Sunn Zara – Listen to my heart Ft- Shivin and Tejasswi – SS Part 1

Hai friends. Thank you so much my dear friend JasmineRahul for such a wonderful suggestion. This SS is based on the new music video Sunn Zara.

Character sketch:

Dr. Aarav Malhotra : A psychiatrist at The Wellness Temple. A very caring and loving doctor

Ms.Nisha: Daughter of the industrialist Mr.Kapoor. Suffering from depression and substance abuse. Taking treatment from Aarav

Rishi: Nisha’s fiancee

Kinjal: Nisha’s friend.

Lets go to the story . Reality : Bold Flashback: Normal font

Aarav: I hope that we never meet again

Nisha is stunned and turns to leave. Aarav hides something from her and leaves a deep sigh. 

Nisha gets into the car driven by Rishi. They are accompanied by Mr.Kapoor and Kinjal.

Kinjal : I’m happy that you are alright now

Nisha: I was not ill Kinjal

She gets lost into her thoughts meanwhile Aarav is sitting in the couch and thinks of Nisha

Flashback rolls on:


She enters inside to see Aarav. As her eyes are lost into him he comes to her

Aarav: Miss Nisha? Dr.Aarav [ he extends his hand for a handshake]

Nisha holds his hand.

Aarav: Please come and sit

Nisha is still lost and Aarav turns to walk towards the couch when he realises that Nisha hasn’t left his hand yet. He leads her to the couch and they seat themsleves. Still Nisha is holding his hand

Aarav: Nisha..hand

She looks down and removes her hand in a reflex.

Nisha: Do you think I will get well soon?

Aarav: You are not ill

As he speaks Nisha takes a book in her hand

Aarav: This is just a procedure to have a fresh mind..don’t think of yourself as a patient..

Nisha: When are we starting?

Aarav: Tomorrow….

Nisha : Okay thanks

She gets up and turns to leave

Aarav: Nisha

She turns back

Aarav: Book…is mine

She looks at the book in her hand and gives it to him

Nisha: Sorry

She leaves.  Aarav leans back on his couch and takes his tablet showing a news article regarding Nisha…


Aarav: Poor girl on one hand she has to fight this depression and on the other this media never gives her a peace of mind.

He keeps the tablet aside and lays on the couch with eyes closed.

 Nisha , Kinjal and Rishi reach  a resort to celebrate her home coming. 

She stops there near the pool.  

Nisha reaches the pool to see Aarav sitting with his legs into the water and listening to songs. He gestures her to come . She goes to him

Aarav: Keep your legs into the water. It will feel good.

She hesitates at first but within moments she lets the feet inside the water.

He plugs in one side of the earphones in her ear.

Sunn Zara Arziyan Main Mangta Hoon

Mere Khuda Se Teri

Sunn Zara Khwaab Meri Neend Mein Bhi

Karte Hain Baatein Teri

Sau Baar Khuda Se Maanga Hai

Mannat Ka Tu Woh Dhaaga Hai

Tu Pyaar Ke Badle Apni Yaadein De Gaya plays in the background.

Kinjal shakes her and brings her to reality. 

Kinjal: Where are you lost?

Nisha: Nowhere

They take her towards the restaurant.

Slowly Aarav splashes the pool water. Nisha follows him and starts to play in the water.

Nisha is brought to reality now as Kinjal sprays water on her

Nisha: What happened?

Kinjal: Icecream….

She gets the icecream in her hand..

Memories come again

Aarav and Nisha are enjoying the icecream and having fun together.

Aarav: Nisha.. your problem is that you never open up..if you do actually you are one of the best people I have ever met

Nisha: I need a companion like you to open up

Aarav smiles at her enjoying the icecreams



Aarav is brought to reality as his assistant comes in.

Assistant: Sir…can we give appointment

Aarav: No not now..I need to be alone

Aarav goes to the dustbin and picks up a paper thrown inside. He sees that and remembers

Aarav : Nisha…write your sorrows in this paper crush it and throw it at me

Nisha: I can’t

Aarav: You can

He insists her. She writes it and crushes it and aims at him. He blocks her view with a pillow.

She smiles at his cute gestures and throws it at the pillow.

He pulls her closer and shows that “SHE BELIEVED  SHE COULD AND SO SHE DID”

Her face shrinks. He gestures her to smile.

Nisha and Rishi are walking around the resort. She sits in between as she is unable to walk further.

Rishi: What happened?

Nisha: I am unable to walk further 

Rishi: Ok you sit here I’ll go towards the camping site and come. 

Nisha: Alone?

Rishi: Haan..if not call Kinjal to bring the won’t be able to walk anymore.

He leaves her behind. Nisha recollects the memories….

Nisha and Aarav are going for a jog. After covering some distance she pants and and stops

. Aarav who didn’t notice this jogs a bit further but soon comes back to her. He gestures her to join him. But she refuses.

He extends his hand to her. She holds it and they jog together.







Nisha rushes to the car and drives back to Aarav

To be continued

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  1. Shesha485

    Surprised to see a TejShiv FF. They friendship is so lovely to watch. Good choice to use the song as story. You developed the song into dialogues well. Surprised to see her fiance, excited to know what happened in the middle. Liked the pillow scene and jogging one.

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shesha!!! Very happy that you liked TejShiv pair. This will not be a full fledged FF but rather Shots showing the song’s story track in a different way. Happy that you liked the pillow and jogging scene. 🥰🥰

  2. Jasminerahul

    thank you very said you will start it in a week but you posted it today really surprised me.thanks a lot for this surprise gift. when nisha said that she was not well I was confused whether she was pretending to be ill.but guess she repeated aarav’s dialogue.aarav telling her that she is not unwell was a lovely dialogue.the pool scene..icecream scene..sorrow paper scene n the jogging scenes were nice.did nisha get into depression just like that or is there any reason why she fell into depression? I thought her dad found a guy for her after she got cured.but here she was already having a fiance. is he doing an important role?perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!!! It’s a pleasure for me to write this story. I must thank you for asking me to write this. Yes Nisha was repeating Aarav’s dialogue that she wasn’t unwell. The fiance Rishi was one of the reasons for her to fall in depression. He left her alone after her mother’s sudden demise so she wasn’t able to share her worries with anyone thus falling into depression.

    2. Jasminerahul

      are you going to show rishi nisha past in flashback?even after all this now also rishi is accompanying nisha n kinjal when she got cured. oh

    3. Sai07

      Bits of flashback will be shown. Rishi doesn’t love her he is just accompanying her to impress Mr. Kapoor and get married to Nisha for the wealth. She will realise that her sacrificing her love on Aarav for Rishi is not wise and she realises that Aarav loves her too.

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