Sia Ke Maheshwaris Episode 19

Episode 19

Sanskar’s POV.

After that deadly attacks, our lives took a new turn. I just wanted to leave Canada immiedietly. What was our lives then and what happened now?? Me, Swara, Gudiya, Ragini, Laksh, Maanik, Ram, Ritik, Shivanya all of us were happy till our pleasure trip to Niagara Falls, there some journalists caught us red handed. We had seen that Awasti also there. She also wanted this??. They questioned about my Topaz but she denied to accept Gudiya. As usual they automatically judged Gudiya as our daughter. Her own daughter.There wasn’t any other use of a DNA test. Sometimes her views are also right. World will only accepts which we wants to deny. Now she is not at all a step mother. Hmm but mistress?? I have the medicine of this also.

Third person narrative

All of them were lost in the beauty of Niagara meanwhile Sanskar was planning something for Swara…

“Wow Bhai are you gonna propose Bhabhi again??”
Laksh questioned Sanskar curiously. The sparkling of his eyes compelled him to forget what he had done early for a while. Sanskar smiled and said.

“Haa Luck……” he ceased talking and excused. Maanik approached Sanskar with the same question and he asked Maanik’s help with a smile. Ragini also joined him. Laksh looked on enviously. Sanskar’s and Ragini’s intimacy towards Maanik was making Laksh more and more jealous.

“Hii Dinosaur are you envious??”

Sia asked mockingly.

Ram: Yes Sia he is getting more and more jealous after spotting ur Maasi n my Chachu together ??

Lak: Ohh hello I’m done with your Maasi.

Ram: Offo you lost a beautiful girl. What a pity.

He chirped like a lizard.
Ram: now the bird flew away.

Sia: Don’t worry Dinosaur. We will help you. I mean if u want.

Ragini’s POV

My sister is a psycho but she is not at all a psycho. The way she is approaching a problem, it is weird and awkward. So others are calling it madness. Why they can’t take it as a unique way???. Sanskar is right. She is not a psycho but she is disguising as a Mahakali when it comes to Sanskar and Sia. She is loving them but sorry to say more over she is selfish. They are also a part of her selfishness. Do you know something, once in our school days. A new comer girl ranked first in our class. Till then it was Swara’s. Then what she did!!! mixed Mercury in that girl’s lunch. By God’s grace and mercy I saved her without letting know just each ears. And when I questioned Swara,

“1st rank sirf meri hai aur jo meri voh meri hi rahegi??.”

I just brushed it aside like normal jealousy and venegeance but it was not like that. If I noticed it then??? Then what Ragini maybe ur sister lived lonely now too like you. Everything happens for our well being. It’s all because of her cute madness. Ek kaam karte hain Jeene dete hain usse hai na.

No ??she can’t. She can’t live without him. I lost the flow, why I am saying all these right?? There is a massive reason. It is her way of approaching a problem..

Sanskar was gonna propose her. Both went to the secluded area of Niagara. We prohibited him but who will hear us. There some goons attacked them and Sanskar heroically fought for make them reach hell. Midst of the fight a goon jerked him to the waterfalls. We tried our level best for saving him. He was hardly clutching on a rock. The stunning fact was, she is not at all reacting. Her eyes doesn’t expelled just a tear droplet. She held his hand and pulled upwards.

“No Swara don’t save me. It maybe you will also die. I love you Swara, good bye.”

She smirked with shocking us.

“Kaun marne wali hai tere sath. I am not a stupid. I love my life alot. I’m not dying but you should live with me ?? do you understand.”

Saying that, mentally retarded persons are more stronger than normal individuals. It is true. She easily pulled him upward like a petal.

Sanskar’s POV

Who is she??? Nowadays I am asking it to me. Who is she?? Is she a good witch?? How could she save me so simply???

Uff and that goon who had sent them?? I’m sure their target was Swara. Just a minute ?? her previous foe is back. I has to save her and my family. We should leave Canada.

I was placing my head on her lap. She was passionately patting my drenched head. I raised a crushed rose towards her.

“Will you marry me.”

After some epochs of silence she nodded willingly.

To be continued…………..

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