Maharana Pratap 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamrak ji orders his soldiers to close the main gates. Get our army ready. Announce that there is an emergency. He tells Hansa about it. we have to save Bijolia from Mehmood Shah. She is worried as to why their spies could had no idea about it. he has no answer for it but has to save Bijolia anyhow. She suggests him to send a message to Mewar. How will you handle that big army all by yourself? He is against it as their daughter has got married just now. she has just gone to Chittor. If we send this message there then Pratap will be the first one to come save us. Do you want this to happen to your daughter on the very first day of her wedding? Hansa understands and agrees not to share anything with Mewar at the moment.

Pratap demands to know why Ajabde did this. She is anyways all scared. I was worried what if you get hurt in case the sword falls on you. He understands that she was worried for him. You called me by my first name because of that only? She apologizes but he wants to give her punishment. He wants her to call him Pratap for forever. She is shocked. No, I cannot do it. It is against our values. He knows it too. But you can atleast call me that in private, if not in front of everyone. You dint think anything but it came out from your heart. You shouldn’t overlook it. She denies but he points out that she had just agreed to treat herself as an equal with everyone else. She disagrees with him. We cannot be equal. He reminds him that she is his ardhangini so from on we are incomplete without each other. We will be complete only when we will be together. This way we are equal. Such people call each other by their names only. She wonders what has gotten in his head. He asks her to call him Pratap again. She fumbles initially but then hurriedly calls him Pratap. He laughs at her valour while she hides her face with her hands. I should give you a prize for it. He gives her his ring. I don’t know since when it is with me but now you will wear it. It will keep us near each other, even when you will be gone to Bijolia for a few years. It will always remind you of me. she takes the ring and wears it. the size is too big. He has a solution. He kneels down and puts it on her feet’s thumb.

JB is walking in trance in the corridor recalling US’s words. Daasi asks her something but she is not listening. DB observes her thus. She gives daasi a paan ka beeda to keep it in Rana ji’s room. Tell him that JB has sent it. Daasi nods. DB is sad to recall her past happy moments with US. I am making a very big sacrifice. I should never forget it.

US is practising on punching bag as JB’s words echo in his head. My name is Rana Uday Singh. I have faced many difficulties in life. If you want me to hide the love that I have for you in my heart then I will do it. The same daasi greets him. He stops when he hears JB’s name.

JB is outside in the garden. It is stormy outside. US’s words continue to haunt her. she removes her jewellery and throws them on the ground. The wind removes her veil. It starts raining. She recalls her marriage vows and smiles finally. She starts enjoying the rain. She agrees that she too wants her Rana ji to be near her. I want that above all the other happiness of the world. US asks her why she stops her then. He has come like that only (bare chested). He opens his arms for her and she hugs him tight.

VB continues to wait in her room. She thinks about JB’s words about getting her wifely rights tonight. She feels shy as she looks at the bed. She imagines US coming there for her. She can weave it all as to how they would come close eventually. On the other hand, US and JB enjoy their private time. He talks about the past time when they were together. VB thinks of US thanking him for bringing colours in his life while she thanks him for completing her. she is distracted by a knock on the door. she goes to open the door only to find DB there. DB wonders if she has broken some sweet dream of hers. VB declines all shy but DB insists. You can tell me if there is something. Being a woman I know how it feels when dreams break. Come with me, I want to show you something. VB wants to know why she is taking her to jija’s room. DB knows everything. VB does not want to talk about i. DB instigates VB against JB. She has misused your trust and has backstabbed you. Rana ji wont come to you as he is with jija right now. She had set everything for you with all her love but it is she who is in there with Rana ji. You wont trust me so see for yourself. VB turns to look inside and finds US and JB really close with each other. She is hurt and leaves from there teary eyed.

Akbar is sure Pratap would have left from Chittor by now to save Bijolia. You might kill Mehmood Shah in war but when you will return celebrating your victory you will find your wife and Chittor under my reign. What else can be a better gift than this for your wedding, friend? He starts laughing.

Pratap and Ajabde enjoy mangoes as they sit on the porch. They both really love the tangy taste. He recalls how he and Shakti used to steal them and then eat them. it tasted all the more delicious then. He misses his brother. She senses it too. He starts coughing and she gets water for him. He continues coughing even after drinking water. She feels that maybe Shakti is thinking of him too but Pratap denies. he is in my soul. He is my brother, my lifelong partner. But whoever is thinking of me right now is surely my enemy.

Akbar reaches the milestone which indicates that they are about to enter Mewar now. Pratap coughs badly and feels something amiss.

Precap: Many white pigeons come to drink water in the pot kept outside. Pratap and Ajabde watch it with surprise. They both hear the horses neighing. He notices the tremble in the water in wonders about it. akbar continues to walk inside Mewar. VB cries as she thinks of JB and US’s intimacy. She throws away her jewellery angrily. JB comes there just then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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