O Gujariya 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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A girl named Vaibhavi returns to her town after 14 years to win back everything that she lost 14 years ago. It’s her dream to become an IAS officer, just like her dad, and fulfill her dad’s dream. She’s going for her college admission where her dad studied as well, but she’s stuck in traffic. Her taxi driver informs her that roads are blocked as a minister is supposed to pass from there. She decides to go and talk to the cops despite the driver informing her that will be of no use.

She tells the cops that they can’t block roads like that, but they shut her up and ask her to wait. She hears the minister car coming and jumps over the police line to cross the road. The cops can’t do anything to her. They salute the minister while the car passes. Vaibhavi turns to the cops and they are now saluting to her. She heads to her college.

She walks into the college and remembers her teacher telling her she can get in to any college with number of marks that she got, but she wanted to come to this college only. She stands in the admission line, but the officer inside is doing time pass only. She sees the officer doing admission of other girls, Ada and Natasha, from back entrance. She gets angry saying the officer is giving special treatment to some students. After the girls leave, the officer continues wasting time. She changes sign to “closed” at window and then changes the admission board direction towards back entrance. All students rush in there. The officer asks them to leave the office and stand in line. No one listens. He tells them they are going against the rule. Vaibhavi steps forward and tells him not to tell them anything about rules, if he can’t follow them himself. He has nothing to say and processes Vaibhavi’s admission. All students cheer for her.

Ada and Natasha are going to Ada’s house as it’s her engagement today. Natasha is against Ada’s view on arranged-marriage and she says she is not going to get married that soon. Ada is getting worried as she’s getting late and her family keeps calling her. They talk about a girl staring them in college. Natasha says she’s special in this town and no one can do anything to them.

Vaibhavi talks to her mum. Her mum is afraid of returning to this town, but Vaibhavi says they have not returned to run away, they will fight for her dad. She goes to apply for scholarship. She is given a form and is asked to come back tomorrow with her ID card. The scholarship is only for one student and more than 80 students have applied. Vaibhavi is confident that she will get this scholarship.

Vaibhavi is leaving the college when she sees wall of fame. Her dad’s photo is removed from there and his name is erased. Vaibhavi vows that one day his phone will be placed back there and he will get respect that he deserves. Some boys tease her for talking alone. She replies back, yes, she talks alone and that’s because she doesn’t like talking to losers.

Vaibhavi is going in an auto. Ada is getting late. Natasha makes her take a wrong turn saying it’s a short cut and they have an accident with Vaibhavi’s auto. Natasha tells Ada not to worry, no one can do anything to them. Vaibhavi stands up and speaks against them. She says she will file a police complaint. Natasha tells her to do whatever she wants, no police will touch her. She sees a constable standing nearby and goes there. In the mean time, Natasha picks up Vaibhavi’s ID card and decides to teach her a lesson if she does anything right now.

At police station, the inspector decides to let Ada and Natasha go knowing they are from high status families, but Vaibhavi reminds him the laws and makes him file the complaint. Natasha tries to call her dad, but he’s busy in operation room. The inspector tells Vaibhavi to write a statement. She gives it to him and he says she wrote an essay. He gives a copy to her and says they will do their investigation and solve this case their way, but for now they will have to let the girls go. Ada and Natasha stare at Vaibhavi.

Precap: Vaibhavi fails to find her ID card when applying for scholarship. Natasha looks at the ID card and tells Ada she won’t be able to submit any form in college without her ID card. During Ada’s engagement, police come to take statement from her for the accident that she did.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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