Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th April 2013 Written Update

After All these steps, through Trataka, I’ll complete Shuchita in Parvati, that will bring her near her memories, from that step her Tapah will start.
Parvati comes, is ready for the next part, sits in front of her Guru. He asks her to concentrate on his eyes, forgetting everything, concentrate only in his eyes. She does so. Rembers her FBs of Sati’s going before the Yagya at Kailash, Dadhichi outside the Yagya place, Daksh’s insult. Her convo with Daksh.
At Patala loka Asuras are excited for war. Shukracharya tells J (Jalandhar), he wants to discuss about his security before starting the war, as his security is important for Asura’s future. That’s your son. He saw in his Dhyan, if he marries a pious woman, that will protect him. J says marrisge is not important in his life. He is worried about his protection but attact is the biggest protection.
Rishi Twashta & Kalnemi comes there. Shukracharya introduced them to J. Kalnemi is a strong Asura & Rishi Twastha is introduced as Trishira’s father. He says J is aware of who they are. J has invited them to fight with Devas. J says, it’s time to take revenge from Indra, he is invited to call his 2nd son, who is secured in 99 layered Fort. Tell him it’s time for his brother’s revenge. Shukracharya asks Kalnemi about his daughter. J say it’s time to call the most powerful warrier among Asuras
Aadi Guru, awakens her 3rd eye by pressing it with his thumb. Daksh’s words continues, Sati decides to jump in the Agni kund. Daksh tells her to go ahead. Sati takes the Aadi Shakti’s form, declares she is leaving her body, burning it with her Yoga Urja. The power leaves her body & burning body falls down.
Swarnasur attacks J, but he turns & cathes his hand midway. He tells J, he wants revenge, with this weapon he’ll be unconscious forever.
Shivji tells Ganesh Paravti is in Tapah ‘s stage but is not compeletely in it. Rishi Dadhichi says because Avidya’s Daitya Apasmar is stopping her. He can not be killed. Shivji says Apasmar’s death means loss of memories. He should be controlled to take Paravti in her next stage. He tells Ganesh to look after his mother & leaves. Ganesh mentally assures his mata not to worry, father will take care of everything.
J kills Swarnasur but he is hit by the weapon, calls for Vaidya. To keep himself awake takes a knife, is about to pearce in his body, but is stopped by a girl’s hand. J asks he, he has called a Vaidya, who are you. She answers Kalnemi’s daughter Vrinda, says I am Vaidya & it’s my duty to protect you. Kalnemi smiles seeing both of them.
Rishi Twastha is in the Fort where his son Vritrasur is. He calls him, asks him to wake up, it’s time to take revenge from Indra. Vritrasur gets up.

Precap: Vrinda is treating J, a leaf is covering his wound. She tells him, the poison of Indra’s weapon will slowly spread in your blood, it will start affecting your body, mind slowly. He catches her hand.
Shivji is doing his Tandav nritya surrounded by fire. Ganesh is watching Parvati in her Tapah.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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