Swaragini Raglak ff Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya Chapter 1

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So the first chapter of Raglak ff Tere bin nahi lage jiya



Ragini was brought out of her thoughts by Laksh calling her.

“Ragini ek baar upar aao.”

Ragini started running upstairs. Seriously her husband makes her crazy everyday at this point of time. He can’t do anything on his own. He can’t find his hanky, can’t put
his collar properly, and list goes on.
And today was more hectic for her as he
woke up late. But she couldn’t blame him.
She was continuously tossing and turning in sleep that he couldn’t have a sound
sleep either. Laksh was getting late for
work and as usual was a mess in finding
his own stuff.

“What happened Laksh?”said Ragini entering the room.

“Woh I can’t find my wallet.” said Laksh making a innocent face.

Ragini went and brought his wallet from a drawer and gave him. She started setting his collar properly.

He started smiling seeing her. This has become a daily routine for him. He is too
much dependent on her for everything.He made up his mind to ask her what was worrying her so much. And he was going to do that now.


“Hmmm” Ragini said still setting his collar and avoiding eye contact.



“Look into my eyes na” Laksh said lifting her head holding her chin. Their eyes met.

” What is that which is worrying you so much Ragini?” asked Laksh.

“Nothing like that Laksh.”

“Okay then. Don’t tell me.” Laksh said angrily and moved towards the side table picking his phone and putting it in his pocket.

“Laksh I am telling na, I am completely fine. Why are you in such a bad mood?” asked Ragini.

“Ok if everything is alright, then swear on
our relation that you are fine. ” he said.

Tears started brimming out of her eyes and she painfully said “Laksh”.

Laksh couldn’t see her crying. So he came rushing and pulled her into hug. He caressed her hair.

“I am sorry Ragini. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” he said.

“No Laksh. I am sorry. I wanted to tell you what I am going through but…”she said.

“It’s ok bacha. But now I want you to tell me what’s wrong?”he asked.

“Laksh woh..” she was about to say what has been happening but the blackmailer’s words sounded in her ear.

“No I can’t tell all this to Laksh. I can’t risk Chotu’s life.” Ragini thought.

“Laksh it’s just that I am not able to cope up with Shomi Ma’s miscarriage. I am unable to accept that my younger sibling is no more in this world.” Ragini said crying vigorously.

Laksh hugged her more tightly and felt helpless that he was unable to help Ragini
overcome her depression.

Laksh slowly broke the hug and wiped her
tears. He took her hands into his.

“Ragini tell me one thing. What will happen if you keep thinking about this
incident all the time. Is it possible that we
can delete that day from our lives. No na.
Tell me what would have happened if Shekhar papa was still angry on me that I
cheated you and married Kavya. Kya hum ho paate? No na. By thinking about what has already happened in the past in our lives we can never move on in our life. What you do by thinking of the past is you
give pain to yourself and the people who love you. What to do now lies in your hands? But remember whenever I see you in such a state, I feel like dying every
moment.” saying this he got up to leave. He stopped when he felt her touch on his hand.

“I am sorry Laksh. I was so indulged in my pain that I couldn’t notice that even you were feeling painful seeing my state. And now I will definitely try to come out of it.” she said assuring him.

Ragini(in mind) : I can’t tell you what I am going through Laksh. Please forgive me. I need to make sure that my Chotu is safe.

Laksh hugged her and kissed her forehead.

“And I will be there for you forever.” said Laksh.

She pecked his cheek.

“Aww mera bacha itna pyaar only on one cheek?” he said

She hit him playfully on his shoulder.

“Listen Ragini, I may be late today. So don’t wait for me. Have your dinner.”he said.

“You may be late right. I will wait till you come.”she said.

“You won’t change mera ziddi bacha. I will
try to come as soon as possible. Bye.”he said leaving to office.



Ragini finished her lunch and came into her room. She was badly worried about Chotu. She didn’t receive any call from the blackmailer and she badly wanted to know if her brother is alright.


Same time

A dark room

A man who is hiding his face in the hoodie that is the so called MYSTERY MAN is standing am dead a goon was holding a baby who is none other than Chotu.

Mystery man: Did you understand what to do?

Goon: Yes boss. Your work will be done.

Mystery Man: Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheshwari, your countdown started.

He smirks evilly.



Ragini was roaming in the corridor outside her room. She didn’t get any call from Laksh. Neither did he come home. She was hungry but she will wait for him. Laksh was right.She is ziddi.

Just then her phone rang. The caller id flashed Laksh’s name. She picked the call.

Ragini: Where are you Laksh? When will you come home?

Laksh: I need to attend an important conference call with some foreign clients. I will be late. I need your help.

Ragini: But you told that you will come

Laksh: I said that I may come. Now go to the study as fast as you can. In the third shelf there is a red cover. Send that with the driver to the office.

Ragini: Everyone in the house and in the world may be sleeping except you and me. Wait I will send it.

She rushed to the study and opened the shelf. She took out the red cover. She was about to go out when she saw a note attached to the cover. She read it aloud.

Surprise,surprise! I am waiting for you on the terrace. Wear the beautiful dress in the and come soon and I will be waiting.

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