Crazy love of thahaan (part-53)

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This part is starting from the next day morning vasu does aarthi.she sings aarthi song.vasu blesses bihaan,thapki and kushi.shraddha and dhruv gets blessings from vasu.then everyone’s goes to their rooms.
thapki:bi…bi…bihaan you will take care of kushi.I am having some work in kitchen.I will come t… t…to room later.
bihaan:OK Mrs.thapki bihaan pandey.(he smiles and he takes kushi from thapki hands.he walks to his room.thapki looking at bihaan.she smiles)
bihaan enters to his room.he sees kushi was he makes baby to lie on baby bed.after 10 minutes thapki enters to her room
suddenly she gets stucks in floor mat.she screams. bihaan get shocked.he runs to thapki.but she falls down on floor.she screams a lot.bihaan gets worries.
thapki:oh.. my… bi. bihaan my hip… its very pain.I can’t stand now.(she holds her hip and she gets teary eyes)
bihaan:OK don’t worry thapki.I will lift you(bihaan bends to thapki.he slowly lifts thapki.she screams)
thapki:ouch….ouch… bi… bi.. bihaan its paining.
bihaan lifts her in his arms.sheges teary eyes due to pain.bihaan looks at thapki.she looks at him.slowly he goes near to bed.he makes her to lying in bed.… bihaan please call doctor.I can’t bear this pain.
bihaan:what??doctor??hello madam no need doctor for these pain.OK
thapki:th.. th..then how it will get soon?

bihaan:I know everything.just wait and watch…
thapki:wh… wh.. what are you going to do bihaan?
but he didn’t say anything.he comes back to her with oil.
thapki:wh..wh.. what is this bihaan?
bihaan:mmm…this is honey.what question is this???don’t you know this is oil?
thapki:s…s. so what are you going to do in this?
bihaan:I am going to do massage for you.
thapki gets shocked.
thapki:n… n…no.I won’t accept.bihaan please give some tablet.please…I don’t want massage.
bihaan:you dont want massage from me or you don’t want massage normally?
thapki looks at him.
bihaan:you are my its my don’t get shy.just turn and lie in bed.
thapki gets shy.she turns and lying in bed.she gets pain in her hip.
bihaan slowly touches her blouse back.he takes away that saree from her hip slightly.thapki closes her eyes.bihaan pours oil in her hip.he touches her hip.he keeps his hands in there.he does massage slowly.thapki screams.
bihaan:its very small pain only.just close your and think about your loved one.then you won’t feel your pain.
thapki closes her eyes.she thinks about bihaan and her romantic moments.she smiles.bihaan does massage.he smiles.he finishes his massage.thapki turns at him.she looks at him.bihaan looks at thapki.they have an eye lock.(ranjhanaa plays……….)

shraddha comes to suman and preethi.she shows parcel to them.
suman:shraddha what is this?
shraddha opens that parcel.she shows one wood piece to them.
preethi:shraddha what is this???its wood plate.
shraddha laughs.
suman:why are you laughing??tell me.
shraddha:di… its not wood.this is magical locker box.
shraddha:yes.its locker has remote.(she shows remote to them)
preethi:but why you bought this?
shraddha pressed the remote button.suddenly that wood becomes locker box.wood was covered in four sides and it becomes like box.
suman and preethi gets shocked
preethi:wow.. awesome locker box.this wood plate become like box.
shraddha:this is for kushi is bought

they gets shocked
suman:but why did you bought this for kushi?what you going to do?
shraddha:its just wood for others but we will know its magical remote locker box.I am going to stick thapki bed mattress in this wood.I will keep this in bed.she will makes kushi to lying there.then I will press this remote.from four sides suddenly wood cover that kushi.
suman: no.. don’t do anything with baby.
shraddha:di you doesn’t know about anything.I won’t kill kushi.kushi will be there for just 1 minute only.I am doing this for thapki.we have to ruined her respect in this family.if we will do this now no one can’t speak with thapki.don’t worry.I will do everything. but your work is you have to talk against thapki.
suman and preethi nodes at her.shraddha smiles.

thapki takes kushi in her hands.she feeds for baby.then kushi smiles at thapki.she gets happy.bihaan comes there.
bihaan:thapki…what she was saying?
thapki:ku…ku…kushi was saying about you only.
thapki:yes.kushi was saying her papa is so bad.
bihaan takes the baby from thapki hands.
bihaan:(to baby)choti why are you feeling bad about me???
thapki:because of you are doing romance with me doesn’t have time to speak with your she was feeling sad.
bihaan:oh…if I do romance with you it means I am bad right?
thapki:yes bi… bi… bihaan.
bihaan:then OK.I will be there like bad boy.I don’t want to become good boy.
he keeps kushi in baby bed.

he holds thapki.he kisses her forehead.
thapki:l… l… leave me bihaan.please.
bihaan touches her belly.she feels laugh.she laughs.he hugs her tightly.they falls down in bed.they rolled in bed.bihaan smiles at her.they hugs each other.thapki asks him to leave her.bihaan says to her, no… I won’t leave you
because of I am bad man…
they hugs and rolled in bed.they laughs at each other.suddenly kushi smiles a lot.bihaan and thapki hears kushi laughing sound.
they becomes seperate.
they goes near to kushi.kushi laughs at them.they gets happy seeing kushi.
bihaan:look at my baby.she was laughing about us.
thapki: ye… ye…yes she was laughing.but not about me.she was laughing at you.(she laughs)
bihaan:what are you saying??
thapki:see your face in mirror.
bihaan goes near to mirror.he looks at his face.he gets shocked.
he sees thapki lipstick mark is there in his forehead and lipstick sticks in his lips.
thapki laughs.bihaan wipes everything in kerchief.
he comes back to thapki.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan you are looks like joker before..
bihaan:OK madam.what can I do its your time to kidding me.
within few years I will make my baby as goon.then surely she will do support for me.
bihaan lifts baby.he hugs baby.he kisses in baby face.
bihaan:(to baby)choti you are goon na??? you are like your father right?
baby says to bihaan,ah…mmm…
bihaan and thapki gets happy about baby replies.they smiles at each other.bihaan holds thapki in his hand.he has baby in his another hand.they gets happy.


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  1. Funny and romantic epi…you blend it very well Vino…
    Shraddha and her magical locker…great imagination…Curious to see how it works on kushi…hopefully she won’t get hurt.
    Waiting for the next..Thank you and tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much Leena darl

  2. Nice episode. And romantic. I like it.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much dear rifa

  3. Waiting eagerly for the next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear arooj

  4. Very cute kushi… Lovable Bihaan and Thapki.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear mala

  5. Awesome yaar…again and again you should prove that you are a brilliant writer,I feel very happy to read this.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my darl pooja

  6. Juveria.ghalib

    It was amazing dear..nice romantic scene..u nailed it..keep going

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot juvi darl…

  7. Manish ki deewani

    superb yr .last part is so funny ….khusi is so cute.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello reshal… thanks dear.

  8. awsome and blosome epi….

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot sadia darl.. I miss you

  9. Sulbi

    Superb darl… but scared of Shraddha’s plan… 🙁

  10. Vinolin.d

    thank you my dear sulbi

  11. first of all I must say I am very sorry dear.. I couldn’t reply on any chapters…As I said I was too busy with assignments..and then I typed my ff previous chapter yesterday in a hurry…now that I am free, I will read and comment all the ffs….so sorry dear….
    OK I read this chapter now..and the truth is I loved Thahaan romance…and cutie pie Khusi… I wish now since Thapki will get pregnant in real tpk, I want this to happen there a baby girl…

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