Playful love story episode 18


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Next morning
Shovar was sleeping in eachother embrace.No no only shona was sleeping.Her sleep got disturbed due to sunlight.she wake up and she thinks about yesterday night and blushes.then looks around to find varun.she got afraid in not seeing him.she runs outside.Tears are welled up in her eyes.she searches anywhere and fell down crying ?
Someone pats her shoulder.she looks up and hugs the person
Shona:varun where do you went? I got afraid in not finding you

Varun(cups her face) : shh shh don’t cry shona.i just went out to repair the car.(wipes her tears)
[Varun is talking in hindi as he doesn’t know English]
Shona(smile) :ok now shall we go now

Varun(puts hand on her shoulder):ha chalo .(smile) I have a surprise for you

Shona(excited) :what surprise what it is

Varun :now we will go to home then I will tell u later

Both went to home

Shovar house
Shona came from washroom drying her hair.she fought a packet on the table.she surprised to see that. She opened and see a beautiful Red colour saree with golden border.waitingmerised to see it.”did you like it”a voice from door.she looks towards the door and finds Varun standing there.
Shona(smile) :actually I love it.why you u bought this.(thinks) oh I got it so this is your surprise

Varun(smiles):no this just a trailer of surprise but the main pictures is still waiting

Shona:what?(pleaded) Varun Varun please tell what is the surprise baba

Varun:cool down.For the surprise first u should wear the saree

Shona:K k I will come after wearing that u go

Varun(smiles naughtily):u change I will here.

Shona blushes: idiot go da

Varun laughs and went out.
Both were travelling in car.varun wearing white and red Sherwani. he is driving the car and Shona is sitting beside him and shooting questions about surprise.Finally they reached the place.Both get down.Shona finds the temple

Shona(smiles):varun this is the surprise

Varun:no come inside I will show the surprise

Both went inside.Shona finds a small wedding arrangement there and look towards Varun with a question on her eyes.Varun just nodded with a smile.shona smile with teared eyes and hugs him.

Varun:I love you

Shona:I love so much

both broke the hug and Varun held his hand: will u marry me
Shona keeps her hand in hissays yes.Both walked towards the mandap.The priest started those mantras.Finally Varun filled her maang with sindor a tears came out in shona’s eyes.varun wipes it and tied a mangalsustra around her neck.The priest declared them husband and wife.Both smiles at eachother.
After three months ,(guys Shona working in hospital)
Varun(shouts):Shona Shona where are you
From kitchen
Shona:I am here.wait I will come (she comes to Hall)what happened
Varun(smiles & put his hand around her neck)I bought a gift for u
Shona(did the same):what it is
He handover some papers.she takes them start reading & wides her eyes in shock.she immediately looked at varun who is smiling widely.

Shona(shock):did u bought this land
Varun:yes I only bought this land for your dream of building the hospital.and happy three month anniversary (kisses her cheek)
Shona(teared eyes):Thank you so much Varun(hugs)Happy anniversary
Varun(hugs back):I love u
Shona:I love you too
Suddenly Shona broke the hug and runs towards the room followed by Varun.He sees her vomiting and holds her head.After few minutes Varun asks what happened to you Shona
Shona blushes and looks down.varun repeated the question Shona:would actually u r going to became father
Varun(shouts in shock)what(realises)Shona I am going to become father
Hugs her tightly in happiness.
Varun(teared eyes) I am very Happy shona.I am the happiest person right now.
The construction work is going on.
After 10 months
Shona(smile):ya Varun
Suddenly a baby cries.she come &
Takes the baby?.
Shona(smiles):bihaan? my baccha y r u crying(starts consol
Varun: Shona actualover. came to inform u that the hospital is over
Shona(happy):what really(hugs) I am very Happy I love you Varun
Varun :I love u too. tomorrow is opening of the hospital.
Bihaan laughs.shovar smiles.

A isolated place
A man aged 50 is sitting and thinking “How they can destroy me and happily living somewhere”
A young man:hi amal uncle how r u
Amal:sahil u here (sahil’s father and Amal r business partners)ok tell did you get to know who buy that land which is gone to be our complex
Sahil: uncle came here to inform you that land was bought by Varun prakesh.
Amal(shocked):which u told
Sahil(confused) :varun prakesh actually he is my classmate shona’s husband.
Amal(Evily):what they got married sahil:ya what happened to u do you know them.
Amal tells everything to him.
Shovar run from amal’s goons.They returned and informed him.He was he’ll angry.
The agent came with a man
Agent:boss Mr Dinesh came (he is one who is going to buy Shona)Mr.Dinesh:hello sir(hugs him) after so many I am seeing you. Is the girl ready.
Amal(anger): that girl ran away from me
Dinesh shock &with hell angry pulls his coller:what the hell do you know how much money spent for her.and u r just saying she ran away.He slaps Amal harder as the he fell down.Dinesh(angry):From now I am not to do business with you. HE left.All the servants were looking at him.He feels shame.He gets up shouts Angrily;Varunnn.
Fb ends
Amal(anger):This is what happened
Sahil:what uncle this and all happened.Shona insulted me also one day I proposed that Shona.she slaps me infront of the whole college.(angry)but that girl is lively happily.wait and see will get that at any cost
Amal:sahil stop(smiles Evily)let them enjoy for sometime then we will destroy their life (laughs Evily)
Sahil too laugh.


End of Shovar story

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