Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varad coming home. Sojal says you came early. He says yes, work ended soon and gives her Kumkum saying someone gave him in office. She laughs. He says I forgot you don’t value these things and leaves. Sojal applies the Kumkum and is shocked to see Mansi’s call on Varad’s phone. She picks the call and she hears Mansi saying her phone is with him. She checks his coat pocket and gets the phone. Sojal says I m Sojal Varad Agnihotri, tell me whats your phone’s story. Mansi is shocked and greets her well. She says my phone went to him by mistake, please send. Sojal counters her. Varad comes and hears her. Varad takes the phone and says ya Mansi, you forgot phone in meeting, I will send it. Sojal questions Varad, and he says she left in meeting. She asks is there anything else. He says no and leaves.

Its morning, Niranjan talks to Shlok and says today’s meeting is very important. They are shocked to see Anjali coming with Astha. The staff greets Anjali. Anjali smiles. Shlok says he will see. Niranjan stops him asking no scene should be created. He asks Shlok to leave. Shlok leaves. Niranjan welcomes Anjali with a smile and says I m very happy that you came in this office. The peon asks what will Anjali have, tea, coffee….. Astha says yes Aai, say. Niranjan says yes, come I will show your cabin. He calls Anand and asks Astha to see my pending files. He asks Annad to take her signs required. He asks Astha to go and not worry, as he is there for Anjali.

He takes Anjali. Astha thinks Niranjan will be controlled as its office. She goes. Mansi hugs Varad and relaxes. She says this moment is so nice, just two of us. He says lets go out for two days, it will be as you say. She says no, I want your every day of life to be mine. He smiles. He talks about Sojal and her fast. She says she will always keep a fast for him, and asks him to come and break it. He says that won’t be possible. He pacifies her and says our relationship is different. He asks for a coffee by her magical hands.

Astha is in his cabin and looks at the door. Astha comes there and sits on her table. She looks at him and he turns. She thinks she knows he did not like her coming with Anjali, but we came here because of Baba, don’t know when you will understand this. She comes to him and says you always trust Baba, just trust me once, our relation is on trust. He says I know, if I say your dad did something wrong. She says its not possible, my dad can never be wrong. He says exactly, I m also feeling the same thing, where am I wrong in this, like you supported your dad, I m supporting my dad.

She goes back to her chair. She thinks about Anjali and she should check once. She calls to send fresh juice for Anjali. She orders for herself. Shlok says I don’t want anything thinking she will order for him too. Astha prays to Lord to take care of Anjali. Niranjan makes Anjali sit on his chair and gives her water. He says you are the owner of this office, right. He says you are daring so much to do this, you came office, tell me what is your status, you don’t have any respect after division and no money. Astha is worried for Anjali and thinks what to do.

Shlok can’t charge his phone. He gets Jyoti’s call and says Anaya and I miss you a lot. He says he is busy in work, and asks how are they, we also miss you a lot, we met yesterday, are you fine. Jyoti says yes, fine, is Astha there. He says she is here, you call on her phone. She says give your phone. Shlok asks Astha to talk to Jyoti and holds the charger tight. Astha talks standing near Shlok. Shlok looks at her. Astha sees he is looking at her.

Niranjan is scaring Anjali with his dangerous stares. He asks why did she come here. Anjali cries. He says did you come out of my fear, why do you want me to show you my bad side. He says you will be punished if you did the mistake. She says she did not know this will happen…………… He says oh, did Astha bring you here lifting you. He hurts Anjali and wipes her tears as someone knocks. The peon comes and he acts normal and sweet. Astha says why did the peon not come till now. He comes and Astha asks about Anjali. He says yes, he gave her the juice. He leaves. Astha thanks Lord for saving Anjali, Baba can’t trouble her infront of everyone.

Shlok drinks the juice and Astha smiles. Astha thinks Shlok is being like this, but she can’t see him like this, she can’t agree to Niranjan’s mentality, how will she do this. She is just supporting truth and this time she won’t fail and bring out Baba’s truth. Shlok thinks what is this Astha, why are you not ending the matter by apologizing to Baba.

Astha thinks why did Astha go in meeting. Niranjan asks Anjali to talk to everyone and start the presentation as she wants to tell everyone about girl education. Astha walks to them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why they dont use their phones and record Niranjan’s real face??? Draging the story too long is annoying.

  2. oh its too much yaar….
    will you please stop dragging the story?? aur kitne din tak ye sab chalega?

  3. Besides the obvious and intentional dragging of this story, what is up with the stupidity of Astha? When Schlok asked Astha how would she react if he accused her dad of being a bad person. Any decently intelligent person would say “I will at least look into it and see what the other person is saying and maybe even see if my dad is hiding something from the family that we are all clueless about?” But the best she can say is “no, my dad can never do anything bad?”. Are you kidding me? She purposefully let go of an opportunity to make Schlok think at least a little bit rationally. The show’s producers/directors are so desperate.

  4. anjali , wish u all the best.i can see a golden chance for you in precap. so it’s your day. you may reveal your identity as a strong women through your presentation.

  5. Id like today’s episode but astha is so stupid to tell shlok that her father will never be wrong

  6. Oh my goodness >.< stops dragging the story. How many times is Astha going to say "I am supporting the truth" like bro we know already just DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!

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