Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani talking to Pratima. Pratima says I want to talk to you. Soumya says Suhani is always saying the same, I don’t know how did I bear her since childhood, I mean I was saying…. Rags says we understand it, Suhani shows off that she worries for the world. Soumya says I don’t care, but Ankit should leave. Menka says its not Suhani’s mistake, your mum got Ankit as a gift. Pratima says Soumya should go now to her mum’s place. Suhani says she does not want to go to Ankit. Pratima says Ankit loves her, ask him to convince Soumya, if he feels his fate gave him another chance, he should not lose it. Soumya says I will talk to my mum. Rags tries to stop her and gets hurt by Ramesh.

Rags and Menka scold him. Ramesh says sorry, I was keeping carom in storeroom. Ankit comes to Suhani and asks what is she doing. Suhani says I m packing your bag, as Soumya is not ready to marry you, as you have an affair. He says what are you saying. She says yes, you are stuck to phone all day, you love phone or Soumya. He says I was finding doctor for Soumya. Suhani says you are her doctor, focus on her. He gets a message and she takes the phone. He says I know Soumya needs me, I will support her, thanks for courage. He switches off the phone and says no phone calls and message, my only work is to impress Soumya. She says all the best and leaves.

Soumya talks to her mum and says she is fine as she is, no need to find anyone for her. Madhuri says I can’t see your loneliness, I don’t like it. Soumya says I don’t like it, please stop interfering. Her phone drops, and she bends to take it. She slips and hangs to the railing. Menka sees her and shouts for help, to save Soumya. Soumya calls for help. Suhani is shocked and says I m coming, don’t leave railing. Suhani falls on stairs and gets hurt. Yuvraaj sees her and is shocked. He rushes to save her and Ankit holds her hand.

Ankit tries to pull her up. Suhani smiles seeing them, and Yuvraaj looks on. Rags asks is she fine. Soumya says yes. Rags says thanks Ankit, you came on time and saved her life. Ramesh gives her water. Ankit asks are you sure you are fine, shall I call doctor. Soumya sees Yuvraaj leaving. She says I m fine, thanks. He says I won’t accept your thankyou, as I don’t want such dry thanks, you have come for dinner with me. Sharad says Soumya won’t say no. Menka says yes, no one takes Soumya for date. Soumya says fine. Suhani stumbles and Yuvraaj holds her. He lifts her in his arms and they smile. Soumya sees them.

Yuvraaj asks did she do anything than smiling, who falls while running on stairs. Soumya gets angry. Suhani says Ankit has saved Soumya in filmi way. Yuvraaj brings her to room and makes her rest on bed. He asks her to take Ankit’s help. She says she is hurt. He says sorry. She says its small sprain, it will be fine. He asks is she doctor to say. She says no, I know it. He asks why don’t she listen to him. She jokes on him and he says Suhani you… She stand to run and falls. He holds her and they have an eyelock. Saawre…………plays…………….

Sharad comes and says he came on wrong time. She tells Yuvraaj that he is jealous of Ankit, but why, he does not flirt with me but Sharad might be jealous, as he used to like Soumya. Yuvraaj says what. Sharad says no way. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to say again. Suhani says yes I really felt he likes her. Yuvraaj looks at him. Sharad says when did I say. Suhani says you answered confusing, I asked do you want Soumya to go back. Sharad says no. She teases him. Sharad says I swear its not that. Yuvraaj laughs. Sharad says you know the truth.

Suhani says yes, if Sharad really loves Soumya then… They all laugh. Ankit plays carom with Soumya. Rags signs Menka to stop Yuvraaj. Suhani and Yuvraaj come there. Menka says Yuvraaj is also champion and he will make Ankit lose. Soumya says Ankit plays very well. Suhani says lets have a game between Ankit and Yuvraaj. Ankit says why not. Yuvraaj says challenge accepted. Menka asks Rags who will win, as their coins are same. Rags says the one who gets queen will win. Soumya says I also want to know this. Yuvraaj asks her to sit straight and wait, not bend on board.

Yuvraaj plays. Ankit says he has given me the queen himself. Suhani stops him saying its cheating, he is champion, will he win by shortcut. Soumya says uts fine, sometimes we have to take shortcut to win something in life. Ankit smiles and loses. Yuvraaj wins and thhey all smile. Yuvraaj then huts the white coin and wins. He says champions are chamooins, they don’t need shortcut to win, queen is mine and game too. Sharad says great. Ankit says whoever wins the game, Soumya’s date is with me, I will get ready and asks her to get ready too. Soumya asks Suhani to come, as she don’t want to go alone. Suhani requests Yuvraaj to come.

Ankit says he will pay the bill. A girl comes and asks Suhani about Ankit, her BF.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Souyma souyma, souyma that’s all I get from this show total shit. I actually wish snoopy shits on her coz she is such a shit head

  2. Yuvraj & Suhani scenes are awesome & the way thet both teased sharad very funny……….

  3. rakesh hitrik

    Ankit should kidnap suhani, and yuvraaj shall beat him up and confess his love to suhani. even though many people would not like bad things to happen to a good character it makes it more interesting and cunning to watch. like iss pyaar season 2, saraswatichandra, and saathiya( before it turned to nonsense)

  4. Thanx for d quick update amena

  5. Idiot soumya really hate u so much i finding new words to scold u stupid!;->

  6. S ur ryt rakesh i agree wid ur point

  7. this was nice episode.. the scenes of yuvraj and suhani was really cute and funny too

  8. i seriously hate soumya

  9. nice episord……….

  10. Wow what a romantic scene between yuvraj and suhani i like it but soumya u are bullshit having face like monkey

  11. nice episode lov u suhani nd yuvraj

  12. I was thinking about this only why there was no scenes of yuvi and suhani like this they showed it. it was suberb after many days they showed it.

  13. ya u r correct neel

  14. Both looks soo…cute in romantic scene

  15. Suhani should know the truth. The show is becoming boring every day same story when suhani will know the truth

  16. One idiotic serial…..the story isn’t moving at all….enough of same plot on when Suhani will get to know about Soumya, better move the story ahead….Looks like there is no proper script

  17. I request the director of the show to show at least one nice and romatic scene of yuvraj and suhani like today. I was an eye treat.

  18. Nic epsd

  19. soumya i just hate you, she tries to win yuvraajs heart but no never coz he started liking suhani de champ

  20. I think everyone is agreeing that Suhani should kn ow the truth. Here’s a hint director,your viewers want Suhani to know what’s been hiden from her. Everyone seems to b leaning for the good n not the evil characters so stop favoring Soumya, menks n Rags so much. I think after seeing these comments anyone can be a director, so I congratulate all the people writing here. I can’t agree with you more. I don’t understand …yudraj made it crystal clear he does not want souyma, and she ‘s still after him. So shameful…and I thought she likes money , don’t ankit have all tht….so gooooo! Oh I get it maybe she gonna hookup with

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