Ishqbaaz -Ansh, Ishkara, Rumya (Episode 2)

Sid orders food for both of them. The waiter by mistakes spills the food on her dress. She brutally scolds the waiter.
The woman: u middle class people… do u even know the cost of my dress. It’s more than what you people earn in six months. blo*dy middle class.
She went away in anger. Sid stopped her and told her to eat as she had not eaten anything from morning. The woman agreed to do so after a lot of request done by Sid. After the lunch, Sid requested her to accompany him as he wanted to buy something. She kind of got the idea what Sid meant. So she refused to accompany him. But since he was so stubborn, she at last gave up. He made her clear that they are not going to the place which she hates.

Sid POV – I am really sorry my friend. But I have to do this. If I won’t u will still live in your past and will destroy your future and of the people who love you and care for u.
When they reached the place, she was shocked to see that place. She got angry on Sid. She said him that she was not expecting this from him; she thought he is her friend and at least he will understand her but she was wrong.

She drives the car rashly and went straight to her room. Sid was following her in another car. When she reached home, her father asked her the reason behind her anger. She did not say anything but went straight to her room and clearly ordered everyone of not disturbing her. After few minutes Sid reaches her home and enquires about her with her father Mr. Ashok Singhania. Seeing Sid, her father understood the matter. He apologizes to Sid. He says because of him, his daughter scolded Sid and fought with him. Sid says – no uncle she is not just your daughter, she is my friend too. It is not her fault. It is the fault of the man who could not respect her and questioned her love for him, questioned her character.

It’s been evening and she has still not yet opened the door. Sid and her father both are thinking how to make her open the door. Suddenly they hear a sweet voice telling nanaji mujhe pata hai mummy door kaise open kregi. It was Avayay, the woman’s five year old son. All three jumped in happiness as they had got the idea. The kid goes and tells the woman from the door by standing outside that if she will not open the door then he will not eat. The lady says from inside – Avayay I know u are playing tricks and nanaji and Sid are also outside. I won’t come in your trap. Try something new.

After thinking for a while, Avayay said – okay mummy aapka jab mann hoga tab aap bahar aana. Hum sab jaa rhe hai. The lady came to the door and tried to listen from inside if any voices are coming or not? When she heard none, she came out. But to her surprise all three men were standing there. But seeing her son, her anger had vanished.

Avayay – mumma mumma chalo naa mujhe aapko apna school ka work dikhana hai.aap dinbhar kaam krte ho office mei rahte ho abhi chalo naa please.
The woman said – ha baba chal rahi hun, itna senty mat bano mera bachcha. Maa hun mai tumhari sab samjahti hun.

Oberoi Mansion –
There is a hush all around. Whole mansion is being decorated. Workers are telling themselves koi galti ni honi chahiye kyunki agar hui toh bahut problem hogi.
A man is directing everyone. He is Shivay Singh Oberoi.
Dadi- billu tension mat le sab achche se ho jayega
Shivay – tension kaise ni lun dadi. Itna sara kaam baki hai pta ni kaise hoga tym bhi ni hai jyada, birthday kl hi h next week ni.
Dadi – aur tu is birthday ki preparation last 1 month se kr rha hai.
Dadi was interrupted by a voice.

Dadi, shivay ka bas chalta naa toh ye 3 months se preparation krwate. She is Anika.
Shivay – ofcourse kyu ni kru mai itni preparation sabko pta chalna chahiye afterall Shivay Singh Oberoi ke bête ka birthday hai. I can’t believe kal Ansh 6 years ka ho jyega.
Arey nahi nahi bhaiya Ansh kal 5 years ka hoga.

Shivay – are you mad Rudra ?
Rudra – arey maine isilie aise bola kyuki aapne hi toh bola naa ki aapko yakin ni ho rha ki kl hamara Ansh 6 years ka ho jyega toh isilie maine bola ki aap yakin kro ki wo 5 years ka hoga kl.
Om comes and both Om and Shivay tells Shutup Rudra 😛

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    Lady may be Ishana with jer son.
    Avayay nice name.
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    Ansh’s birthday celebration wow.
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  8. actually I thought that angry woman must be annika but not so loved the suspense but I’m dying to know who she is plz update next asap

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  12. Oh gooood…… What’s happening??!! I thought dat lady was Anika. Now I think dat she might b Ishana. Rudy is sooo funny nd Avayay is sooooo cute. Plz end da suspense soon. I can’t take it anymore.

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  16. Nice update.. I think that woman is ishana and anvaay is om’s son.. Please update soon


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