Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Humw 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th April 2013 Written Update

Maasa prepares puja’s plate for emily n ask her that where did she goes for gangor puja every year, no one has answer, bhabho steps in the convo n says that in city thy goes to temple only, thy dnt hv such rituals in city n maasa agrees. She gave the plate to emily n ask is it beautiful or nt n emily appreciate it. Kamla says that bhabho is luking really beautiful today, she starts glowing after cuming to village, maasa offcourse dnt like it. Maasa goes to chk the kheer n sandy takes emily for sum wrk.

As maasa returns she insults bhabho n kamla saying that thz young galz has weak eye sight thats y thy calling bhabho beautiful, if bhabho n maasa goes out together bhabho will seem to be her MIL, chavi dnt liking ths, another DIL supports maasa out of fear n says she’s right, kamla says that she dnt literaly mean so, maasa ask bhabho that its gud to smile sumtimes.

Pushkar…Vikram was trying to cheer up mina saying that sumthngs are nt in thr hands, thy hv to accept it, like while taking prasad in temple when thy want the priest to give them ladoo bt thy dnt get it, thy can’t argue with him. Mina dnt lyk it n says that she knws that she luves to eat bt that doesn’t mean that he try to behlao her with ladoo’s example, she only want a boy. To calm her down vik ask her to take for chat pakodi treat bt she has to smile for that n mina did so.

Village… Sandy teaches all rituals of gangor to emily, bt she was nt able to learn the song, sandy gave her the song written on the paper n told that when she was new in rathi house, she dnt knew anythng so bhabho ask her to write n learn. Emily says that its similar to the hyms thy sing in the church while praying, sandy says that the religion n rituals are different bt thy always teach to becum human first, maasa calls them. All ladies are prepare to go for puja, thy hv taken pots on thr head n thr husbands are doing puja.

In pushkar, mina invite all ladies to rathi house for lunch, mina n her mother welcuming them n dhai sa came n mina dnt lyk it, dhai sa coments n says that if she has prepared the food or has stolen from anyone’s house n enters, mina says that she has invited her out of courtesy n she seriously came, n goes behind her. In village, suraj ask sandy that if she gets tired she just signal suraj, he will be behind her n hold the pots for her.

Maasa ask suraj that who’s luking beautiful here n suraj appreciate maasa’s beauty n she luves it n says that bhabho is getting jealous of her. Babasa says that for him, bhabho is the most beautiful lady here, maasa says that he’s joru ka gulam n sumtimes she feels that he only pretends here, babasa says that its nothng lyk that thy hv a gr8 chemistry, bhabho stares him n thy all proceed toward puja. In the puja everyone do the puja, maasa n bhabho starts it, n on sandy n emily’s turn both maasa n to sum extend mohit is impressed by emily’s way of doing puja.

On the other hand suraj’s concentration was on sandy, he came n stand next to her with hands join, emily was impressed by thr luv, after thy finish it suraj want to take the plate bt sandy says that the puja is left n thy proceed. Its chavi’s turn n she’s nt singing the song, maasa scolds her for nt doing it properly n ask to learn from emily, emily n mohit listen it n likes it.

In pushkar, mina’s mother, sudha n chaturi serving the ladies, mina ask abt the food n all likes it n appreciate her mother n ask mina to join them. Mina joins n make fun of dhai sa, sudha told tha bhabho called to knw abt her health. In village, sandy was dng puja n a kid was disturbing her by holding her earings again n again, suraj saw that n came for rescue n take the boy with him, he insisted him to becum horse so that he can play n suraj did so n the boy sat on his back, sandy smiles at this cute scene. After puja, bhabho gave blessings n sum prasad to sandy, emily was also thr bt she neglects her n leaves, both sandy n emily dnt like it.

Precap: All were enjoying after puja n emily saw snake near mohit.

Update Credit to: Amor

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