Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima giving a suit to Suhani and asking her to change. Soumya does some preparations at home. Krishna’s mum asks whats going on, why is she wearing old clothes again, don’t she have any saree. Soumya says this clothes are comfortable while cleaning. Krishna’s mum says people will taunt. Soumya says fine, I will go and change. She leaves. Krishna’s mum says its called talking sweetly and making her agree, she can’t go against me, as I take her side, she has to agree to me always. Rags and Menka come to buy the Idol. The man says he sees them in newspapers daily and wants to take a pic with them. Rags says fine, but make a good frame, not a cheap one. The man agrees and asks Pankaj to take their pic. Pankaj says sure. Rags sees his cheap phone and taunts him.

She says take the pic from good camera. The man gives his phone. Menka taunts Pankaj and Rags smiles. She then asks Menka not to say this. Pankaj takes the pic and Rags’ eyes are closed. Menka says one more. Pankaj takes pics. They check it. Rags likes it. Yuvraaj comes and the man asks Pankaj to take their pic. Pankaj takes the pic. Yuvraaj stops him and asks Lata to come. Lata says no, he won’t take pic with her. Yuvraaj says you are with me come. Lata stands with them and smiles. Pankaj takes the pics. The man sees it. Yuvraaj sees Pankaj’s bags and asks him to come out to talk.

Yuvraaj asks whats his problem, why did he talk badly with Dadi. Pankaj says when did I do. Yuvraaj signs him to stop. Yuvraaj says he knows relation, so he is quiet, else. Pankaj asks what will he do, tell. Yuvraaj says leave it, you just behave well with my family. Menka and Rags call Yuvraaj. Lata says we will go now, as we have to make anklet for Suhani. Pankaj leaves. Yuvraaj says we will take Chunri with our jewelers.

Rakhi sees Soumya doing the work and thinks. She makes the floor dirty seeing Soumya clean it. Soumya is shocked. She asks Rakhi what did she do, she has just cleaned. Rakhi says it will happen. Soumya asks her to go to her room, if she can’t help, then don’t increase the work. Rakhi calls her mum and complains about Soumya. Suhani comes in the yellow suit. Sharad and Pratima compliment her. Sharad asks is she free. Suhani says she does not have any work and getting bored. Sharad asks her to tell decoration work. She says Dadi asked her not to help. He says no one will tell Dadi, and who is elder, Dadi or Mata Rani. She smiles and says fine.

Krishna’s mum sweeps and acts sweet to Soumya. She says she will clean it and Soumya stops her. Krishna’s mum says I m cooking for you, so can clean too, but don’t tell anything to Rakhi. Soumya ssays she will cook food. Krishna’s mum asks Rakhi to pack the bag as they will go to village. Krishna comes and says no one will go anywhere, He asks his mum not to support Soumya always, and be her mum in law. His mum faints and he holds her. He warms her hands. She says she was explaining Soumya the same thing.

He gets angry on Soumya and blames her for everything. He says stop all this, do this work and cook food. He gives the sweepstick and asks her to clean the work. His mum smiles. She says how will do all the work alone. Krishna says he does not like the person who troubles his family. Soumya cries. Suhani does some arrangements and calls Kaka for few things. She tells Pratima that everything will happen in 30mins. Pratima thanks her and says she is not feeling well. She sits being unwell and asks her to do puja arrangements. Suhani says fine, take rest.

Suhani does the puja arrangements. Dadi comes out to take water. Sharad sees Dadi coming and locks her door seeing Suhani doing arrangements. Suhani hears Dadi calling Ramesh and quickly ends her house. She hides and Sharad opens the door. Dadi shouts for Ramesh and asks who locked the door. He says maybe it got jammed. She asks him to get water. Suhani comes in her room running and bumps into Yuvraaj. She falls and make Yuvraaj fall too. He says sorry, and sees Suhani. She smiles. She says you look good when you say sorry. Its good to see your face in anger and praises him.

He sees her in suit and asks why is she wearing this clothes. She says first promise me, you won’t tell anyone. He says he is going. She laughs and says you are lying on the floor. He gets up. She gives her hand to him. He does not see her. She gets up and says why are you angry, you did see my hand. He says tell me what you want. She sees kumkum color on his tshirt and says change it fast else Dadi will kill me. He goes. Lata and Pankaj come home. They ask Bhavna to give water. Bhavna gives water and asks about shopping. She asks them to rest as she will place the idol. Pankaj says yes. Bhavna sees the shopping bag.

Rags and Menka work and Anuj and Saurabh are shocked. Dadi comes and sees good arrangements. Suhani stands behind and smiles seeing Pratima. Dadi asks all the things are beautiful, did they all do it. Ramesh says we did not do this. Dadi looks at Pratima. Suhani gets tensed and moves back.

Dadi stops Rags and says this is not our chunri. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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