Suvreen Guggal 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 10th April 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Mumbai darshan, Suvi and Tannu both enjoy the view of Mumbai travelling in the auto, Tannu asks more about Mumbai to the driver, he tells her Mumbai is very huge she cant know about it in one day, she gets out of the auto and screams out to the driver one day Mumbai will be in her hands when she becomes a superstar, Suvi pulls her in and tells her she will become a superstar when she will stay alive and not fall off the auto

Tannu tells her she wont fall, she never knew she would be so happy sitting on an auto, Suvi agrees with her and says even she is enjoying a lot, Tannu tells her then she should fully enjoy and they both get half out of the auto and scream
Tannu then changes the sim card of her mobile, Suvi asks her what is she doing, Tannu tells her she threw off Punjab’s sim and put in Mumbai’s sim, Suvi asks her how did she get it, Tannu says she made one of her friend courier it for her

Suvi asks her if she can use her phone, Tannu says no sternly, Suvi turns away, Tannu says if she will ask like this then definitely no, she says Suvi is her room-mate and room-mates never ask for anything, what’s Suvi’s is her’s and what’s hers is Suvi’s too, she further tells her not to ask her like that, Suvi says ok and asks for using the phone
Suvi calls Mamma G. who comes out of the mandir, Mamma G. starts crying hearing Suvi’s voice, she asks her where is she, Suvi says Mumbai, Mamma G. is shocked and asks how did she go there, she tries to say something else but Suvi cuts in saying not to ask her to come back because she is not going to, she tells Mamma she wants to fulfill her dreams and asks her to understand her point of view atleast

Suvi assures her she is fine and not to worry, Mamma G. tells her to atleast talk once to her dad as he is very worried, Suvi says not to lie to her as she knows Pappa hasn’t asked about her at all, Mamma G. asks if she will come back or not, Suvi says she will but not as a loser but as a winner when she will prove herself
Mamma G. is tensed and says in such a big city how will she live alone, Suviasks her if she trusts her, Mamma says yes, Suvi says that’s it she will remain strong and even Suvi herself will also be strong, Mamma G. tells her to take care and keep calling, Suvi says ok and keeps the phone

Pappa G. comes to Mamma G. and says why is she standing in the middle of the road, they walk towards the car when Pappa asks her who called, Mamma says it was Suvi and that she is in Mumbai but Pappa stops her and says he doesn’t want to hear anything related to Suvi, he asks her what does Suvi think without any support without their help without knowing anyone she can survive in Mumbai
Mamma G. looks at him tensed, Pappa says to write it down that one day the doorbell will ring and Suvi will be back home apologizing them, he sits in the car and Mamma says this is the problem she is his darling daughter and she isn’t going to lose so soon

Back in Mumbai Suvi tries to make another call to Annie who is sitting restlessly on Yuvi’s car, Rathi comes when she picks up the phone, Suvi says its her and Annie screams out Suvi’s name, she gets hyper and asks all the questions in one go, Rathi goes to call Yuvi, Suvi says that’s why she called her and says she is in Mumbai, Annie asks her whose number is she calling from and how did she get there and all

Suvi tells her she will tell her everything when she comes to Mumbai, Annie says she wont be coming to Mumbai, Suvi asks why, Annie tells her she has to stay with her dad so she wont be able to come to Mumbai and plus Zorro is not going either as he got a scholarship with some Hollywood design studio (OMG no Annie no Zorro)
Suvi a bit disappointed says that’s great news and tells her to say Congrats to Zorro and tells Annie to take care, Suvi asks about Alisha and Annie says she has no idea about her, Suvi thinks she is alone in Mumbai now, Annie asks her if she is fine, Suvi says she is fine and if not she will be and tells her to keep the phone
On the other hand Rathi tells Yuvi about Suvi calling and he runs towards the car, Annie tells Suvi to atleast wait a bit and talk to Yuvi also but Suvi tells her no she doesn’t want to talk to him and asks her to delete the number as soon as she keeps the phone, Annie tries to convince her but she keeps the phone while Yuvi is runs to Annie and asks her about Suvi and asks her to call Suvi

Annie tells him she didn’t say much and cut the call and she just said that she was in Mumbai, Yuvi tells her to redial, Annie says sorry and Yuvi takes the phone to redial but finds Zorro’s number only, he asks her about Suvi’s number and she mumbles up and says she deleted because Suvi made her promise to do it and not let him talk to her, Yuvi is hurt
Suvi and Tannu reach somewhere and get off the auto, Tannu tries to call someone but no response, she tells Suvi to go to the office she wanted to and she will try to call and get the address, Suvi leaves while Tannu keeps calling
Suvi reaches RC’s office and sees a ‘To-let’ sign and thinks this was the address so how can it be ‘to-let’, she sees one of the security guy and calls him and asks him about the office, the person tells him that the office was there and that before the company would start it was shut down, Suvi is tensed and says how can it be as she was called for internship and asks him if he has any address or number, the guy says irritated she isworried about number as he didn’t get salary for three months and leaves from there

Suvi sits outside tensed and Tannu comes to her saying there is a huge problem, her friend with whom they were going to stay has shifted to Dubai and now they don’t have a place to stay, Suvi becomes more tensed and thinks how can this all happen, after doing so much no job no place to stay, what will they do now
Suvi in the park is sitting on the bench and thinking about her father’s words, Tannu tries to contact her friend about a room but no luck, she goes to Suvi and says she tried everyone and still no room, Suvi asks her for the phone to try RC but it comes switched off, she keeps trying again
RC frustrated says to Ira everything is finished, its all over, he tells her if his brand name is not with him then nothing is there, Ira asks what actually happened, RC says he shouldn’t have trusted him, everything was going right when…

Flashback- a man tells RC everything is set all the paperwork is done, RC says fantastic and asks for moving on to signing the contract, the guy tells him there is one thing, RC asks what, he tells him he can enter into the contract with him only if he doesn’t include Ira into the profits of the company, RC asks shocked what and says no its not possible as she is her friend and he promised her they would do the project together, the guy tells him not to mix business and friendship, RC says its not about friendship but about principles which he surely doesn’t have as he didn’t include such a clause before, the guy tells himt o forget it and sign the contract but RC refuses to and says the deal is off and he doesn’t need him anymore, RC is about to leave when the guy stops him and says he might not need him but will surely need the brand name and shows him the card with the brand name, the guy tells him to forget friendship and take the brand name, RC tells him he is pathetic and leaves

Ira is emotional and says he left his brand because of her, RC says he is scared if that guy leaks it in the media then both he and his brand name will be finished, Ira says nothing will be finished as before he goes to the media they will call the media, RC looks at her and she tells him his business partner betrayed him but his friend will never let him loose, she tells him its their dream and he took a stand for her and now its her turn
Ira tells him he created the brand not that the brand created him and he is still a big name in the fashion industry so he just needs to show them, she tells him to chill and tries to make him smile and hugs him

Tannu tells Suvi not to start crying as she gets uncomfortable seeing girls cry, Suvi looks at her and says its illogical nobody gets uncomfortable seeing someone they might feel sorry for them, Tannu says she is so cool, Suvi says she doesn’t know about cool but she is strong and if she is not she will be, whatever is happening from two days is too much for her and even though she isn’t feeling well about it all she will be fine later

Tannu says everything is fine how much more fine will it be and she jokes if Suvi is trying to take her limelight, Suvi irritated says she doesn’t want any limelight she just wants a job and a home, she asks Tannu tensed what will they do, Tannu tells her her friend said something will be arranged by 5 and plus everything is not over

Precap: Some guy tells Suvi ‘she’s daddy’s little girl who has been pampered a lot by dad and she thought why not go to Mumbai and enjoy but at the end of the day everything does not go according to her so she starts blaming Mumbai’, Suvi leaves from there irritated, Suvi cries out ‘ Mumbai city of dreams, its not for her dreams, she has no chance, its all over’

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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