Pavitra Rishta 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rushali brainwashing Pari that her and Naren’s relationship is at risk because of Ankita. She says after Azoba transferred his property to her, she has become strong now and soon will take Ankita out. She says Naren is Ankita’s weakness and she has to keep Naren and Ashi away from her, she will be very weak then. She asks Pari to pay attention on Naren and Ashi. Pari likes her idea and says she will not let her down.

Vaishnavi wakes up worriedly from her sleep calling Ankita’s name. Mansi wakes up with her, consoles her and makes her sleep. Shashank comes home back. Mansi informs him about Ankita not reaching home yet and not even picking her call. He asks her to relax and says she must be busy with some work and asks about Prashanth. She says he is with Ankita and is busy in work. He says she has an answer herself and asks her to spend time with him. She gets shy and hesitate. He jokes and then asks her to serve food. She says agrees.

Savita brings Ganapati home and starts praying ganapati bappa loudly, with drums playing. Kinnari gets irritated with the drum sounds and comes out. Even Pari comes out and asks why is she shouting. She says this is her usual way to bring Ganapati. Teju distributes work between Kinnari, Mansi, Rushali. Savita asks about Ankita. She says she has not yet come from work. Rushali says she knows her, she is just making a drama. Savita gets irked hearing that and asks her to stop her rubbish, says her granddaughter is not like that, she must be really busy in her work. Naren backs Savita. Savita then asks if everyone knows about their responsibilities. Pari says she cannot work as she has to attend office.

Ashi and Vaishnavi start fighting for a toy. Ashi asks Naren to bring same toy for her. Vaishani says this toy is bought by my chotimaa from banaras and they won’t get it here. They both start arguing. Naren asks them not to fight.

Mansi is preparing modak/sweets. Savita says Manav and Archana asked her to prepare modak, but she gave it to her. She sees her tensed and asks why. She says she is worried about Ankita. Savita asks her not to worry and says Ankita is like Archana and knows her responsibilities well. She then gets Archana’s call and asks when is she coming from her religious traveling, but call gets cut due to network problem. Vaishnavi comes and says Ashi broke her toy and when she complained about it to Rushali, she says this is what happens to bad children. Savita gets irked and says she will teach Rushali a lesson. Teju asks her not to leave Rushali easily.

Kinnari brainwashes Ashi and says she should hate Vaishnavi and her mom. Rushali comes there and sends out Ashi to play. Kinnari says they both have to take revenge from Ankita as she took everything from them. She says Vaishnavi is Ankita’s weakness and she will handle her and asks Rushali to handle Savita as she is troubling them now.

Pari says Naren that Ankita has hypnotized Azoba and snatched his property. Naren asks what rubbish she is talking. Savita hears their conversation. Ashi comes and asks Pari to bring ganapati home. She says already there is one at home and scolds her. Savita thinks Pari is very arrogant.

Savita informs Teju about Pari’s wrong thinking towards Ankita and even she was scolding Ashi. She gets irked with her behaviour. Teju says she is her daughter, we cannot do anything. Savita says if we bring ganapati, we will let Ashi sit in pooja and asks Teju’s help. She agrees.

Naren comes to office and sees Ankita still not yet back home or office. He asks his colleague about the meeting. Colleague says she did not reach meeting at all and it was cancelled. Naren gets tensed and tries to call her, but her phone is switched off. He asks colleague not to inform about it to anyone as they may panic.

Precap:Naren sees Prashanth unconscious on road with blood stains all over.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. But what twist going to jump out here….I am actually excited to see

  2. OMG ..! I think they are getting back on the same track… Ankita getting kidnapped and then Naren rescuing her and in all this mess they will get lost in the same jungle and land up in the same hut where Ankita and Naren spent the night after Ankita took the fire fear out of Naren ( car set on fire and Naren rescued Ankita/Ahana)

  3. Naren might get backhis memory flashes about ANkita and their happy times..

    To what extent ?? is a something to be excited abt.

  4. I hate Pari – PIG, Rushali -RACOON?RAT and Kinnari – the worm — The three trouble makers.

  5. dharam singh

    I don’t know why this small man acting as woman name Pari sure I saw her in the gym already…well him.

  6. P… I love it!

  7. i love the way dis is goin

  8. dis is great i love the way dis is goin

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