Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha says she wants freedom to choose, ritesh says but there is a reason for every choice look im so good looking any girl can marry me, nisha says im not rejecting u for some ur reasons but my own reasons so plz leave me alone, ritesh says i hate rejection n now i challenge u that in 5 days u will fall in love with me, nisha says in that case in 5 days u will say by urself that u don’t wanna stay here, ritesh says ok then all the best n leaves.
Nisha finds herself lost in scary place all white n wakes up scared, all scared nisha goes to her dads room n sees them fast asleep she begins to cry n sits in her dads feet , ramesh wakes up n asks nisha wat happened, he wipes nishas tears n holds her hand n takes her with him to terrace n says u dreamed that scary thing again right don’t be scared with that dream its just a dream, nisha says dad i don’t want to get married n says plz tell dadaji that i don’t want to get married i don’t want to leave u all n go, ramesh calms her down n hugs er, nisha asks when will all this end, ramesh says soon u just have to be patient, ramesh says sorry nisha i couldn’t be a good dad, nisha says u are not good but very good, ramesh says i know u don’t like ritesh n even i don’t want u to get married n i want u to be happy n i think may be u will find ur happiness after marriage n every girls scared before marriage n so just calm down for now, ramesh keeps nishas head on his laps n sings a song for her so that she falls asleep.
Summit talks to ritesh on video chat , ritesh practices dumbbells while chatting, summit says u are not going on a war n leave nishas idea, ritesh says i never give up n u will see how i win just sms me all the cosines birthdates n see how ur brother wins his nisha deal.
Dadaji asks laxmi wat is her decision on ritesh, laxmi says u ask ramesh n nisha, dadaji says u don’t worry abt that just tell me wat is ur view, dadi says laxmi don’t be scared just tell wat u think, laxmi says i think ritesh is good guy n is very patient as well but i think nisha is too small to get married, dadaji says i agree n so i want ur view on that topic, laxmi says still plz talk to ramesh n nisha, dadaji says i don’t think ramesh shd join this discussion n im happy to know u likes this decision n so i give u the responsibility to make nisha ready to get married, laxmi says ok n leaves.
Dadi says to dadaji this rush of urs for nishas wedding makes me feel that u want ramesh to tell u make decisions better than him, dadaji says means wat, dadi says nothing i just want my nisha to be happy always happy n if ritesh is in her fate he will join her n if not god will always help us vhoose the right decision.
Ramesh asks nisha how is she , nisha says she is ok, suku comes dressed for shop, nisha asks to go n patch up with dad, ramesh calls suku n says its ur first day of work go smiling n yes its ur bday tomorrow wat u want, suku says u know wat i want n leaves, nisha says she will go n look after suku.laxmi comes n asks ramesh why is he so worried , ramesh says laxmi wat if we leave this house.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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