Falling In Love Again @RiAnsh #6 Riansh Get Closer


Ishani: Let’s play!

Sejal: Ya!

Riddhima: Jaan! Take your place!

Rohan: Right away, love! (Oh My God! He’s absolutely dead now!)

Vansh is very angry (Cute!). Everyone except Riddhima noticed it because she was looking at Rohan (her Jaan). Kabir is jealous too (but that jerk has a habit of controlling himself). Team RiAnsh (Sia, Sejal, Ishani, Aryan and the new member,Rohan) smile looking at each other.

Sia (whispering): What happened Bhai? Looks like you just broke your heart! (Ouch! Poor Vansh!) 

Vansh (whispering): Cut the crap! Both you girls are hell bent on proving that I’m jealous! If this goes on, I’ll seriously have to find a groom for both of you! Hey! Do you like Rohan? I could talk to him, you know? (Smart Vansh!)

Sia: Bhai… You just wanna get rid of him somehow, don’t you? (Caught You!)

Vansh: Shut up! We’ve got a game to play!

Ishani: Let me remind the rules to everyone again! You catch and recognise, if you are wrong, you are out and if you are right, the person whom you caught it is out.

So all of them tie a blind fold to each other. The game starts. Kabir catches Ishani by her hand and thinks it is Riddhima. He is out. Next, Sia is running behind Aryan and ultimately catches him and recognises him. Aryan is out. Sejal almost bumps into Riddhima but Rohan alerts her. Vansh and Riddhima are running towards each other (Oooh! Connection!). As they get close, Rohan decides not to tell them. Vansh hugs Riddhima (More like caging her by her waist) And Riddhima does the same. They both call out each other’s name at the same time.

Rohan: Woah! Both are caught! So I think, both stay!

Aryan: Not fair! Yaar! (Dear Aryan, Everything is fair in love and war!)

Rohan: My decision is final! (then whispering to Aryan) Buddy, do you want them together or not?

Just at that time, Riddhima bumps to a table and hurts herself.

Riddhima: Oww! Jaan! Why didn’t you tell me! (Because he was busy planning your marriage)

Vansh (quickly removing his blind fold): Riddhima! Are you okay? Guys! The game is off! (Such care!)

Riddhima (trying to walk): Ouch! I’m not able to walk! Jaaaaaan!

Rohan: Coming!!

Vansh: Why were you trying to walk!?

Riddhima: To get the first aid kit, of course!

Vansh: You could’ve told us! (Calm down Vansh! She hasn’t been shot!)

Rohan: Don’t move, Jaan! I’m getting it!

Riddhima: Ya! Go!

Vansh carefully lifts Riddhima and takes her inside a room. Everyone (including Riddhima) looks at him.

Vansh(concerned tone): Did it hurt?

Riddhima: Not the least bit!

Vansh: I’ll bring the first aid kit.

Vansh turns to go but Rohan already brings it (Sorry Vansh! My story, My rules!). Everyone comes inside the room and starts getting themselves comfortable. Rohan applies an ointment on Riddhima’s wound. Vansh looks at Riddhima and then at Rohan and then at the wound. Riddhima hisses and catches Vansh’s hand.

Vansh: Are you okay, Riddhima? Please be careful, Rohan!

Rohan: Sorry! (No worries dear! It’s getting all lovey dovey because of that!) 

Riddhima: It’s okay! I’m fine.

Vansh: I’ll drive you home today!

Everyone shockingly turned towards him. (My poor Vansh! He’ll get embarrassed!)

Vansh: I mean… You came on your own, right? You won’t be able to drive now… So I’ll drop you home.

Riddhima: Okay… Thanks!

Vansh: Actually, Let’s go now! You won’t be able to enjoy it here anyway!

Riddhima: Ya! You are right! Everyone else’s mood will also be spoiled…

Before anyone could say anything…

Sia: Ya! You guys go! Watch a movie at home! We’ll come late!

Sia signs the others. They understand. Everyone goes to see them till the gate.

Sia: Kabir! Come on! No work while play time!

Kabir: Ya! Just some messages.

Vansh lifts Riddhima when she winces. He walks till the car and makes her sit in the car. (Hmmm! All cosy, Riddhima?)

Riddhima: Vansh! You didn’t need to do that!

Vansh: I did! You were in pain!

Sia, who was going there to give Riddhima her phone which she had forgotten, hears everything and smiles. She gives the phone to Riddhima and speaks to Vansh…

Sia: Good progress, Bhai! (Really good indeed!)

Vansh: Shut up! (Come on, Vansh! You are so lucky that this truth is very sweet otherwise ‘Sach hamesha kadwa hota hai’)

Riddhima: What happened? What are you guys talking about?

Vansh: Leave it, Riddhima! She’s just trying to irritate me!

Riddhima: Well… she’s being successful then, isn’t she? (Ouch! Poor Vansh! Pride punctured!)

Vansh: Come on! You are supposed to be on my side! (Exactly Vansh! She’s supposed to be by your side forever)

Sia: I’ll take a leave! You both continue!

They both sit in the car. Vansh starts driving. There’s silence for some minutes. Riddhima decides to turn on the radio. Vansh does it.

Man on Radio: Hello, listeners! Here’s RJ Abhinay with yet another interesting topic! Today’s topic of our discussion is ‘Love’! Yep! You heard that right! ‘Love’! Love is the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. But unfortunately, not everyone realizes their love. You may run away from love but if it is in your destiny, it will chase you till you are caught. So today, I’m gonna make all of you realize your love. If you care for someone so much that you can’t even see them bear a finger cut; If you like being in someone’s company so much that you can keep all the work aside to spend a few minutes with them; If you can oppose your personality and change to any extent for someone; if you can do anything to see a someone smile; if you are willing to take someone’s all sorrows and give them only happiness; Then beware, my friend! You are falling hard for that person! You are in love!

Riddhima and Vansh recall what all happened in the past few days. They start feeling uncomfortable realising that all these things are happening to them. They both extend their hand to change the channel. Vansh accidentally catches Riddhima’s hand. They both get awkward. Vansh changes the channel. A melodious song starts playing. Vansh is about to change it but Riddhima holds his hand to stop him.

Riddhima: Let it be, I like melodious songs.

Vansh: Oh! I like it too! I thought you might be uncomfortable.

Riddhima: Why so?

Vansh: Don’t know… Just a gut feeling, I guess?

Riddhima: Hmm…

The song is Ishq mein marjawan. Riddhima suddenly gets uncomfortable. Vansh notices it and changes the channel. The song is Nazm Nazm. They both start humming. Riddhima starts singing in a very low tone. Gradually, as she gets comfortable, she sings along. Vansh smiles hearing her sing. Riddhima looks at him. She keeps singing and he keeps smiling. They reach VR Mansion. The song ends.

Vansh: You sing really well!

Riddhima: Well! I just like singing! I sing from the heart. Why everyone loves my voice so much is still a mystery to me. (Actually, these are my words! I like singing and everyone likes my voice. I’m not trying to praise myself or something, everyone can sing well if they know what shade of their voice to pick!)

Vansh: I didn’t know my best friend was so talented!

Riddhima: We’re best friends?

Vansh: Well, for me, I have done many things with you which I never do and no one has ever had an influence on me like you… So for me, You are my best friend. I won’t call you that if you mind.

Riddhima: No! Not at all! I’m fine with it! Ouch!

Vansh: Careful!

They both look at each other and recall what they heard on the radio. (Thanx RJ Abhinay!)

Vansh lifts her and takes her to his room. (Oooh!)

Riddhima: I told you! You don’t need to do that!

Vansh: And I told you that I do! Because you are in pain and I can’t see you in pain!(then realising what he said) Because I’m your best friend. (Aawww!)

Riddhima: Anyways! Let’s watch a movie!

Vansh: Okay!

They both sit on the bed, besides each other and start a movie on his laptop.

At the farmhouse

Ishani: Kabir! Where are you lost?

Kabir: Sorry, Guys! I think I should leave, I have some work pending and I am not able to think anything apart from it.

Sia: Please stay, naa!

Kabir: Sorry guys! Can’t stay!

Kabir leaves.

Rohan: I must say, he must have a strong will power! How can someone turn down such an appealing request!

At VR Mansion

Uma is going to her room when she sees that the light on Vansh’s room is on. She goes to check who is there. She reaches there and is about to open the door when she sees Riddhima and Vansh sitting together and watching something on the laptop. They are laughing heartily. Uma smiles. Daadi sees her and asks her what happened.

Uma: Vansh is so happy!

Daadi: Today morning, I suggested you get him married, naa.

Uma: Hmm.

Daadi: It was Sia and Ishani’s suggestion.

Uma: Really? Why all of a sudden?

Daadi: Because they both had found a Bhabhi for themselves. (All your grandchildren are very… no words to describe them!)

Uma (shocked): What!? Who?

Daadi points towards Riddhima. Uma’s shock turns into happiness.

Uma: She agreed!?

Daadi: No!! Ishani and Sia are working on both of them.

Uma: What does that mean, maa?

Daadi: Well… 

Then Daadi narrates everything to her and Uma joins the team #RiAnsh. Later, Uma tells everything to Pradeep. He is very happy. He is also on the team #RiAnsh. (So basically, all the characters except Anupriya and Kabir are on team RiAnsh! This has to be the happiest day of my life!)

Meanwhile, in Vansh’s room…

Riddhima and Vansh are now lying on the bed with Vansh’s laptop in front of them. Somebody got into the balcony of Vansh’s room. They can’t hear any noise. But, Riddhima feels something. (Well! You guys are so smart! You must have already guessed who that ‘somebody’ is.)

Riddhima: I think someone is here, Vansh.

Vansh: Nothing is there, Riddhima! I think you have started seeing ghosts like this lady in the movie!

Riddhima playfully hits him. Vansh hits Riddhima back. They start laughing. That person clicks their pictures.


Riddhima and Vansh up together with a voice of bell ringing. They realise that they slept while watching the movie. When they turn to find the source of the noise, they see Ishani, Sia and Aryan standing in front of them. Aryan is holding his phone from which the alarm rang. The trio start laughing.

Vansh: What kind of joke is this?

Aryan: I want to ask a question to you too.

Sia: In fact, we want to ask the question!

Ishani: And you both will have to answer the question!

Riddhima: What is it, Guys!?

Aryan: How come you are still here?

Sia: And why were you both sleeping together?

Ishani: That too, in this way!?

Riddhima and Vansh realise that they were really close and were holding hands.

They immediately back off. Sia, Aryan and Ishani try to control their laughter.

Riddhima: I saw that!

Vash: Me too!

Vansh starts hitting them playfully and Riddhima yells “More! More!”. Finally they get tired. 

Vansh and Riddhima freshman up and Vansh drops her home.

Precap: Vansh calls Riddhima. Riddhima and Sejal are shocked to see something. Kabir says “My plan is going just as I wanted so far! Get ready for your destruction Vansh! I will avenge my sister’s death! I will get you behind the bars!”

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