Dil Dosti Dance 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 10th April 2013 Written Update

Mr. Shekhawat yells at Swayam. Upset/Mad, he goes away and others are shocked at father’s behavior. He asks them to all sit. The girl fight over where to seat and then Neha finally pushes Amar and Bharat away and sits in the couch. They stand, not wanting to sit on the floor and making Mr. Shekhawat think wrong about them. He finally tells them to feel at home and sit wherever they want to. He leaves and the gang breathes in relief.

Sharon tells Bharat to have respect for Mr. Shekhawat. They discuss, knowing Swayam, how he won’t attend the party now. Everyone asks Sharon to go convince him. Moreover, it’s odd so if he comes out, it can get a bit comfortable. Vicky tells her where his room is, to which she says she knows, making others wonder. She’s lost for words when Mr. Shekhawat comes to rescue. He asks them to have food. Bharat grabs a handful and Sharon clears her throat to remind him. (I found this hilarious!)

He asks Sharon if she knows when Taani comes home from college. Just then, Rey enters, all chirpy and they all go to him all nervous and cold. Rey has brought a huge bouquet with him. VIcky is about to help him when Mr. Shekhawat intervenes. Seeing Rey’s face, he remembers the meeting on BB court. Rey is shocked to see him as well. They introduce each other, but Rey says Swayam’s friend.

Mr. Shekhavat says for the first time, he’s impressed with Swayam’s choice of friends. When asked about drinks, Rey says no hard drinks. Everyone wonders how come uncle became so friendly all at once. Rey asks where Swayam is. He says Swayam is in his room. Rey says call him as Taani is coming as well. Uncle asks how he knows and Sharon says he’s AGS so he knows Taani’s whereabouts.

Rey tells everyone to hide when she comes. Everyone agrees. Aashi tells everyone how come Uncle is suddenly liking the surprise idea? When he had yelled at Swayam for the same.. Sharon tells them Swayam won’t come to the guys. Again they try to convince her to go get him.

Sharon asks Uncle if she can go in and meet Swayam. He lets her go. Rey wonders what that was about…

Inside, Swayam is sitting idly on the chair, rethinking his dad’s words. Sharon enters and closes the door behind her. She tells him to get up as Rey’s here and Taani’s coming too and everyone’s waiting for him. He gets up suddenly hearing her voice. He lies that he’s feeling sick and he’ll come later on.

Outside, lights are turned off. Rey asks where Swayam is. Uncle says he’ll come. Sharon and left to get him. Rey questions how can they continue w/o Swayam? He tells them to not waste time as Taani’s surprise will get spoilt. Having no choice, they hide.

Inside, Sharon explains to him that she knows he’s fine and it won’t be fine if he doesn’t come as he planned everything. Swayam says there’ll be many people outside. Taani won’t notice and why would she care if he planned it all. Sharon replies saying if she won’t notice him, why would she notice her? She tells him she won’t go if he doesn’t.

Everyone gives Taani surprise. Cake is fed to everyone and everyone dances around. The boys hide Uncle’s view so Taani and Rey can have a moment alone. He feeds her cake and gives her a peck on her cheeks.

Swayam tells Sharon ‘it’s odd’ that she’s inside and surprise is outside. Sharon acts cool about it. He says his father is outside! She tells him to come out then. LOL Sharon’s manipulation! He tells her she’s ‘super ziddi’. Sharon agrees and asks what’s the plan? Since they’ll be alone so they have to plan something. Else they’ll get bored looking at each other’s face. Swayam says it’s not possible. Sharon sees the Sharon corner. He rushes to it to close it and says sorry. LLHH moment. She asks ‘abhi bhi…?”

Rey and Taani come in and Taani tells him that even if no one tells her, she knows the whole plan has to be his only. She feeds him cake. She asks him to come outside. Rey too forces him to. Everyone is fighting outside and when Uncle comes, they all go in military alert mode

Swayam comes out. Uncle asks Rey what he wants to do. Taani is worried as she knows his toughts about dancers.

Precap: Rey is about to tell the answer when Taani says he’s the AGS and everyone wants to be like Rey.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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