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Meethi is shocked to know that she is in Pakistan. He says you are reacting as if you have heard Pakistan’s name for the first time. Meethi is lost while he waits for an answer. He tells her to come with him to the police station. She has no option but to comply so she sits in his jeep.

Damini asks about Mukku’s health from Kanha. She has been taken to hospital. Damini is worried for her. kanha assures her she will be fine soon. Nani comes to taunt her. God wants the same thing but you tell what you want. You are doing a drama or really want my MUkku to be happy? Divya too comes there. Kanha questions her on the same. If you say one word against Ammo Nani then I wont tolerate it. We have always treated Mukku and Meethi in a same way. Ammo Nani’s heart is big which is why she is still concerned about Mukku forgetting about her own granddaughter. It will be good if you don’t say things like this in future. Nani isn’t affected. You saved this house in auction and your voice has changed. You are talking like owners. Kanha says we are still the same but the hatred in your heart has increased for no reason. Damini tells him to keep quiet. I have told you so many times not to feel bad about what the elders say. Divya understands Damini’s pain. I too am pained thinking about Meethi but I don’t want any stress in the house right now. I don’t want my Mukku to be affected badly by any news regarding Meethi. Doc has said that her condition is very critical. We all should take care of her. Nani comes straight to the point. Doc has said that there is no guarantee of Mukku and the baby if she gets to know of anything that can cause stress to her. stop shedding tears. Damini says I am not crying knowingly but I am not able to stop them. Nani doesn’t want her to affect Mukku because of all this. You were only thinking about Meethi when you had left this house not Mukku. You very well know how attached they both are. You dint think what effect will it have on our Mukku. She was so worried for that Meethi. think about her if she gets to know of all this. Now that you have come back then stop this drama of shedding tears. Kanha interrupts yet again but Nani continues. We all are with you in your pain but you will have to join in the coming good times. She tells Damini to lie if Mukku asks for Meethi. you are anyways quite good in lying. This angers Kanha all the more but Nani leaves with Divya. Damini cries. They have stopped me from crying even. kanha comforts her.

Pakistan police discuss about the Jammu blast incident. Whenever there is a blast in India they blame us. They have a doubt that a Pakistani woman is involved in this bomb incident. They are alert when they see their senior. Meethi has come there with him. He continues to ask the same question to her and she stands there quietly. He asks for her name and whereabouts but she keeps mum. She begins by telling him that she was with her Anni. She has no idea how she reached here. He is confused. Just then Ashfaque enters while saying a shayari. She looks at him blankly. Inspector (Ansari) asks about his interest in this case. Ashfaque replies that they are going to be relatives. I anyways don’t interfere in anything without any reason. He lies that she is his relative. She is new to this place. Ansari tells him that she was running towards border. Ashfaque takes him aside. Don’t know what’s in her mind. Next minute she will say that she isn’t a Pakistani. Meethi looks at him in wonder. She agrees with him. Ashfaque blames it on shayari. She has read so many shayaris of the other land that she thinks herself to be one of them. She has a forgetful memory. The day she skips her medicines she thinks only of the other country (India). Ansari calls it a story. Ashfaque yet again says something which Meethi reiterates. He is a danger to me. I am not Pakistani. Ashfaque continues to talk round and round. He puts something in her mouth when she tries to say something. Now she will be like us in an hour or two. Thank you for saving her. If Army men would have found her then she would have been dead by now. Ansari is still suspicious. Pray that this medicine helps her in reviving her memory or I, Mushtaq Ansari will have to come to do it for her. Relationship and duty are in their own separate places. Ashfaque and Meethi leave from there.

Ashfaque is upset with Meethi for what she just did. Meethi says I know nothing and neither do I want to. I don’t know how I landed up here in Pakistan. He wonders why she was brought in his life. He shows him Tavi river and the same exact spot from where he and his dad had rescued her. we saved you, took you home and got you treated. You were murmuring a name while you were unconscious – Akash.

Screen shifts to Akash who is still up in the mountains somewhere. Meethi thinks of him. akash looks around sadly. Ashfaque knows that Akash is an Indian name. She tells him that she is an Indian. I am Meethi. He deduces that she came here from Jammu. You should fight with this river as it has brought you here. Don’t fight with us. You are Indian so don’t go to Pakistani Police. You and we all will get in danger too. He gives her the newspaper which has the bomb blast news. He tells the details to her as it is in Urdu. Police of India and Pakistan have a doubt that the blast was done by a woman. They are looking for that particular woman and in case you go to them now then they will arrest you thinking of you to be a terrorist. She is shocked at the realisation. My family members feel that you are innocent but for me you are a problem. She wonders why he saved her then. He shouts at his God for making him meet her. She is worried about Anni. She wants to go home to her family. He tells her not to cry and gives her a handkerchief. She wipes her tears with her hands instead. Come to my home with me. we will find some way to send you back. No one will anyways trust your story that you are an Indian and came here floating in the river via Jammu. You will be safe in our house. Meethi cries yet again. He tells her to make a decision. There is one house on this land which can shelter you. Now you think what you want to do. But you will have to live to reach to the person for whom you are crying. Don’t think of committing a suicide. God wants you to live with us. We wont let anything happen to you till we are alive. Epi ends on Meethi’s sad face.

Precap: Akash comes home and is shocked to see that everyone is in white and mourning for Meethi. He tells the priest to stop this puja right away and makes all the guests leave from the house. Pavitra tells Ekadish to make him understand. This way Meethi’s soul wont be at peace. Akash shouts at her. I have told you that Meethi is alive. Maiyya questions him on the same. Where is she if she is alive? Why dint you bring her along?

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