair with his walking scrutches by his side.She asks him about someone walking in his room,he’s able to mislead her by saying since long he’s sitting she must be tired to go and rest.As Meera is leaving she asks her to help him to reach the bed,she helps him but he’s happy hugging her.

Meera cover him before saying goodnight.As she Leaves akash in a psycho way says that she’s right to say she saw him now she’ll see him everywhere .She did a mistake by marrying Prithvi. He drinks the water Meera brought for him in a psychotic way.
The next morning they are all on the breakfast table and he’s happy to see Meera alone.RK asks Meera where’s is Prithvi.Everyone are shocked when Meera says Prithvi called he said he’ll be back the next morning.Prithvi enters right away,RK questions him but Akash interrupts saying Prithvi needs to freshen up and have breakfast he Leaves.akash gives an evil smile looking at the worried face of Meera.

Prithvi is having a headache and Meera is massaging his head while he’s resting. akash sneeks from the window and sees them he gets jealous and in anger goes to his dadi and tells her to call them.
dadi goes to call Meera and Prithvi and tells them to get ready as they need to complete the after wedding rituals at the temple.
They smile at each other and Meera goes tochange.
Meera is in front of the mirror in a new blue saree and Prithvi comes out after changing they have a cute momentsand Prithvi puts her sindoor on her forehead.Akash thinks what are the couple doing and he right away arrives in their room.He says why are they taking so much time, dadi is waiting.
They meet dadi in the hall and she tells them to watch tv, They promote the new Life Ok show but Prithvi says their love story is better.They say they will be watching the show.
Akash is sitting in Mithvi room while two men are decorating the room.
He guides them and when they finish he ask them to close the door well before leaving.

Akash is doing some stuff with the light and he sees the couple coming he hold himself with the help of his walking scrutches.
Mithvi are surprise to see Akash and their room well decorate.
akash asks if they like the surprise, Meera smiles happily and Prithvi says he’s in debt with his younger Brother for whatever he did and is doing for him.He must in return gift him.Akash looking at Meera with his lustful gaze says not to worry to Prithvi as he’ll get his rewards.
He begins to Leaves and tells Prithvi to switch on the light the room will be more beautiful.Arriving near Meera he acts as if he’s going to fall and Meera holds him.
Arriving at the door he says in his mind as Prithvi will switch on the light he’ll die.

Meera and Prithvi are in their room,the latter is holding a rose and Meera tells him to switch on the light and he gets an electric shock and falls on the bed.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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