Supernatural Series Season 2 (Naagin,Kasam Tere Pyar Ki,Vishkanya,Ikrs,Tei and Matsh) Epi-8 Last Epi

Guys i am very very very sorry for late but i was having exams and they were my boards so extremely sorry.As this season is going end i am going start season 3 of it and this time only 3 couples will be there and one will be new couple.You will come to know season 3 will be updated.

The episode starts with malay is unconscious.Ritik and Kunj get very angry.

Ritik:Guys listen to me.If we together mix up our power then we can kill Nirbhay.

Ranveer:But why shoul we believe you.You both have cheated us.

Kunj:Please try to understand.We are with you only and weare not cheating on you all.

Ishani:Inof is inof.

Nirbhay:What you all are talking?Whatever you do no one will be able to kill me.

He laughs.He attacks Twinkle and Shivanya and they fall from mountains.Nirbhay goes from there.All are shocked but before they hit the ground their husbands save them.

Kunj:I love you Twinkle.

Twinkle gets emotional and hugs him.

Twinkle:I love you too hubby.

Both cry.

Ritik:Shivanya believe me i have never wanted to cheat on you.

Shivanya:Now i came to know.

They both hug eachother.All the protectors come down and apologize to Kunj and Ritik.

Malay:Now we have to get one to kill Nirbhay.

Dhani:But how?

Ranveer:As Ritik and Kunj told us.We will mix our power and kill him.

Ishani:But if we do this then we all will die including Ritik and Kunj.

Apu:We have to die for this world.

Tanu:Yeah you are right.

Rishi:I am always with Tanu.

Shivanya:Its too sad to know that we are all going to die.

All get emotional.They leave from their to their home.

Ranveer and Ishani reached their home.

Ranveer:Ishani i am really happy that we are going to die.


Ranveer:Because we both will die together not one of us will die.

They both hug eachother.

Tanu is looking at the full moon when Rishi hugs her from behind.

Rishi:What are you thinking?

Tanu:That in next birth we might get together.

Both get teary and hug eachother.

There is silence between Dhani and Viplav.No one is telling anything to eachother.

All they can do is make a eye contact with eachother.

They both look at eachother and get teary and hug eachother.

Twinkle and Kunj reach at their home.

Kunj about to go outof his car when Twinkle catches his hand and says

Twinkle:I am sorry Kunj.

Kunj comes near her and kisses her forehead.They both hug eachother.

Malay and Apu are sitting on sofa and watching a romantic film.They both are sitting near to eachother just like a happily married couple.

In the romantic film a scene comes where the lead hug eachother.Malay and Apu look at eachother emotionally and hug eachother.

Ritik is watching his and Shivanya’s marriage photo and smiles.

Shivanya comes from back.

Shivanya:We were very happy know.

Ritik:Yes but i am happy now also as we are living together and will die together.

They both hug eachother.

All the couples are shown hugging eachother.

Next day all the protectors meet at a forest.

Ranveer:Its time for Nirbhay to die.


Nirbhay:Who is going to kill me?

They turn and saw Nirbhay.

Nirbhay starts laughing.

All the protectors:Now you will die.

All of them catch eachothers hand and power starts generating.They run very fastly towards Nirbhay.They are running at lighting speed.Before Nirbhay moves they hit Nirbhay and big blast take place which burns half of the forest.

Nirbhay is finally dead and sadly the protectors also loose their life just to protect the earth.They were great and hope that god bless their souls and their aouls rest in peace.

The End
Guys hoped you like it.You all would be think it is sad ending but it is a happy ending as Nirbhay died and soul of the protectors are resting in peace.Guys please tell whether i should start season 3 of this ff.

Thank you

  1. Nandana

    Wow very happy to see u my dear and yeah it was a sad ending but after reading ur note Me too felt its not at all a sad ending any way ofcourse u should start 3 season .

    1. Siddhi

      Thank u very much and ofcurse will start 3rd season.missed u verg much and also read naagin rivanya forever season 2

    2. Siddhi

      Thank u very much and ofcurse will start 3rd season.missed u very much

  2. Nandana


    1. Siddhi

      I am ill and my exams were brilliant and me too miss them

  3. Thankgod u r back at last a ff of ourlasam of course tanshi do write season 2 and do include our tanshi in it love u gud night

    1. Siddhi

      Thaanks so much and will start season 3 soon

    1. Siddhi

      Thnx purnima ?

  4. Hey from where I can read all the episodes of this ff. Plz can anyone snd the link for all the 8 episodes. I tried to search it but I didn’t find any of those.

    1. Siddhi

      Just type supernatural series on search bar then u will get all episodes no need of links

  5. SidMin23

    Nice twinj ???

    1. Siddhi

      Thank u very mcuh sidmin 23

  6. Plzzz start season 3 soon and plzz one couple should be rishi and tanuja

    1. Siddhi

      Thnx but i will try to add tanshi as their are very less reader for kasam

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    1. Siddhi

      Oh dear u are happy for end of this ff.But you have to get irritated again because i am starting season 3 of this ff.I am sorry but i like to irritate you and i like to make everyone happy by my ff and i try my best to make a good ff.Ask everyone about my ff and everyone will say i am a good ff writer because i write for them not for myself

  8. hi siddhi it is first time to comment on ur ff…
    episode is very very nice…
    as u said that story has a happy ending only…yes i believe it because all are supernatural powers so they should die..because god has send them to earth to kill nirbhay so they done with their job and have leave from earth heyna…
    so i am waiting for ur next season..

    1. Siddhi

      Oh u understood the concept perfectly and thanks for reading

  9. Hy siddhi
    After a long time, happy to see you again.
    Ya. Though it seems like sad ending, it is a happy ending in its own way.
    Looking upon your further next season. And hope you will make ishveer too in the next season.
    Keep smiling and take care dr

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks mayashelly very much

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