Ek anokhi kahani Episode 24

Somewat i am giving more importance to rags dont no but it just happening like that with out my knowledge.

And one more thing from tommorow i am going
out of station for 10 days i will try to update
daily atleast i will try to update small one .
I hope u will understand.

Episode starts with .
Starts with dp and raj getting news of dev and durga they are feel happy.
Ap:-says now we can ask swara hand for
Raj:-sakshi where are u.
Sakshi:-coming raj wat happen why are u shouting .
Raj:-good news dev and durga are going to get married.
Sakshi:-wow thats a great news i will call
shailaja and congrates them.
Sakshi calls to shsilaja.
Shailaja:-hello sakshi .
Sakshi:- congrates for geting a such a cute and
good bahu.
Shailaja:-thank u .
Sakshi:- when is engagement.

Shailaja:-dont no yar we are going to meet them to fix engagement.
Sakshi:-ok bye.
Ap also calls and congrates shailaja and their
Swara and sumi are doing dinner arrangements for dayal family and swara makes durga get ready.
Swara:-you are so beautiful dii and u know wat
i am the most luckiest person who is getting worlds best jijju and i am so happy dii.
Durga smiles and they both hugs each other.
Dayal and rags sitting in hall and talking to each other.meanwhile dev come.
Dayal:-look who is looking handsome today
Rags:-ofcourse my dashing bhai is looking handsome dad.
Dayal:-shailaja the time u are taking to get ready na in that same time here three people got
ready when will u come.
Shailaja:-coming from stairs and says coming babaa.
They all leave.
Rags:-bhai calm down your freaking out.
Dev:-i am getting nervous ragoo.
Rags:-think about durga jii wat is her position.
Dev:- you are right.
They getdown and rings door bell swara opens
door and welcomes them and goes to dev and says.
Swara:-welcome jijju can i have your hand if
ragini doesnt have problem.

Rags:-its ok u can go a head.
Swara takes dev and sits beside dev. Rags first feel somewhat jeously but controls her emotions.
They bring durga and make her to sit next to dev they both see each other and smiles.
Elders asks them to talk and they all leave to next room.
Dev:-hi durga.
Durga:-hello dev.
Dev:-i hope u dont have any problem with this
marriage i mean ..
Durga:-i have no problem in marring u dev.i hope..
Dev cuts her and say i dont have any problem at all infact i love too i mean i like to marry u..
Sumi comes and asks them to come for dinner.
At dinning table.
Shekar say engagement date us fixed as 2 days after all clap .
Shailaja:-we have to arrange every thing fastly.

Dayal:-dont worry sumi lets make it simple by calling only our dearest ones.
Shekar:-thats better and ragini beta are u not getting jeously that u r going to share your brother.
Rags:-no uncle i am very happy that durga jii is going to become from jii to bhabhi.
Swara:-i am very happy that i am getting dev jii as a jijju.
Dayal:-u wont miss her.
Swara:-noo i mean when i know that she will be very happy with your family then why i will miss her when i now she is very happy with u people.
Shailaja:-yes ofcourse because we are getting another daughter in our family and looks at rags and dev and says today or tommorrow rags will get married and goes aways then durga will
complete her absences and looks at dayal and laughs.
Rags and dev coughs at a time and says at a time What.
Dev:-mom i said naa she is still kid let her enjoy her life first.
Shailaja:-in your view she is kid but actually not dev .
Dev:-fine when i feel that she is elligible for marriage that to when i feel that person who completes my love towards her then only i will marry her.
Dayal:-dev your mom is joking maa.

Shailaja:-you asked rags that she is feeling jeously but look her dev is feeling jeously here.
Rags:-for today its enough u made fun of him and one more thing bhai no one can take or replace your position in my life so stop this getting me married topic here and mom first lets discuss about dev bhai and durga bhabhi engagement rituals.
Rags gets a phone call she goes and attends yo it.
Shailaja:-dev u have to get ready to accept thst one day she will get married.
Dayal:-enough shailaja u again started how many times u will says rags will married when time come lets see now u dont spoil mood here.
Shailaja:- shekar jii and sumi jii untill now i gave a doudt but now i am conformed thst these two are freaking out like hell when it comes marriagevod rags. Get ready durga u have too face it also and say now only whom u r going to support.
Durga:-actually aunty i will sipport uncle and dev because as swara is a small kid for me like that rags is also a small kid .for me rags and swara both are kids so no hurry for their marriage.
Dayal:-look at her atleast now u accept rags is still a kid.
Shailaja:-then feed her milk.

Dayal:-there is no rule that very kid should drink milk my kid will not drink and laughs with dev.
Shailaja:-seriouly you both are very possessive about rags.
Sumi:-its not possessiveness its their unconditional love.
Rags comes there and sits and says did i miss anything.
Dev:-who is ragoo anything serious u took do much time is it from hodpital.
Rags:-no bhai its shaurya bhai .
Dev:-he didnt talk with me.
Rags:-he just called for sake of 2 minutes and told that he will call u at tomorrow morning to congratulate you.
Shekhar:-who is this shaurya you have another son also.
Dayal:-actually he is my cousine brother son and haa is also my son only these three grown up together and he lives in sweden.

Shekar:-what he is doing.
Dayal:-he is also doctor general surgeon like ragini.
Sumi:-then invite him to engagement for sure.
Skehar:-haa definetly invite him for sure and the way i know u and your family all are in india only how come he is in sweden.
Dev:-no uncle he just went there for conference and he and his family lives in delhi.
Rags:-my second coolest bro.
Shailaja:-haa coolest mental bro of ragini and these two just reacted madly by lisening rags marriage if i say same thing to him then he will faint.
All laughs .
Rags:-maa why dont u say that ur jeousl of me that i was always lovable and pampered by my brothers.
Shailaja:-of course i am jeously.
Sumi:-even i am. When ever i see u both i always wished i too had a careing brother like dev no problem i am getting caring son in law
Dev:-ofcourse aunty i respectvu so much.

Swara:-but mom cant u give u a brother i mean sister ok but why no brother.
Dev:-im here naa i will fullfill u wish.
Rags:-but as a jijju all of sudden if u think him as a brother relations will change.
Swara laughs then no i want u as a jijju only.
They all. Laughs and get ready to leave rags says bhai go and ask durga bhai for lunch tomorrow and in resturant u snd her only.
Dev:-but rags
Rags:-go bhaii plzz.
Dev goes to shekar.
Uncle if u dont mind can i ask u daughter for lunch tomorrow if she doesnt have any problem.
Shekhar:-ofcourse beta.
Swara:-after your lunch we all go together for shopping jijju .didi rags sanskar lucky arjun and sheena.

Rags:-that good idea swara. What say maa we all go together for shopping that after they completed their lunch alone.
Swara:-haa we only join them for shopping.
They all say ok.

Precap:-dev and durga enjoying luch together and all youngesters are enjoying shopping .
Swara and sanskar are fighting for dressing room and inmean time sheena occupies dressing room which left shock for sanskar and swara

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