Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha tries to enter house/graha pravesh, but Pari stops her and starts fighting with her. Radha says Pari if she does not allow her in, she will tell everyone that she drugged Jigar and slept with her. Gopi asks them both to stop fighting. Radha says Gopi Pari is overexited and did not know she will get a sautan. Madhuben tries to slap Radha, but Radha holds her hand and says it is her life and it is better for her not to interfere in her life. She then says she herself will do graha pravesh. Gopi comes forward and warns her. Radha says she could not become her sautan and when she has become Pari’s sautan now, what problem she has. Kokila comes forward and asks her how dare she is to come back to her family and forgot what she did. Radha says she has not forgotten how she kidnapped Meera and kept Gopi away from her family for 8 years, but she and Rashi sent her to jail and even considered her as mad. She says today there is a lot of difference, earlier I was only Gopi’s sister and today I am new bahu of this house. Gopi asks her to stop her rubbish and says she cannot cross the door and asks her to get out from here. Radha tries to show her and Jigar’s video, but Gopi throws her mobile. Kokila asks her to get out. Radha says she will go now, but when she will come back, they all will repent.

Gopi says because of her sister Radha, she had to be away from her daughter Meera and she made their lives hell. She asks Pari not to worry, Radha cannot do anything to her now. Kokila says Radha was sent to mental asylum and how did she come out. Ahem calls asylum and checks and informs family that Radha was let free 1 month ago as she had become normal.

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Pari starts alleging Urmila that she did not want her to marry Jigar, so she got Radha released and brought her here purposefully, asks how can she stoop to such a low level to get another woman in her husband’s life. Urmila asks her not to cook up a story and says she is paying for her sins. Kokila says Urmila hope Pari is telling wrong, else she will pay for it. Urmila says she did not want Jigar’s marriage, but is not that bad to bail out Radha from mental asylum. She says it is good Radha came out and is troubling you for your sins, she will not easily leave you people and then Urmila will look at them and laugh. Kokila sends Urmila out of her house and Urmila leaves with her husband. Madhuben apologizes Kokila and other modi family members for Radha’s mistakes and says she will pray that Radha does not harm them.

Hetal gets worried about Radha and starts panicking. Kokila asks her to calm down. Hetal says she is Radha and will ruin their family now and says Jigar that let us pack our bags and leave from here. Kokila asks her to calm down and says Radha cannot do anything now and asks her to go and rest for sometime. Gopi asks Pari not to worry and goes to check Hetal. Hetal says Kokila that Jigar is her life and she cannot see him in trouble like this. Kokila says nothing will happen and we all will fight together. Hetal asks her to remember what Radha did to Meera and asks what will she do if she does anything to Jigar. Gopi comes and tries to console her, says nothing happen to Jigar and children.

Precap: Jigar says he agreed to marry Pari thinking of his mistake, but when he has not made mistake, he will not accept Pari as his wife.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode…n precap…paridhi go away…

  2. Go pari go

  3. No, Radha, why did u go away. Pleass.come back. This serial is getting better day by day.

  4. Ekta khandelwal

    Yes. Please throw away pari as she has done a lot of harm and fraud to Modi family and she should get punished by God. At least now serial writers should show that the person who does bad gets a thrash from God. One thrash of God that would punish pari for all her wrong doings. Please please improve the serial now. Please show that pari suffers for all her wrong and fraudulent doings

  5. I think Radha will get pregnant for jigar..

  6. Oh Gosh…….is India this bad!!!!!!!!

  7. Stupid serial!!! Stop this bullshit nonsense serial

  8. Yeah.
    Not getting better.
    Raadha is much better than paridhi.
    Pari go go go go

  9. i love radha

  10. Finally someone agrees, that Radh is awesome.

  11. yes radha get rid of paridhi and gopi get rid of radha

  12. radha u r awesome. keep it up. it is the modi family who ruined ur life. jigar be far frm pari and accept radha.

  13. its nice of Gopi to throw the mobile of radha and its amazing and i want that this radha should be thrown away from their area…….
    Ihate this radha a lot..!!!

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