Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Dadi to go and cook food in kitchen, then jumping here and spoiling the floor. Dadi says fine, I will go and cook. Suhani says you can rest and then go to cook. She asks Baby to help Dadi in cooking. Dadi says but you… Suhani says maid will check if you are working well or not, now you go on both feet. Dadi says fine, take rest, I will cook food and get. Dadi goes.

Suhani says I don’t know what to do, we will show Dadi to some other doctor, she can’t me in past always. Dadi grinds spices in traditional stone grinder. Everyone hear sound and go to kitchen. Dadi says you like grinded masala right. Suhani says yes, but …. She asks Bhavna and Baby to help Dadi in grinding masala. Dadi asks someone to help. They all sign each other. Pratima helps.

Dadi asks Yuvraaj to go and water the plants. Sharad signs him to go. Dadi asks Sharad to rest. They all go. Baby comes to Yuvaan. He says I think I should tell Maa about drugs. She says no, you won’t say, else her many questions will start, she will make me leave from the house, as I lied to her in hospital. He says I understand, but she will forgive us if we say truth. She says no, she will send us to jail, let me do something. He says as you wish, I don’t want to go jail. Dadi hears them and asks who is going jail. She rushes out and says someone is going jail.

Suhani asks what happened, who is going jail. Yuvaan lies to Suhani. Suhani asks everyone to have food. Dadi moves the chair and Baby falls. She asks Baby to have food at last. She sends Baby. Dadi says I will get hot roti for Amma mai and goes. Baby asks Dadi what’s her new plan, we are in one team, we both hate that woman, you can tell me. Dadi asks Baby what is she saying and who is that woman. Baby says your Amma mai. Dadi asks what, how can you blame me that I hate Amma mai. Suhani comes and asks what happened.

Dadi says maid is saying I m acting and I hate you. She hugs Suhani and cries. Baby says I did not know why is Dadi doing this, so I asked till when should I do maid drama, I did not know she will feel bad and cry. Suhani says she is not well, we have to do this drama to make her fine. Suhani consoles Dadi. She asks Suhani to come and have food. Everyone eat food. Suhani feels food spicy. Dadi gives her water. Baby looks on. Yuvraaj smiles.

Dadi says sorry, but you liked spices, then what happened, don’t get annoyed, you can punish me. Suhani says no, you will rest in room and not trouble anyone now. Dadi says fine and goes. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and finds her upset. He says it was not so spicy that you cry and fill the house Amma mai. She asks why don’t you eat it, you are teasing me, now have the food. Yuvraaj asks Pratima not to feed him food, he will not tease Suhani now.

Pratima and Suhani feed food him. He eats food and looks at them. He says its moong dal halwa. Suhani says yes, its your fav. Pratima says I made this for you when you disappeared, now we made this again to celebrate your comeback. Yuvraaj thanks Pratima and Suhani. They smile. He says you all find happiness in tough times. Suhani says this is life, we should smile and cross journey, it gets easier. He says wow, if you want me to work here as servant, go and get new doctor for Dadi. He feeds them halwa.

Saiyyam sits outside in cold. Krishna gets coffee for him. He asks her not to worry for him. She says I got this blanket for myself. She gives him coffee and says I made extra. He says maybe I would have taken it if you got this coffee for me. She asks will you do favor on me. He says no, to do favor on coffee. He tastes coffee and says not bad, now leave. She says I m taking step towards you and… He says I did not ask you. She asks will you be like this all life, why did you marry then. He says you have a point, why did I marry, I m bearing this till now. She stumbles. He holds her.

They have an eyelock. He asks her to be careful. She says you don’t need to worry I can take care of myself. She hears tiger roar and runs back. Saiyyam says there is tiger here Krishna. He holds her and they hide. She hugs him being scared. They see shadow of a tiger. He says I m with you, nothing will happen.

Yuvani hears footsteps and thinks is there yuvaan. She hears tiger roar and gets shocked. She goes to see Yuvaan and does not see him. She wakes up Baby and asks her to come along. Baby asks what happened. Yuvani knocks Suhani and Yuvraaj’s door. She says Yuvaan is not at home, I heard tiger roar. Rags asks what do you mean. Bhavna says Pratima and Sharad are with Dadi. Suhani says we have to be together, where are Saiyyam and Krishna. Yuvraaj goes to see.

Saiyyam gets attacked by Yuvaan. Everyone fight with Yuvaan, who is in tiger costume.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rockstr

    Omg…im so dead…watched kriyyam scenes abt ten times…cant wait fr 2mrw… <3

    1. Hey, same here.. I watched kriyams scenes like about 10 times and still counting…my god! Loved it!??

    2. Arshi123

      Yes,can’t wait for tomorrow.
      Hope,tomorrow will be a lovely episode like today’s.

  2. Aarti32

    Wow wow wow!! D best episode ever..Bcz of YuvAni scene, Kriyyam scene, comedy..N all dis bcz of our beloved sher ????
    Luvd d episode..Thank God d CVS thought of something like dis..It was a treat for both YuvAni n Kriyyam fans.. Yippieeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Esther

      Agreed totalllyyyyy

    2. Arshi123

      So true ??

    3. So true thanks to yuvaan a.k.a tiger??

    4. Laavanya

      This was a complete package episode – comedy, YuvAni, Kriyam n thriller precap.

  3. I am a kriyyam fan…Best Episode Ever!!! I luv u Mr sher because of u we got 2 see a kriyyam moment…. ; )

  4. Syedul

    I’m so happy I couldn’t stop watching the kriyam scene ??I hope tmw is more than this

    1. Aarti32

      U were missing from so many days..I was sure u’ll comment today..Coz u always wanted Kriyyam’s closeness

  5. Arshi123

    OMG! OMG!??
    Loveliest episode ???
    I have watched it more than 5 times by now online
    First hug of KriYam ???
    # love KRIYAM ???

    1. Aarti32

      Really!!First?? I don’t think so..When Saiyyam tripped n fell on Krishna n her dress’s dori got untied, then also they hugged right?? Actually I watched dat scene only in VMS, so I’m not sure..N sorry if u feel bad

      1. Arshi123

        Oh ! I forgot that.But today’s hug was …..???
        N what sorry,I didn’t felt bad at all .We r frndz ,so it’s ok 🙂 🙂

    2. Aarti32

      Aww..So sweet of u..But ya..Today’s hug was ??bliss

  6. i wonder why the written updates was so late…….any way a big treat for kriyam fans.what a hug……..but this sayyam boy gets into my nerves.what the hell has happened to him to ignore our sweet innocent krisha.She tries to come closer but he refuses.he is going to loose her.his eyes will be opened when baby is kicked out of the Brila house and yuvaan stars to fall for her.i hope there will be no lifting scene and krishna feels bad(according to the spoiler).today ,Krishna is so sweet.she knows sayyam feels lonely.arrogant sayyam boy.thank you tiger,lion or whatever.because of you we got kriyam moment…….

    1. You women, well never understand, us men.

      Saiyyam is in love with Krishna. He doesn’t want to come close, because saiyyam knows, that Krishna was in love with Yuvaan.

      Got it!

      1. Aarti32

        Boyz always feel dat girls don’t understand them..Arey life is difficult for everyone..It’s not a hunky dory for Krishna..She has to see Yuvaan, whom she luvd (she believes so), wid someone else..Everyday.. Everywhere..Still she’s trying to make things normal between her n Saiyyam, d one bcz of whom all dis happened..It needs guts man!!

      2. Rockstr

        @rajeev,i agree with u..infact he has had feelings for krishna way before she did..wen he lifted krishna and wen he wanted to eat only the kheer made by her…da other day,wen he was listening to yuvani and krishnas convo secretly…he has feelings fr krishna,while shes just trying to make their marriage work,though she has begun to understand him and care for him…

    2. Mystery

      Agree with u …this saiyyam is so rude…hope yuvaan also fall for Krishna…or a new guy came ….maza aayega tb

      1. Mystery do you think krishna still loves yuvaan???

      2. I dont think so she still has feelings for yuvan coz dat day during her convo wid yuvani she said dat there are many people with yuvaan whereas saiyyam is alone she fully supported saiyaam during his fight wid yuvaan so it is nt at all right to think she luvs him

      3. Mystery

        No Krishna didn’t love him…n she should not…as yuvaan is an idiot…but I really want yuvaan or some other guy fall for Krishna so that saiyyam feel somewhat jealous n accept that he loves her

  7. Loved kriyams… Waiting to see their intimating and more loving and caring scenes… Waiting for someone with yuvani as well….

    1. it will take very long time to see kriyam’s know cvs.they wont give that to us so easily.but we will get their moments for sure.

  8. farina hossain

    guys who will fall in love fast sayam ya krishna it seems krishna Wil fall fast what do u think guys ?

    1. i think krishna has already fallen for him.the prob is sayyam.he is loosing her.she wants to be with him for her life she tries to come closer but this arrogant sayyam doesn’t let her do that.may be cvs will use an entry of third party to make him realize the worth of krishna which i personally don’t like

    2. Arshi123

      Can’t say properly,but Krishna is trying to be friends.No, problem frm her side,if the spoilers don’t come true that she will be upset with Sayyam for lifting her.
      I believe Sayyam has feeling for Krishna but unaware of his feeling.It’ll take time for realizing that .

    3. Aarti32

      I think Saiyyam will fall in love first n all dis will b bcz of Krishna’s care n efforts..She hasn’t yet fallen for him..She’s jst trying to accept d fact dat they’re married n can’t jst fight life long..Between enmity n love there’s frndship n Krishna is making efforts for a frndship..

    4. Arshi123

      Hmmm, Frm Krishna’s side,ok till now but there will be problem if she gets upset with Sayyam for lifting her.

      And, Sayyam’s side,I truly think,Sayyam has fallen for her but can’t realize it.He lifted Krishna in kitchen for helping,and today also assured her that he is with her.Sayyam need time or any shock for realizing his feelings.
      But,it’ll take a lot time.cvs is master of masters in dragging.

      1. Aarti32

        Chalo..Wires leke chalte h..Shock treatment kr aate h Saiyyam ka..jitti jaldi realize ho utta accha..??

      2. My opinion is Krishna will get angry when saiyaam lifts her in tomorrow’s episode because she don’t want his help so I think that’s why she got angry because in today’s episode saiyaam said to her you dont care about me I won’t care about you that’s my opinion but we will see tomorrow what happens

      3. Laavanya

        I agree with u, Saiyyam really like Krishna a lot. In this episode also, when Krishna push Saiyyam, he was surprised n little bit hurt too. Hope CVs do not drag much.

    5. I think tomorrow there will be no any lifting scene.i feel that the spoiler meant todays scene which krishna is going to fall and sayyam holds her.she got upset right.i dont know.may be I am wrong.lets see tomorrow……sayyam said krishna to walk carefully……..dear sweet krishna dont walk carefully.when you are going to fall sayyam will always hold you.then we get sayyam moments.

      1. Arshi123

        I also hope Krishna won’t be upset with Sayyam.
        Let’s see….. But lifting scene won’t be bad right?
        We’ll love to see ???Sayyam lifting Krishna ???

      2. Mystery

        I ragree with u…

  9. Wow, Wonderful, amazing, beautiful kriyam scene sabse acha episode ab tak ka cvs ka kriyam fans aur yuvani fans ke liye

    1. Hi! I don’t comments all the time, do you think that cvs do song request?

      I would love to see saiyyam singing jo waada kiya, which sang by Rajdeep Chatterjee. To Krishna!
      I know it is an old song. But I like this new version of this song. You can find it in YouTube.

      1. Arshi123

        Hello, and I want to request for a love song of KriYam.
        If I’m not wrong,then YuvAni had a love song ” Ha mujhe bhi ho gaya “. It’s KriYam’s turn,for having a love song
        I have requested also in instagram,hope they response.

      2. Tu jaane na by Atif Aslam.
        I think that this song is more what saiyyam feeling right now.
        I don’t mind, I do like your both choices.

  10. Lovely kriyam scene i am wait for long time this scene thanks to tiger for this lovely scene i am so happy

  11. I agree with you farina hossain

  12. Hope yuvaan’ truth comes out tomorrow and baby’s too.

    1. Mystery

      No yuvaan n baby is save …baby will cover up everything… Huh

  13. gr8 episode today! everythng wasthere.. yuvani scene tat too with pratima was superb! i always love tis trio a lot.. and kriyam scene for kriyam fans.. even yuvaan baby pair is nice…

  14. Hello arshi i agree with you how are you fill for kriyam scene i fill awesome after kriyam scene

    1. Arshi123

      Hi, thanx for support.N any kriyam fan might be sooooo glad seeing today’s epi just like us 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. When i think Yes rajeev right saiyyam already fall in love krishna but saiyyam know that krishna fall in love yuvaan so he many distance for krishna

    1. Laavanya

      Well I don’t think so, if Krishna falls in love with someone else, he may distance himself from her but not in case of Yuvaan. He himself seen how Yuvaan dumped her in mandap.

  16. Madly in love with kriyaam

  17. Arshi123

    Okay,guys.Let’s wait for tomorrow’s episode.
    N…Aarti,u made me laugh ???Ha! ha! ha! I really want to Sayyam to realize anyway,may be by electrical shock!! But,it’ll difficult for me to go by traveling frm Bangladesh to India.So,responsibilities r for u all.
    And also, I want a love song of KriYam.Previously,they used a background music on KriYam scenes,today played jhini re jhini.Now,love story starting gradually,so a love song Every couple get a song of their own,indeed main song,sad version etc etc …Then,why not for KriYam.They deserve it.

    what do u all think??

    1. Aarti32

      Ofcourse..They do deserve it..But CVS ko kaun samjhaye!!

  18. Hiii, sorry for not commenting on previous chapters, my internet stopped working and that’s why there was no update from me either, thank god my internet is back.

    Aahhhhhhhhh!! The episode was awesome!! KriYam rocked it, I loved their scene, they touched my heart ???

    Hahaha, Baby deserved that, it’s good Daadi pulled the chair, but I’m flat on KriYam scenes today ?

    Hope to see more KriYam Scenes. ?

    I’m literally jumping in happiness seeing today’s episode ??


    1. Arshi123

      Welcome back, we missed u.
      And, kriYam scenes today….. we all have gone crazy ???

    2. Aarti32

      In Kriyyam hangover I forgot Baby..N d chair pulling scene was much needed.. Hilarious ????

  19. Love kriyam.. Welcome surbhi Jyoti.
    Bye bye ? ? suhani..
    Welcome ‘koi laut ke aaya hai ‘

  20. Yeh serial kab repeat ata hain

    1. Aarti32

      3:30 am n 7:30 am..

    2. Mystery

      There is no repeatation for this…..Starplus is really partial….huh…but u can watch this on hotstar….

  21. Dear ssel fans I.e. YuvAni n Kriyam fans….

    This show is going to end which will b replaced by “koi laut aaya”…. On 27 February the new show is going to replace this show….
    Miss u YuvAni

    1. Arshi123

      We all SSEL fans r wishing that it doesn’t come true.And for YuvAni fans, some moments r coming according to latest spoilers. Also, Kriyam story started moving, so hope it doesn’t end so soon.

    2. This show is not ending and Karan and kabir have said it

  22. farina hossain

    Is this final koi lautke aya ha to replace suhani si ek ladki.New show its a horror type telecast probably night not afternoon

    1. But it clearly mentioned that it will replace ssel…. Till know it is aired just coz Yuvani n now from 2month kriyam…. But I think it would have long back offair…. Coz of yuvani fans only this show is aired but in Sambhav track molestation track…. Many YuvAni fans stopped… In india forum… Many fans were happy dat sam will unite YuvAni…. But now many stopped…. So no one will tweet cvs….

      @bhargavi was rite…. She said if the tym slot will change definitely the show will end…… Now I just wish, it should end with happy note

  23. satie singh jee

    Best epi with KriYam what a comeback SSEL watch it over and over and over again because of KriYam

  24. farina hossain

    no Somi its a rumour if it is true then telychalker artiticle say this they did not say stop spreading romour.even no one suhani si ek ladki cast say about why you are so sure?

    1. I’m not spreading rumour…. Just check koi laut ayya sites then u will come 2 know….
      N about the cast ..?? How I will know…??? If u want to blame then blame that site….

      Even I came to know by the kriyam fans instagram …. So if u want to say then blame them to stop spreading rumour

    2. Arshi123

      Calm down,Farina☺☺☺we don’t have any other way than waiting.
      Hope it’s a rumour.

      1. Rockstr

        Kabir aka the actor playing yuvan confirmed on insta that the show is not going off air…so chill guys..

  25. Rockstr

    its a rumour..such rumors keep happening…they had said that ssel was going to go off air in 2015..and its still running…nd its completely illogical to give a new serial the 5pm slot…

  26. Arshi123

    Good News, Good News
    I saw on instagram,karan commented regarding Off air .
    His comment was : It’s fake

  27. Arshi123

    Check out the link, read comments properly.

  28. farina hossain

    I am sorry Somi if I feel hurt . and don’t worry off air news it’s a we can enjoy this show without any tension

  29. oh my stupid tv is not working


    Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai Wiki :

    Synopsis: The popular TV channel called Star Plus is soon to begin a new show called Koi Laut Ke Aya Hai . The show has Sharad Kelkar, Surbhi Jyoti and Shoaib Ibrahim in the lead roles, while it will be aired at the prime time of the said channel for six days. The show is a family drama which will replace another called Suhani Si Ek Ladki. The title of the TV show seems very much interesting and has made the audience intrigued about the same making them getting the best of the attention for the same. The is show is currently garnering a decent buzz in the media, which is likely to hit the next month on 27th of February 2017.


    Source : tellyserialupdates


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