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Veera 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer aiming gun at Veera, saying if she can’t be his, she can’t be anyone else’s. Ranvi and Baldev surround him, making him busy in talk. Ranvi kicks his leg to sake his balance and beats him. He asks Veera is she fine and hugs her. Baldev beats Rajveeer and takes the gun. Baldev aims the gun at him. Ranvi and Veera ask him not to shoot Rajveer, as his one mistake can ruin their lives. Baldev says no, Rajveer has given me all the pain and problems. He says he won’t leave him. Ranvi stops Baldev. Rajveer starts running. Billa and Jaggi bring police and him Rajveer get arrested. Ranvi says come to senses Baldev. Veera slaps Rajveer for making her away from her Baldev.

She slaps him for taking away Nihaal Chachu from them, the death sentence will be short, I want you to get life sentence. The inspector says we will not spare him, he will be in jail for 20 years. They leave. Veera says I knew you both will come to save me. Ranvi gives her hand to Baldev and smiles. Baldev leaves Veera’s hand and goes away. Veera cries. Ranvi says go and convince him, you love him a lot, things went wrong because of you, so you have to make it fine no. She hugs him and says thanks.

Baldev recalls Ranvi and Veera’s words and is angry in his room. Veera comes to him and cries, asking does he still want to go away from her, after all this happened does he not trust her, is he doubting on her, he feels she does not love him. Baldev opens his arms. Mahiya………………….plays……………. She smiles and runs to hug him. She says I love you a lot. She asks why is he not saying anything. Baldev comes out of his imagination and sees her standing at the door.

She comes to him and asks him to say anything. She asks why is he behaving like this when everything is fine. He says don’t know, Ranvi has said yes now and its fine. She says forgive me, I know you have bear a lot, I gave you pain and hurt you, but I love you a lot. She says can’t we start fresh after forgetting everything. She asks him to say he does not love her. She says I know I would have not married in hurry, I trusted you, but I was afraid that if Ranvi gave statement against you, you would have gone to jail. She says I swear I did not marry you for pity. Baldev says I want to talk straight, you married me to save my life.

He says you told me this right. Mahiya………….plays……………. She says yes, I told this. He says you said if anyone ask you in court, then you can’t refuse that I can kill anyone. She says I agree I said this, so I m folding hands and apologizing, please forgive me, I realized my mistake so I have bear everything for your sake. He says yes, I was thinking why are you with me after getting so much pain. She says I love you Baldev, I know whatever you did was because you bear a lot, I was waiting for my old Baldev. He says no, you were with me, as you thought I m patient, who needs your help.

She asks him to forget everything. He says then I have to forget why I loved you. She asks where did our happiness go, don’t you love me, meet my eyes and tell me, did you forget our love. He says I remember a foolish guy, who was after you and trying to keep you happy always, it was never enough for you, and you could not say it with pride that you are Baldev’s wife.

He says she was getting peace after proving him innocent, she is happy that her husband is not a culprit, what did I get, that you can’t trust me blindly. She says I believe you. He says no, if I get under any blame, you will think to believe me or not. He leaves. She cries. Balwant and Bansuri are glad and come home. He tells Baldev that Jaggi and Billa told us that real culprit is caught, go and meet lawyer in the police station and give your statement against Rajveer. Bansuri gives him Prasad. Baldev smiles and eats the Prasad. She says I knew it you are innocent, my heart was saying you can’t do anything wrong. Baldev takes their blessings.

Baldev leaves. Bansuri says I told you Baldev is our good, you compared him to Ranvi. Balwant says yes, I wish he gets happiness. He tells about Veera’s great efforts and she argues. She gives all credit to Baldev and blames Veera. He says you can’t tell anything good against her. Baldev comes to the police station and hears everyone giving statement against Rajveer. Rajveer gets angry. The lawyer says there should be many cases against him. The inspector asks Ranvi. Ranvi says I don’t know I can be called witness or not, I have just seen Baldev holding jack, after Nihaal’s murder was done. The inspector says I have taken the statement of goons who were with Rajveer at that time. He asks Rajveer to accept his crime, and he should be ashamed that he misused his power and brought bad name for police department.

The lawyer tells Balwant that Rajveer is arrested. Balwant says thanks to Lord, and thanks him too. Baldev looks at Ranvi. Veera cries in her room. Balwant comes and asks about Baldev. She says he did not come. He asks did things did not sort till now. She says it will take time. He says I felt he is worried for case, its solved now, what is his problem now. She says its tension in relations, he has bear a lot. He says you have also bear, you married him and he is behaving wrong.

Ranvi apologizes to Baldev and says you won the case, but if you lose Veera’s love, it will be a big failure for you. Baldev comes to Veera.

Update Credit to: Amena

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