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Baawre 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yamini is afraid to face her dad, but her Dadi tells her she will do something. They go inside and Dadi asks Yamini to go to her room, but her dad stops her and asks her to go to him. She’s afraid to face him, but he returns her phone to her saying he understands it’s required these days. Yamini and Dadi get happy. Her dad and mum leave. Dadi tells Yamini that she said she will solve everything, but Yamini is still wondering how her dad gave her phone back that easily.

Nikumbh is writing the scene. Azam collects the papers that Nikumbh threw away hoping to make some poem out of it and impress Shaheen. Yamini comes there. Azam gets a call from his mum so he leaves. Yamini imagines herself telling the truth to Nikumbh, but him getting mad at him. He asks her if she wants to say anything. She just tells him she got the phone. Nikumbh is surprised. She doesn’t look straight into his eyes while giving the phone which creates doubt in his mind.

Yamini comes to Shaheen and shares her feelings about wanting to share the truth, but not able to. Other hand, Nikumbh tells Azam that Yamini returned phone, but she’s surely hiding something. Azam reminds him about his column and he intends to make Yamini say the truth which will help him complete his column.

Later, they all are having lunch together and Nikumbh indirectly tries to make Yamini say the truth, but in vain. Yamini says she’s just not telling him because she doesn’t want to hurt him in any way.

Later, all are working together and one person makes a mistake. Nikumbh tells everyone that they are together to know each other more and win trust. Yamini hides her face. Azam and Shaheen have some conversation and eye lock. Later, Azam, Nikumbh, and Yamini go outside to drop Shaheen. Azam jokes with her which makes her laugh. After she leaves, Azam also goes inside. Nikumbh once again tries to make Yamini say the truth. This time she also decides to tell him everything, but just when she’s about to say, she gets a call from her Dadi and she leaves. Azam comes back and asks Nikumbh now what. Nikumbh says he will have one final attempt.

Precap: Nikumbh finally succeeds in making Yamini say the truth.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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