Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags acting sweet to Saurabh. She makes him sit and does the head massage. Menka brings protein shake for Anuj and makes him busy. Suhani says its late, they did not come. Yuvraaj says congrats, does Pankaj know this. She says same to you, I told him, I was thinking that we want new tagline for our company. He says yes, we will think. He says he has to say something, about yesterday night, he did not realize… Saurabh and Anuj come and they say they have come for work. Suhani says we will end work and then they can go. She says two of them can manage campaign and two can manage the new work.

Dadi, Rags and Menka see them. Menka says whats this justice, he felt me and working here. Rags says she does not feel good seeing Saurabh work like middle class people, its all because of Pratima’s mistake. Dadi say she will rectify her mistake. Suhani says they have to work hard to fulfill order in 7 days and make good campaign to earn name in market. Suhani thinks if Yuvraaj says about yesterday. She talks to him. Saware…………plays……… They have some awkwardness between them. She says she has some work and smiles. She leaves from there. He gets thinking. She comes to the terrace and says Yuvraaj, what are you trying to say, I m stupid, I should have heard you. She recalls the kissing moment. Dadi, Rags and Menka come to her.

They sit and Menka falls. Suhani helps her and asks did she get hurt. Dadi asks Menka to learn from Suhani, she knows everything. Rags taunts Suhani. Dadi says the work which suits the person is good for him. Suhani says she will call carpenter, if Ramesh goes to village, we can’t depend on him. She makes the call and leaves. Menka jokes on Dadi. Dadi scolds Rags and Menka asking them to stop their husbands from going to office.

Radhe eats and likes the food. Soumya says she will get it. Radhe calls her Madam. Lalita asks Rakhi to get the papad for her husband. Krishna asks Soumya to have food. Radhe says I will stay here tonight also, its late, and Rakhi gets sad without you all. Krishna says no, patphere ritual is done, your parents won’t like this. Radhe says its not a problem. Rakhi calls him. Lalita asks Krishna why did he talk to Radhe like this. Krishna says he wants to become Ghar Jamai. Lalita says its matter of one day, give him your room. Krishna says no way.

Menka acts and cries to make Anuj busy with her. Anuj agrees to her. She asks him to have hot milk, he will not get weak. He asks did she make it. She says how will I get it, I did not get water till now. He says right and drinks it. Menka shows thumps up to Rags. They smile. Pratima asks Suhani to work in room. Suhani says she will work in hall. Pratima checks message on Suhani’s room, and says Yuvraaj messaged you, he wants to meet you in garden, I know he loves you but is afraid to say, he can’t get better girl than you, promise me you will take relation ahead if you see hope.

Saurabh talks to his friend and says he wants to hire a lab assistant, I will ask Suhani to meet him. Rags switches off the lights and asks him to go out and work. Menka tells Dadi that Anuj slept. Rags says Saurabh also slept, they are very lazy, Suhani can’t make them work, she can’t succeed. Dadi smiles. Suhani hears them. Krishna asks Soumya why did she give their room to Rakhi. She says I don’t want Lalita to get annoyed. He says I want her to stay in inlaws. She says its matter of one day. He gets annoyed. Rakhi smiles and says now this will happen daily, I will not go back in that small home, now this is my room.

Suhani asks Rags did she not help Saurabh in presentation. Dadi scolds her and sends her. Dadi says she will not do work like poor Suhani, she can’t stand against my upbringing. Suhani goes to meet Yuvraaj. Music plays…………….. She says Dada ji created this empire by hardwork. He says I know, and sorry for yesterday, I did not realize what I did. She laughs and says she forgot it. She says I came to help you, and we have strong valuable relation of friendship between us. He says I don’t want that you feel that I…. She says that you changed your heart and we have more than friendship, that you love me now. They look at each other.

Dadi says its just 7 days remaining now. Suhani says I will prove that I did not lose. Dadi says she will return safe keys and office, then I will run home and business. Suhani says fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Omg the last part was yesterday’s precap but nothing happened all thry did was look at each other I thought suhani was gonna say like don’t worry I know u can never love me etc etc etc but today’s show was so awkward lol anyways I just hope that suhani isn’t that stupid enough to not understand that yuvraj kissed her bc he has feelings for her not out of excitement and on dadis birthday when yuvraj said mein tumse pyar nahein karta tha shaadi nahein karni thi why can’t suhani rmbr that but she can rmbr other things what is this bakwaas

  2. Ufffo…this track is too slow…

  3. yeh Dadi , Rags or Menka pagal hai kya!!! ? Unka hi toh business badega! Idiots!!! # idiots!

  4. I read that daadi will support suhani,,,bt nuthng of that sort is happening…and abt yuvraj n suhani….i read that they both r gonna get close to each other n later yuvraj regrets it…so no hope of that love confession is gonna happen soon…

  5. abhi tak to ham yuvraj se hi pareshan the but ye suhani bhi bahut badi stupid hai jab nahi tab puchhne lagti hai ki kya tum hamse pyar karte ho aur apni bejati kara leti hai sharm naam ki cheej nahi hai is ladki ke pas aram se apne ghar jaye apne future ke bare me sochhe mammi papa ki help kare but nahi purane saas bahu ke serials ki tarah mera ghar mera parivaar ki nautanki laga rakhkhi hai

  6. arey suhani..until n unless u leave yuv he wil never realize ur imp in hiz lyf..chipkali ki jaisa uske pas hr rahoge tho usko koi.pharak nahi.padega

  7. Nice episode.

  8. Wow….today’s episode was very nice & cute.. dono k bich ka awkwardness bohat hi cute tha…I know ki track thoda slow chal rha hai..but utna v slow nhi hai…ishime toh mazaa hai….aur AB sirf 7 days bachhe hai…dekhte hai aghe kya hota hai… 😉

  9. Aur guys..suhani galat nhi…bilkul thik kar rhi hai..woh bologi ki mujhe pata hai ki tum mujhse pyar nhi krte ho..aur ese situation ko bilkul ignore karegi. ..Jaise ki woh bilkul care hi nhi karti…tab yuvraj bura lagegaa..aur usko realise hogaa. … 😉
    Ab majaaa aaegaaa… 🙂
    ♡ u yuvani & Rashi

  10. nyc epi 🙂

  11. How come Dadi always plan things against Suhani( their savior ), this is wrong, by this time she should realize the imp of her, and why can’t Yuvraj accept his feeling for Suhani

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