ishqbaaz ff is this love (Part 12)

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In the oberoi mansion

The oberos were in shivaye’s room, there was an awkward silence in the room, that none know how to break but shivaye thought to break the ice & asked om : do you love Anika, Om ??

Both omru were taken back by the sudden question

Om : yeah, I love her shivaye ( om said looking directly in shivaye’s eyes, he saw the raw pain & devastation in his eyes & he saw the great wall of shivaye breaking finally )

Shivaye stammering & with great difficulty spoke does…… the….same fee..lings

Om : yes, she too loves me shivaye, she loves me a lot ( Om thought shivaye will break in fits of anger but his reaction shocked him )

Shivaye smiled a pain filled smile & whispered : I’m very happy for you O, you got the best life partner, she is perfect, she is an angel & a beast like me don’t deserve her, promise me you will always keep her happy & make her smile which I can’t ..

Om : I promise shivaye but you know Anika is a Rawte, do you still feel the same, shivaye ??

Shivaye : yeah, I do her name, bloodline, power doesn’t matter to me nor the fact that she is our arch rivals daughter

Om : do you really think so shivaye , you still think me & anika were wrong that day, don’t you shivaye ??

Shivaye : I never blamed you guys that day, I was just finding a reason to throw Anika out of the house & that day I got the reason, you know what I loved Anika but I guess my love was not enough not strong enough to hold onto it, I gave her 100 reasons to hate me but still she held on the single reason to love me & on the other hand she gave me 100 reasons to hold on her but I took the single reason to leave her & here I’ve lost her forever but I’m happy Om, she had you now….

Om : I thought I’ll never see this day, my brother got to know the true meaning of love , you are putting her happiness before yours but the journey to get her back will be hard not easy at all.

Shivaye : om , you love her why are you sacrificing your love for me, after all I’ve done

Om : listen to me first shivaye, I said I love her I do but as my best friend &sister only & her feelings are same, I want her to be happy & I know it’s with you, she will never accept it now cause she is hurt badly & secondly she is a Rawte

Shivaye : it means you forgive me om, you don’t hate me ??

Om : well, I was angry with u but I can never hate you shivaye, our bond, childhood memories are to strong too ignored for a single mistake & you were trying to protect me after all, that’s what you always do forgetting your own happiness…

Rudra : I’m so sorry O, I’m sorry too, I forgot everything,

Om : I knew you were an idiot ( saying so he smiled at his brother & open his arms for them to understand his gesture, shivru smiled at each other & hugged om tightly they were having their obros moment after so long they didn’t need to express anything now by words they can understand each other enough to know what is going in others mind sure they became victims of a master plan played by some evil persons but they were family & each other worlds at the end……)

After sometime

Om : moment chala gya rudy, pehle emotional tha

Shivaye : ab awkward hai

Rudra : yeh moment humesha chala kaise jata hai yr..

Making shivru laugh……………

On the other side with Anishu

Anishu raced upward the stairs & come in front of a room, which was dimly lighted & sound of music was coming from the room, the tones were gentle & heart touching , the room was empty & one side of the wall was covered with mirror only & a guy was dancing blind folded, he was doing free style, contemporary & hip hop, the moves were perfect & ishana was totally lost in his moves while anika just rolled her eyes at both of them & went towards the music system & turned it off making ishana come out of her trance & pout at Anika while the guy opened his blind fold to see who dared to interrupt him & saw anishu standing there

The guy’s eyes lit up with joy & he took Anika in a bone crushing hug while ishana laughed at Anika’s face expressions……

Guy : ani diiii, I missed you so much, aap aa rhe ho aur aapne mujhe bataya tk nhi, not fair di & see how much hurt you’re

Ani : kabir relax bhai, I missed you too mera baccha & surprise naam ki koi cheez hoti hai mere bhai, sirf tu hi nhi hai jo sbko surprise deta firta hai btw how is naira ??……

Kabir : diii, Naira is good, irritating me but good & as you see I’m still alive means she hadn’t killed me till now too

Ishu : gappu, tera kuch nhi ho skta……

Kabir : come on ishu dii, I’m cool & you know it

Anika : yeah, my dear brother now go to Arjun bhai’s room had to tell you all something imp btw where is bhabs ??

Kabir : bhabs is on the terrace green house

Ishu : call naira too, take her to bhai’s room..

Kabir : as you wish, my ladies

Anishu : nautankibaaz

Kabir : koi shaq… ( he rush out of the room before anishu could reply anything )

Anishu shook their heads at this boy’s antics & left for the terrace path, they found riya & malika at terrace laughing on something while watering the flowers

Anishu : bhabs, come downstairs fast have to tell you something really- really imp (making funny expressions while saying so)

Riya & malika rolled their eyes on this two’s antics , maybe they are grownups & act mature all the time & are feared officers in the department but to them they are just kids, they act like little babies in front of their parents, brothers & sister-in-laws, they were like their own children to them & not to say that they will be hell possessive & protective about them.

Riya : oh , meri Rajdhani express slow down a little & take some breath, itni jaldi achi nhi hoti

Malika : yups & you both are injured, mission again right, surely D & Rv are hurt too, where are those two

Ani : bhabs, in mission we all couldn’t left together & we are fine

Riya : I can see that, how much fine you’re & your brother don’t think it was imp to tell me about it, I’m so going to kill him today..

Malika : does sid knows about this, then he surely will regret hiding it from me

Anishu : come on bhabs aap bhai ki class baad mein le lena , now we had to talk plss, I already sent gappu & naira , in juno bhai’s room & if we don’t reach their soon, then gappu will be here in minutes whining we always forget about him when we are together…

Riya : okk, let’s go as you wish

Anishu : aww, you know how much we love you bhabs

Malika : you both always know how to make us agree on your conditions right

Anishu : bhabs, you love us too much to deny our wishes…….

Precap : same

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