Silsila Pyaar Ka 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshay calls everyone n says guys lets begin the party, Raunak whispers what are u upto, Akshay says relax n say so each girl will get mic n she can speak her heart to Raunak good or bad, Janki out addressing guests, principal praises Janki n says it’s a very lavish party very good arrangements, Janki thanks her, Kamini asks Janki when n how will u keep an eye on Raunak, Janki says just walk with me n u will know what I am upto, Janki opens a door n says through this fountain we can keep n eye on Raunak n all girls.

Akshay says before we begin , I would like to say few words abt Raunak, raunaks is my best friend my brother, he knows me well even better than my parents n I would like to thank Raunak, Simran says Raunak sir u are super talented, Janki says see this girl, Janki says she is just an attention seeker forget her, turn by turn girls express their feelings to Raunak , Kamini says Janki u are mind blowing ur brains can be kept in museums, Janki says good to know girl here is suitable for Raunak n Raunak will like no one, Kamini says calm down few more girls are left,Janki says no need.

Akshay says Kajal ur turn, Kamini says wait let’s check this girl, Janki says my experience says she is very innocent n can just sweet talk n she is not even good to be my servant, Kajal says Raunak sir u are very nice but there are few faults in u, hearing this Janki stops, Kajal says sorry if I hurt u, I mean when I was in first year I was upset thinking u are associated with ragging students but later I got yo know u weren’t n so u shd not hide ur feelings n speak ur heart n next incident when u were late for exams because u went hospital to admit peons daughter n also u never asked me whether we can be friends n so let me ask u friends, I will feel great to have a friend like u,akshay whispers grab the moment bro, Raunak shakes hands with Kajal, Janki very upset seeing this.

Kajal smiles n everyone applauds, Kamini says see Janki ur experience ditched u look, now this girl will steal ur Raunak from u n now what will u do Raunak shook hands with her,Akshay says Raunak enough leave her hand, Raunak smiles n leaves , Kajal gives mic back, Janki says I have to do something abt this girl.

Akshay says Kajal ur friendship idea very good, Kajal says yes u shd always speak ur hear type, Raunak says what to do its not easy to talk heart out, Kajal says it’s not that difficult too so sir, Akshay says now not sir he is ur friend now, Kajal says I call him sir because I respect him n it’s hard to not call him sir n says excuse me n leaves.

Akshay says Raunak congratulations the first step though by Kajal at least ur love story has began, Raunak says enough nautanki n this is all because of ma, she invited everyone so Kajal came. Kamini says how dare that girl do this, Janki says for first time I felt that someone knows my son more than me n his quietness she could see n I couldn’t, till now I always judged people right but today I failed, Janki in tears, Kamini says time hasn’t flown away, u still can keep Raunak in his limits u can’t trust today’s Girls see n so we need to take quick steps, Janki says now I have to find a way, Raunak just praised her sweets but she I behind him n I will make sure she is shown her real place n this is my only mission now.

Everyone dancing in Paris in party, Akshay sees Raunak standing alone n walks to Kajal n asks her for dance, Kajal dances with Akshay n Raunak with other girl
, Akshay switches girl, n says why don’t u two dance, Raunak n Kajal dance together, Kajal dances with other guy later. Akshay says are u mad see she is going to cold drink counter go, Raunak walks to Kajal, kajal asks so how old did u turn Raunak Shys, Kajal says u are so shy sir so people easily pull ur legs I mean look at Akshay always behind u, Raunak says u noticed that, cold drink spills on kajals dress, Raunak says come i will take u too washroom, Kajal says no I shall go home, Raunak says so soon, I insist plz come, Kajal says ok n walks with him to his room.

Akshay trying yo find them, Janki n Kamini see Raunak assisting Kajal yo his room, Kamini says wow this girl is so smart in an hr she made it to his bedroom.

Precap: Janki asks Akshay is Raunak behind Kajal or Kajal, Akshay says Raunak loves her.

Raunak says Kajal ma will give u so much love that u won’t miss ur moms love.

Janki says to Kajal, if my son falls in love with a poor girl like u, what will u do will u go for it or let him go for the girl he deserves n not u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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