Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts of with Suhaani and Soumya accompanying Yuvraaj to the market. At the market Suhaani tells Soumya a funny joke which makes Soumya laugh for a long time. Yuvraaj approaches Suhaani and tells her to go complete shopping while he looks after Soumya as she is still laughing. From a far distance Krishna sees Soumya and Yuvraaj together. He gets angry at Soumya because a couple of hours before he had asked her to come to market with him, but she refused to go. Due to the jealousy Krishna tells someone that look that Yuvraaj is doing mischief activity with Soumya which causes a group of people to beat up Yuvraaj. Soumya tries to break it apart, but her arms are grabbed by Krishna and she is dragged out of the fighting area. Soumya begs Krishna to let her go, but he wouldn’t until Soumya forcefully escaped his clutches. Suhaani finished doing her shopping and was coming back to the spot where she left Yuvraaj and Soumya together. Suhaani was shocked to see people beating up Yuvraaj and she tried to get the fight to stop. She finally did it by saying that the police are coming because Amitabh Bachan is in the area shooting a movie. After the fight everyone goes home, so Yuvraaj can be treated for his injuries.

At home while Yuvraaj, Suhani, and Soumya were at the market Menaka was playing the dhol when she was sent by Ragini to spy on them but she was not able to because the house members would not let her leave. When she finally got some time she informed Ragini that they had gone to market and before any other house member could force Menaka to play more dhol she hides under the table. Yuvraaj, Suhaani, and Soumya return home and everyone is shocked to see Yuvraaj’s injuries. They all ask how did it happen and everyone got together as a group but were quickly disbanded. Yuvraaj sits at the table that Menaka is hiding under. Suhaani gets the First Aid kit and tries to put bandages on Yuvraaj, but he refused to let her. After failing for a while he finally allowed suhaani to patch him up.

Yuvraaj goes back to his house where his mom tells him to be more careful and all. Menaka tells Ragini that Yuvraaj most definitely doesn’t like Suhaani, but it is Soumya. Ragini would not believe this and vows to find out who it is.

Soumya meets up with Krishna afterwards and tries to explain herself that she went to market to try to get Yuvraaj and Suhaani together. Krishna refused to believe that. Krishna tells Soumya that Yuvraaj doesn’t like Suhaani, but he likes you.

Precap: Someone covered in a cloth walks into someone’s bedroom as they are sleeping at night.

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