Sadda Haq 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parth is topless and is playing basketball. Randhir is sitting there as well. sanyu goes to parth and says I thought I should join. You look dashing without shirt. She holds his hand and says wilol you teach me ? He says yes. sanyu hugs him and whispers in his ear I have to make Randhir jealous. Parth says yeah come. Randhir kicks the bench and leaves. parth says I think he got jealous. Sayu says thanks. Vdushi sees them and sys sanyu you.. I asked you to gain your value not forget your worth.

Randhir says to parth whats your problem? What were you doing with sanyu? Parth says relax she just wanted to learn basketball. Randhir says does she have to win some championship. Parth says do yu have any problem? Randhir says no. why would I. Parth says yeah you shouldn’t have you are not in a relationship with him.

Yoyo’s pal says why don’t you marry kausutuki. He says I have even made my suit for wedding. We will live together in village. We will work in our garage and repair tractors. Yoyo gets a call from his dad? he says why have to got your wedding suit ready? He says I thought inflation is increasing. His dad says then you should get married. Yoyo says no no I don’t wanna get married. His dad says I will show you some girls. He says I don’t wanna see any.
Proposal time in Sadda Haq

Scene 2
Vidushi says what were you doing with sanyu parth? he says I was teaching her basketball. Vidushi says you never taught me is she some special student of yours? He leaves
Vidushi goes to hall and says sanyu what are you trying to do? Parth is only mine. Don’t even dare to get close to him. sanyu says you are getting it wrong. I just wanted to thank you. Your advice worked. Randhir got jealous. She hugs her and says thanks for the idea. Sanyu says in heart if vidushi is this jealous what will be happening to randhir.

Rishi comes to maya’s cabin. Maya is shocked. He says call your vardhan> You sent me to jail with him. I was in jail and you were enjoying here. sudeenly she realizes its her day dream. Vardhan asks her are you okay? SHe says yes I am fine. he says have some coffee. He gives her a cup of coffee and leaves.

Sanyu asks a guy did you see randhir? He says no. sanyu asks randhir.He is drowned in dreams. Yoyo says no I don’t wanna get married. sanyu says aee you out of your mind. He says when did you come? sanyu says where is randhir? He says he must be in lab., sanyu says no he isn’t. He says so he must have gone to wed. Sanyu says wahts wrong with everyone.

Scene 3
Ankit’s friend comes and says I heard sanyu left the house. She left you all embarrassed. How do you even step out? ankit says are you here to taunt? He says no I just wanted to share your pain. I am with you and your family. He leaves. ankit says I have to do something. We can’t get embarrassed all our lives because of her.

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Scene 4
Sanyu is looking for Randhir everywhere. SAnyu sees him sitting alone. Suddenly a girl comes to him and Randhir is talking to her with so much love. Randhir says to the girl I know palmistry. Randhir says yeah show me your hand. He says this is your love line. You will get your boy friend soon. He will be smart and genius. You will get into a serious relationship. Randhir is seeing sanyu is the small mirror. SAnyu comes and drags randhir with her. she says what were you doing/ Randhir says this is how you behave? SAnyu says what were you doing with her? He says I was just talking to her. She says you were flirting with her? Randhir says its not your problem. what were you doing witj parth? sanyu says that’s not your problem. Randhir says were you trying to make me jealous? SAnyu says you will just do all this stupid things but you have no courage to propose me. Tell me do you have it? Randhir says no.

Some guys are talking. One says she is a girl and she has so much courage.
A girl calls vidushi and says are you the same vidushi who lived in meera colony? I tried to contact your parents as well. But I couldn’t. She says I am not Vidushi Kumar this is a wrong number.

yoyo says in front of jiggy when will m y kaustuki come. jiggy syas this isn’t your house as well. Yoyo says focus on book and I will get married to kaustuki. I won’t even invite you. Vidushi is quite upset regarding the call. Parth wonders why is she upset. He says I shouldn’t think about her. Yoyo makes a plane of paper and flies it . it goes to sanyu. SAnyu thinks its ranhdir. she says he had to throw it and blank like his mind. sanyu writes you are a difficult equation and sends it to randhir. Randhir writes imaginary engineers can’t solve equation. SAnyu hits him on knee. Randhri throws the plane in the air. Its goes to the librarian. she says get out randhir.

Precap-sanyu says to parth you all guys are same. Parth says does it matter who proposes? You have to deicide what you wanna do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think n as per yestarday precap where ( sanyu supposd to say some think to Parth) , To Day Sanyu may propos to RD.

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