Jhalli Anjali 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epsiode Starts Taiji Scolding Anjali…Why did she made the plan…what rivalry she have with her…Amisha interupts says that she made the plan As Anjali would bring the purse and Taijio will be impressed..and she can stay here…Amisha tell that Anjali is good little jhalli but good at heart and good at studies….Amisha tells that she helped Anjali because someone played pranked and mixed alchol in her coldrink Taijii agrees…But Anjali”s mom says she cannot stay here as troubles happens…Amisha tries to Convince by saying that Anjali is good…Finally Anjali”s mother agrees…Anjali thankz Amisha…Amisha says that she want a favour in return…Everyear annual day occurs in which male and female students would be selected…So male Dhruv is strong Contender and in female Anjali has to Suggest Amisha”s name..and the winner would be taken to Shimla…Anjali tells that she visited Shimla many times…Amisha asks help..Anjali tells herself that Amisha is totally flat on Dhruv she says that Dhruv is very smart He will take money and help Not good Amisha tells anyhow she likes her…Amisha tell Nikki to show Anjali a mirror She tells that Anjali looka like Bottlegourd with eyes ..eara and nose Anjali tells Amisha if she hav that much problem she can stay away from her….Amisha calls her a Fashion disaster…If any fashion Designer may see will commit sucide…..Amisha tells that her life will change if she make Her and Dhruv friendship Anjali says that she is Superexcited and tells to See Angad. Morning starta..Amisha gives Anjali her dresses but none of them fit…Amisha gives her top dress…Anjali comes wearing a miniskirt on jacket in which she look Superb Amisha upload it on friendsbook Anjali asks if she good look or not…

Amisha tells she look awesome…while on Another side Transmitor says that from the.Anjali gone he have Become Angad”s gf doing All his Projects Transmitor asks by seeing Anjali Angad got any Feeling or not Angad replies yea but Since Shreya came in his life He forgot all….Infront of Shreya jhalli ia nothing till that transmitor recieves a notification in which Anjali is dressed in skirt….Angad likes the picture.

IN College.Everyone looks at Anjali shockingly and says She is looking hot…Amisha greets Dhruv and asks how she is looking Dhruv says like a “old fish bump” VP says that Dhruv is joking Anjali comes and says that she also wanted to see the picture…Amisha asks how is Anjali looking Dhruv says changing person would not change behaviour He says that Anjali is still boring…while principle calls Anjali…Dhruv..and all to the office…Principal asks that fresher”s party is he mixed alchol or not Yuvraaj says that he is lying as he wanted to become College allrounder…Yuvraaj saya otherwise He would talk his Chaachaji as college 50% donation comes from his pocket…Yuvraaj says that he will file Complaint against them…Anjali runs away and snatches ipad from.Amisha and shows a picture to Principal in which prateek is mixing alcohol…Anjali says that Yuvraj to give email.id of his Chaachji So that She could mail this pic Principal.gaves punishment to Yuvraaj for mopping and cleaning the washroom otherwise He would be Suspended

Yuvraaj agrees as from next week competition is there..Vp instructs how to clean…Anjali falls and catches Dhruv Tshirt His t shirt gets teared…Dhruv shouts..Anjali says that Trouble happened….She doesnt did wantedly…Dhruv goes..Nikki tells Amisha…Anjali Upset Dhruv and he never be impressed…Anjali is walking with VP Amisha calls her and tell to apologise and impress him..Amisha gives a pen from Switzerland to gift Dhruv..So that he would be Impressed…VP shows Anjali friendsbook friend in which Angad..compliments Amisha…Seeing the comment Anjali runs to washroom…Anjali imagines Angad saying that she is looking beautiful and accept the friend request…Anjali gets upset saying all is rubbish…Her dress…Anjali abuses Angad calls him Kutta kamina…Amisha asks what happened to her Anjali tells that Her eyes were burning…Amisha tells her to go to Dhruv….Anjali apolgises Dhruv and gives him gift…But Dhruv denies…Anjali pleases..goes back of him Dhruv stares her the epsiode ends..


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