Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani coming to the old age home and meeting the people. She gifts them sweets and smiles. Pratima asks Sharad to call Suhani home, as Dadi is ready. Sharad calls her and she says she is coming soon. Dadi comes and everyone say they are ready. She asks where is Yuvraaj and Suhani. Yuvraaj greets her happy diwali. Dadi says lets go and do puja now. Soumya comes there and greets Dadi. Yuvraaj is shocked seeing her. Dadi welcomes her. Dadi says she has invited Soumya for puja and some work, this is called Sanskaar, she came on time and Suhani is not here for the puja.

Pratima says Suhani will come, she went to old age home. Dadi says she does not care about us, and just the old age home people, lets start the aarti. Everyone do the prayers. Dadi asks Soumya to do the aarti, shocking everyone. Suhani comes and sees this. She says sorry Dadi for coming late. Sharad and Pratima are relieved seeing her. She says she went to old age home to meet them to make their Diwali good. Soumya leaves the aarti plate seeing Suhani. Suhani says I will do the puja and is glad seeing Soumya. Soumya says yes, Dadi told me everything, that you spent all your savings to send me gifts. Menka says I told Dadi to unite you both. Suhani thanks Dadi and apologizes for making mistakes.

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Suhani’s parents come and greet everyone. Pankaj gives the Diwali gifts. Suhani thanks Menka. Bhavna gives Gulab jamun to Suhani and she eats it. Soumya says she used to have white Rasgulla and Suhani used to have black jamun. Dadi says she is also like black jamun. Menka says she means Suhani is very sweet. Pratima asks Sharad to get gift for Suhani which she kept. He brings it. Pratima gifts necklace to Suhani and she likes it. Suhani says she will wear it.

Yuvraaj says I will help you. He makes her wear it and holds Suhani looking at Soumya. Suhani’s family smiles. Dadi says explain Suhani not to lose this necklace, its costly. She says she has gift for Soumya and asks Rags to get the gift. She gifts a ring to Soumya and some gifts for her inlaws. Soumya accepts it and smiles. Dadi says lets do puja now. Pankaj says we will leave now, we have to go to Bhavna’s inlaws too. Yuvraaj asks them to stay for puja. Lata says we informed them we are coming. Yuvraaj says I invited him here, see he came. Bhavna’s father in law comes and greets everyone. He says Yuvraaj invited me here, and my wife has sent this gift. Suhani asks about Rishi. He says he is busy in office. Yuvraaj says lets start puja now, everyone is here. Bhavna signs thanks to Yuvraaj.

Krishna is angry as Soumya is not at home for the puja. Rakhi says we will start the puja now. Krishna’s mum says no, we will wait for her, she is laxmi of our house. Pratima asks Soumya to go with Suhani’s parents. Suhani says she will go and drop them outside. Dadi asks Pratima is this the way to treat with guests, Soumya is my guest, if she did not wish to go, why did you send her, driver could have drop her later. Pratima says sorry. Dadi says you got Suhani who is like you. Suhani comes to her and hugs her smiling. Pratima says always think about Yuvraaj and then others. Suhani says yes, first Yuvraaj and his happiness, then the world.

Soumya comes home with the gifts. Krishna’s mum smiles seeing the boxes. Krishna gets angry and his mum asks him to be calm, as its Diwali day. She asks Rakhi to take the boxes. Rakhi smiles seeing it. Soumya says sorry, I got late. Krishna says mahurat is going, lets do puja. Soumya says I got this gifts, will you see it now or later. Krishna’s mum says she will first see gifts and likes it. Soumya smiles and looks at Krishna. Everyone in Birla house burns the firecrackers. They have a good time. Menka sees Rags and Dadi talking. She says maybe she is doing some plan, and it will fail like always. She says why don’t I tell everything true to Suhani.

She goes to Suhani and asks why is she crying, did anyone tell you anything. Suhani says no, its happiness tears, as I got good family. Menka says yes, but save the tears for later. Suhani asks what. Saurabh and Anuj says its burn sound crackers. Menka says you should know, as Yuvraaj knows. Suhani asks what. Menka says Yuvraaj loves Soumya, and wanted to marry her. Suhani does not hear anything because of the fire crackers sound. She shouts enough and everyone look at her.

Anuj says Saurabh got this crackers, I told him not to bring. She asks Menka what did she say, I did not hear anything. Menka says it’s a big thing, Yuvraaj loves Soumya and he wanted to marry Soumya. Suhani shuts her ears and looks at Menka.

Menka tells Rags that she told Suhani that Yuvraaj loves Soumya. Rags is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What kinda frnd is tat sowmya…. Rly bad…. All d mistakes r n her… N she fought wit suhani…. N d way she feels abt yuvraj… Itz disgustin…. Nw comin to ruin suhani s lyf

  2. Souyma is just shameless dnt like her I dnt knw why she cnt stay away from yuvani.

  3. Soumya is a b*t*h and so ugly. If she dont love Yuvraaj then why is she going to Birla house al the time. I hate that Soumya girl and Dadi and Ragani. Pleace mr. Producer change the script and dont punish Suhani. Let Soumya see how much Yuvraaj love Suhani

  4. i like d luv triangle between suhani,soumya and yuvraj just keep it up

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