Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahilya and Poornima asking Astha to apologize, else get out. Astha cries. Shlok looks on. Poornima says don’t think to complain about me to Indrajeet, as he agrees to everything I say. Ahilya asks Sapna to say sorry. Astha says sorry. Poornima asks her to say it aloud. Astha says I m sorry Mam. Shlok gets angry. Ahilya asks Poornima to come with her. Astha turns and sees Shlok. She wipes her tears. He takes her with him. Ankush comes downstairs and sees Kalindi and Mala laughing. He thinks how did she get fine so soon, after a big shock, did she get shock of Astha’s leaving.

He asks Kalindi how did her mood change, but its fine, he knows she acts to be good, this is her real face, selfish, how can she laugh when her daughter is annoyed, you don’t care about your daughter and son. Kalindi says yes, you feel I will stop living my life. She asks Mala to get her purse, they will go for shopping and have chat. Ankush says she is not your bahu, don’t stick to her. Kalindi says yes, you are not my son, but Mala can be my daughter. Ankush says I will tell Astha that you are happy here without her. Kalindi says yes, call her. He thinks his game has flopped, I thought she will become tragedy queen, but she is very happy.

Shlok tells Astha that he can’t bear her insult. She says don’t be angry, it will be hurdle for us, I m fine. She asks him to meet kids. Shlok controls her temper. Mala tells Kalindi that she wants to make some clothes stitched, please ask Astha. Kalindi says fine, I will talk to her. She calls Anjali and asks about Astha. Anjali says she will come in evening. Kalindi asks did she get job. Anjali says yes, Shlok and Astha got job at Indrajeet Sarkar’s home. Kalindi says he has cheated you, why are they working for him. Anjali says to find out why did he do this, just pray they both succeed. Kalindi says I will pray and ends the call.

Poornima gets ready after changing her dress. She sees Astha and then Shlok passes by her. She says stop and looks at Shlok. She asks Shlok to turn. He turns to face her. She looks at his clothes, and sees him. She asks you are new caretaker right, did your parents not reach you to wish your boss. Pradeep and Rashmi look on. Poornima says whatever, they did not teach you, just too bad, but I can’t bear this. She says wish good morning and good evening, get habitual, did you understand. He says I did not. She stops and looks at him. He gives her an angry stare in her eyes. Astha gets tensed seeing his anger.

Shlok says what his parents taught him, not to become slave to boss, I m hired here to take care of kids, not to wish you good morning and good evening, and if you understand this soon it will be good for you. Pradeep and Rashmi see this and discuss. She says lets go to kids room. They leave. Shlok says Indrajeet Sarkar is my boss, why should I tell you my boss. Ahilya comes and says Ballu….She asks whats this way to talk to her. Shlok says I m sorry, I m here to manage kids, not to take well to her, you are elder to me, and I will wish you as this is my good values, not others, I will work well and not give reason to complain, if you want to focus on such things, then I can’t help it.

Astha says I will take him to kids. Astha and Shlok leave. Poornima says I will see him, he has misbehaved with me and I will not forget this. Pradeep and Rashmi tell the kids the new caretaker is very dangerous, we have seen his anger. He says get ready now to get punished. Rashmi says he will make your life hell, if he sees us, he will get angry on us. Shantanu says he will make the caretaker run. Astha brings Shlok to the room, and ask him to understand. She asks him to win the kids’ heart. He asks why did she say sorry to Poornima, she would have answered, I can’t bear your insult, I did not give this right to anyone to talk like this.

She says calm down, see this, its our room. She says we have spent good moments here. She says when I think about our aim, I don’t see anything, you also think it. Poornima says this guy is very sharp, we will get someone else, Indrajeet was right about him. Ahilya says you know the kids, they are spoiling, I feel he can manage them, he can make them good, he will learn our ways soon. Poornima says you have taken them over head, you can keep him, but I will not let him stay peacefully and remind him his place.

Shlok says she did not do right by insulting you, I won’t bear thus. Astha says leave it now, give me a good hug. She hugs him and they smile. Music plays…………………. She is shocked seeing Ahilya coming towards the room. She shows her to Shlok. They get tensed.

Shlok comes to kids room and kids start troubling him, by making some paste fall on his head from overhead bucket, when he opens the door. The kids laugh. Astha is shocked and Shlok gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Precap is very funny.I think Shlok wont get angry and talk to kids sweetly.And Im sure he will win their hearts.
    I think these kids will know the truth of Aastha & Shlok .But they wont tell anything to anyone.And they will help Aashlok to ger their rights back because they already know that Indrajeet is a bad person.

  2. That’s a disgusting thought keep that opinion with you

  3. poornima and astha should have lesbian s*x along with sojal

  4. Precap is very funny yar

  5. Nice episode.wat will do shlok childrens behaviour. I’m waiting Monday episode

  6. Nice episode…

  7. nice episode eagerly waiting for shlok’s reaction in next episode.

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