Sukor journey to love episode 20

Recap bhagya has a celebration as she is expecting her first child suraj realises he loves chakor sherya mixes alcohol and drugs in suraj drink…

Suraj feels dizzy and collapses ontop of chakor…chakor olv suraj has never ever behaved like this before…suraj slowly lets go of chakor and falls asleep…veer cant sleep and nocks on the door…veer;maami maami!open the door chakor opens the door…veer;maami can i sleep here?chakor;sure ? veer comes in and lays on chakor lap…veer;so maami what should we name the baby…chakor;hmmmm i think anjali…veer;not bad maami we will go for that name…i wonder how vivaan uncle is its nearly been 6 months since i last saw him…chakor olv i wonder how imli and vivaan r doing since eloping they have not contacted anyone?veer falls asleep on chakor lap and chakor lays besides him…sherya;where did suraj go did he end up with chakor oh no sherya goes in to peak in sukor room she sees suraj laying at the edge of the corner and veer and chakor…sherya;how can my plan fail…kamal hears sherya…

kamal olv this larkhi will cause trouble for my bahu and son i need toleave her time as a guest is up? kamal walks of in anger…sherya slams her door…the sun comes out and veer wakes up he jumps on suraj…veer wakes chakor up…veer;maami looks like maamu is drunk shall we throw the water jug again chakor smiles and veer throws the water chakor tries hard not to laugh…suraj;what the hell!!!? suraj wakes up with a heavy head…veer;good Morning☺ suraj;you both think this is funny suraj gets up and heads to the bathroom…veer;this wasn’t the reaction i was expecting?suraj comes out with a bucket of water and throws it on chakor and veer.. veer,chakor;what the hell! Veer and chakor stare at suraj in anger whilst suraj smirks…bhagya comes in for veer and is shocked to see suraj veer and chakor wet…bhagya;what were u 3 upto?? veer;mom lets go i dont wanna be around suraj maamu? and maami il see u at breakfast…bhagya;oh? veer walks of in anger chakor is surprised by veer behaviour…chakor;last night u came in drunk and now ur acting innocent?

suraj;innocent u and ur veer runied by sleep by throwing water at me all the time…chakor gets up and heads to the bathroom…suraj olv what is she upto suraj follows chakor…chakor turns the shower on and sprays in all over suraj…suraj smiles and walks towards chakor…chakor olv why is he walking towards me instead? suraj snatches the shower of chakor and sprays the water on her…chakor;what r u doing give it back im gettting wet im soaking? suraj;well u were having fun wen u were throwing it on me! Chakor tries to snatch the shower of and slips suraj catches her but both fall ontop of each other suraj holds chakor chakor tries getting up…suraj;why do u always wanna escape from me im a monster…chakor;no its…suraj;its what? chakor heistates to speak suraj moves chakor hair and stares into her eyes mahiya plays… suraj helps chakor up. Suraj;fine if u haven’t accepted me then i wont touch u ever again suraj walks of…chakor olv oh no? suraj gets dressed and heads down…tejswani;suraj beta where is chakor…suraj;i dont know? sherya olv looks like suraj doesn’t want chakor anymore☺

chakor gets dressed and heads downstairs…veer comes down and holds chakor hand both sit next to each other veer and suraj make faces to one another..veer olv maamu i will get u bk? suraj;beta wait look at the size of u dont worry il get u bk? mr kanpur;suraj beta how is ur knee now…suraj;uncle its fine it still has some pain but im able to walk again…chakor feels dizzy and holds her head…suraj notices and offers chakor some water…kamal smiles…kamal olv suraj cares for chakor this is a good sign…suraj olv day and night she never takes care of herself i bet she never went to the doctors…kaustri runs in and hugs bhagya…kasutri;bhagya beta i cant believe im gonna be a nanimaa to bhavan also hugs bhagya…mrs kanpur;who r these guys? Tejswani;these r chakor parents…

mrs;kanpur how r u going to be a naanimaa…bhagya;becoz bhavan uncle and kauatri aunty treat me like a daughter and only our own can claim these rights kamal tejswani suraj and chakor smile listening to bhagya response…sherya olv how dare u insult my mom first thing that will happen wen i become the bahu is that i will kick u and ur pest veer out…kaustri;tejswani jee we should leave but i wanna take chakoria and suraj with me…kamal olv perfect for sukor to be alone and away from sherya in the mean time il fix this problem…kamal;exactly kaustri behen i agree chakor beta suraj pack ur bag…suraj hesitates but sees the love kasutri and bhavan have for him sukor pack thier bag and leave with kasutri and bhavan…tejswani;how will i stay without chakor and suraj? veer;naanimaa ur right i will miss maami? sherya olv so much love for this chakor!?

Precap sukor romance chakor report comes sherya fakes to be chakor and steals chakor report sherya learns chakor condition chakor phones the doctor to send th report at laal house the doctor also sends a copy to chakor…

  1. I love reading your story but please get rid of this sherya or at least make Suraj proclaim his love for chakor to sherya so that she realises that she can’t do anything to come between sukor. It’s already annoying having a maybe separation on the show we don’t want one in your story. Thanks for writing.

    1. Thanl u so much for commenting the real serial is getting irrated by imli stupid track but dw in my story kamal encourged suraj to go suraj already loves chakor and will confess soon whilst kamal will make surwsherya is gone by thetime sukor r back

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Loved sukor moment. Can’t tolerate sherya, get rid of her soon. Want suraj to accept that he loves chakor. Hoping that there is no separation. Waiting for next

    1. Thank i needed a villain in the show and its not to worry kamal narayan sent sukor away to proclaim love whislt he will get rid of sherya family☺

    2. Oh sorry piyal i meant to say i read it and kamal sent sukor away as he wants to get rid of sherya family every story has a villain but kamal will kick sherya family out my typing comes out wrong as my phone is messed up?

    3. Sherya will get kicked out by kamal and his plan and tippu is right @tippu its ok the wrong words sometime come out whislt typing i understand what u r saying and its true

  3. Amazing update! Sukor-Veer scene was funny. I like how KN sent Sukor away from Sherya. Chakor hasn’t realized her feelings yet. Will Sukor confess before reading the medical report? Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. Thank u suraj will feel and understand chakor has feelings for him by listening to kaustri and bhavan

  4. I like ur this ff soooooooooooooooooooo much please please please post next part soon pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
    Kya aap wtpad pai ni likhte?

    1. Thank u so much nd no i only write here not on wattpad

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