Suryaputra Karn 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Shakuni at raj sabha tells he is happy that 2 kaurava families will rule. Dhritarastra says he is feeling sad that he, Gandhari, Bhism, Vidur and other elders did not attend Pandav’s rajsuya yagna, so he wants to invite pandavs to Hastinapur and felicitate them. Shakuni says he will send Dushyasan to invite Pandit, it will be good to see their felicitation and then their gambling game with their cousins.

Karn says gambling should not be allowed in felicitation ceremony as it is illegal. Dhritarastra shouts when elders talk, youngsters should not interfere. Bhism says he is elder among everyone here and even he has same thinking as Karn. Shakuni says each person has to be entertained, Bheem with food, Arjun with music, Nakul and Sahdev with horses and weapons, Panchali with beautiful dresses, Yudistra with gambling. Bhism says when he is insisting to send Dushyasan to invite pandavs for gambling, he doubts his motto. Duryodhan interferes and asks what is wrong with gambling during felicitation. Bhism says he is making him doubt even more now. Shakuni says if he has problem with Dushyasan, he will send Vidur then. Dhritarastra orders Vidur to go to Indraprastha and invite Pandavs for felicitation and gambling game.

Duryodhan tells Shakuni that Vidur may play spoilsport. Shakuni says he will not as he and Dharmaraj Yudistra are very loyal people and they both will do their duties loyally, Dharamraj will never reject Vidur’s invitation.

Karn reaches Indraprastha. Yudistra greets him while Arjun and Bheem fume seeing him and surround him with weapons. Yudistra asks his reason forcoming. Karn says he came to warn him not to accept Hastinapur’s invitation. Bheem says Duryodhan wants to fight with them to take revenge and sent Karn here. Karn says he would have been in battlefield waiting for Arjun and not here. He says Yudistra he will get gambling invitation and should reject it.

Yudistra says raja’s duty is to accept battle and gambling invitation. Panchali says she feels Karn is right and they should not go. Bheem says Karn is their enemy’s friend and came here with a motto, if they don’t go, Bhism will think they are arrogant. She says she knows difference between good and bad and karn is right this time. Dharmaraj says he Panchali is right and even Bheem is right. Karn says Shakuni planned this gambling and wants to take revenge of Duryodhan’s insult, so they should not go.

Vidur enters and says Angraj is right. They all touch his feet and take his blessings. He says he feels it is a preplanned conspiracy, so they should not go. Yudistra asks what does dharm say. Vidur says it says they should go and intelligence says they should not and it is up to them now.

Precap: Shakuni tells Dushyasan that Karn warned Pandavs not to attend gambling game. Dushyasan asks if they agreed?

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