Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj scolding Sharad and leaving. Dadi sees this and thinks maybe Suhani did something to make hum angry. Suhani cries in her room. Sharad comes and sees the decorations and her hard work in making the surprise. She asks him to come. He says he has seen Yuvraaj’s mood, so no need to hide anything, you can share pain with me. She says she has moved his belongings, so he got angry, but he is good at heart, maybe he is angry on something else. She says you are right. She says he did not like the surprise. He says don’t cry, he will be calm in some time. She says I m not crying and smiles. He asks her to keep smiling.

Krishna does some puja for Rakhi. Soumya looks on and is stunned. Rakhi scolds Krishna and says a sister is like Goddess and rings the bell fooling her. Soumya thinks she should take Rakhi to a good doctor. Rakhi says Krishna should never hurt her and faints. Some women come to meet Lata. They talk about her daughters married in good homes. Lata smiles. Bhavna comes with a big bag. She sees the guests and is tensed. She greets them. Lata asks how did you come suddenly. The lady says you went today and came in some time, your mum in law is not fine. Bhavna says she is fine. The lady says you ask Lata what is the matter, we will go. They say its not good to come back to Maayka after few days of marriage. They leave.

Lata asks Bhavna what is the matter. Bhavna says nothing. Lata questions her more and asks what happened there, tell me, did you fight there. Bhavna says Maa……….. The landline rings. Lata takes the call. Rishi talks to her. Lata says fine, tell your mum to take care. Lata says your mum in law has sent you so that you don’t get bored there. Bhavna says yes. Lata says Rishi told me this, why, is there anything else. Bhavna says no, it was this thing only.

Pankaj calls Suhani and asks how is she. She says she was taking rest, as Yuvraaj took her out . Yuvraaj comes and hears this. She lies to him showing she is very happy. He asks her to take care and ends the call. She plays the video. Yuvraaj is shocked to see his childhood pics. Suhani cries. He feels bad seeing Suhani hurt. Its morning, Suhani does the puja. Abhilasha comes to them. Suhani is shocked seeing her face. Abhilasha comes to Saurabh and Rags covering her face and fumes on everyone. She scolds them that they sell cream and beautiful dreams, and see what happened to my face. Everyone is shocked seeing her skin rashes.

Abhilasha calls the cream cheap and bad. She says you have experimented on me, and lying to all innocent girls. Rags asks what does she want. Abhilashi says I want justice, I will put case on this product. She says she will sue Birla company. Pratima says we know its wrong happened with you. Suhani says how do you know this happened because of Rags given cream. She says as Rags gave me those products. Suhani says maybe it did not suit your skin. Rags scolds Abhilasha. Dadi asks the servant to kick out Abhilasha.

Saurabh says let me handle this. He apologizes to Abhilasha and says our product is after many tests. Abhilasha cries. He asks are you sure you don’t have any allergy. She says no. He says I know Rags insulted you, if you are doing this to take revenge, then……….. Rags says exactly. Abhilasha scolds Saurabh and says my laywer will talk to you now, I will sue you for Rs 50 lakhs. They are shocked. Abhilasha leaves.

Pratima tells Saurabh to talk to Abhilasha as she is his friend. Rags says its Abhilasha’s plan to get money out from rich guys, some are lucky to marry and some put the case. Suhani says if she goes to court and judge believes her, we will be caught. Dadi is worried and asks Suhani to be quiet. She leaves. Menka scolds Suhani. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to go to her room. He asks Pratima what happened to Dadi. She says I will go and see. Yuvraaj comes to Suhani and sees everything set like before. She asks how is Dadi. He says do you care.

Rags and Menka knock Dadi’s door, saying they care for her. They come inside and see Dadi covering her jaw. Rags asks her not to be upset with them because of Suhani. Dadi shows something and writes MounVrath. Yuvraaj and Suhani have an argument. She says you are angry, so we will talk later. He holds her hand and stops her angrily. He says yes, I m angry, I will talk to you. He says here we don’t interfere, but trust each other. She says yes, but Abhilasha really had rashes. He says it can be misunderstanding also. She says sorry, leave me, its hurting.

Suhani sees Dadi fallen on the ground holding her jaw. She says she will call everyone. Dadi stops her. She gets dr. Raj’s call and he says maybe you took wrong injection, come to me fast.

Update Credit to: Amena

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