Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jyoti thinking about Renuka’s reaction. Sid comes and says he spoke to Renuka, she got annoyed, she said she asked many people and invested, leave it, she may be right. Jyoti says yes. Sid says mum is adamant sometimes, end this matter here. He says he is feeling hungry and she asks him to go, she will come to give food. Kalindi gives Diwalu shagun to Astha and she refuses. Kalindi says you can’t refuse for shagun, and gives the money envelop to Shlok. Astha says thanks, but its not right. Kalindi says don’t teach me right and wrong. Sojal asks Kavya why did she call her, she was serving food to Niranjan. Kavya says make me talk to Astha, I m missing her.

Varad asks did you talk to Astha. Sojal says yes, she said not to say anything to her parents. He asks her to call back on that number. Astha gives missed call to Avdhoot and he saves her number. Astha gets Soal’s call and Shlok cuts the call. Varad says call again. Sojal says its switched off now. Varad says when she called, you should have asked how is she and how she is calling. Sojal says yes, but she just gave message and ended the call. Varad worries.

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Shlok asks Avdhoot not to tell anyone, as be does not want anyone’s sympathy. Avdhoot says fine. Shlok tells Kalindi that he will think about Astha before him and try to give her all happiness. Kalindi says I trust you Shlok, so I m sending my daughter with you. Astha sees the bike and asks whose bike is this. Kalindi gets tensed. She says Mrs. Patil has got new PG, they don’t have parking area, so they requested to keep it here. Shlok says we will leave now. They greet them and leave in the taxi Shlok drives.

Renuka says she has to control expenses till the end of month, as Rs 20000 is spent and only Rs 2000 left now. Jyoti sees there are no vegetable and less ration. She comes to Renuka and she hides the accounts. Jyoti asks for money for ration and vegs. Renuka says how much will you get, take this Rs 100 and bring many things. Jyoti says it will get just few things. Renuka says get by bargaining. Jyoti says what will come in 100rs. Renuka says get what you can get. Jyoti leaves. Astha and Shlok are sleeping. The lodge owner knocks the door. Astha and Shlok wake up and she opens the door. Shlok asks what happened. The man says media people came, come down and talk to them. Shlok is shocked. Astha says Shlok…. Shlok says pack the bags. She says what. He says do as I say. She says yes and starts packing.

Shlok and Astha come out. The reporters rush to him and asks why is he staying her in cheap lodge after having such a big empire, did he leave his father. Astha says Shlok, lets go from here, no need to answer anyone. The reporter ask them to answer, whats the reason of Shlok and Niranjan’s fight. He says were you unable to stay there, did Niranjan kick you out for your mistake, you have to answer us. Shlok holds Astha’s hand and starts leaving. They follow him and he signs his hand up to stop them. He looks at them angrily. He leaves. The reporter says Shlok did not answer anything, what happened between Niranjan and Shlok that Shlok left the house, to know more, keep watching the news.

Niranjan gets the news in the newspaper. He is shocked. He shouts Varad. Varad comes to him and asks what happened. Niranjan shows the paper and asks him to see news. They see Shlok and Astha on new channel. Its breaking news….. Varad and Sojal looks on. Niranjan is stunned that Shlok did not give any statement. Sojal cries. Varad gets upset. He calls press staff and says how did this news leak, whats wrong with you people, the news is flashing everywhere. The man says I know you said no, but company manager said this news should be flashed in headlines, I told him to talk to you, but he said his decision is final. Varad says I will come.

He says Baba………….. Niranjan gets up and goes to his room. Renuka sees the same news and is shocked. She calls Jyoti and asks her to see this news. Jyoti sees them and cries. Renuka asks are you satisfied now, see I was asking as I was worried for you, see now the world knows about it, you don’t regard us family, so hidden it, I was sharing pain and you did not. Jyoti goes to her room. She calls Varad and cries. She asks about the news. She says you can get them back. Varad says please understand, I m trying my best to find Shlok, just trust me. Jyoti says I trust you, you will unite our family. Varad says I m going to Baba, he needs me, I will inform you knowing about Shlok and Astha.

Niranjan sees his and Shlok’s pic and thinks of his decision to choose him over Astha. He says how did I do such big mistake, I was mad to let Shlok go, I should have stopped him. Varad and Sojal come to him. He asks where are you going. Niranjan says I realized my mistake, I can’t stay without Shlok, I will get him back. Varad says I will find him, media will trouble you if you go. Niranjan says fine, maybe you are right, go and get Shlok. Sojal says I will also come. Niranjan says you have to come back to me Shlok. Shlok and Astha go far thinking about Niranjan’s words.

Astha asks till where will we do. He says I decided we will not stay here in this city, we won’t be here, as everyone knows whose son I m, so I want to make my identity somewhere else. She says you are right, it will be good to leave the city. He says thanks for understanding, call Aai. Anjali talks to Astha and asks how is she and Shlok. Astha says we are fine, we are leaving this city. Anjali cries. Shlok talks to her and says he wants to go somewhere to try, here everyone knows whose son he is, and he wants to go free form this chains, shall I go. Anjali is quiet.

Varad and Sojal come to the bus station. Sojal sees Shlok and Astha leaving in the bus and shouts for them. The bus leaves. Varad stops Sojal holding her hand and is stunned seeing Shlok go far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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