Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa tells Meera that Kokila still believes that Gopi is will and is insisting to meet her, so she wants her to tell Kokila that everything is fine between her and Gopi. Meera says she will truth. Molu says if she says truth, Kokila will get another heart attack. Baa insists again, but Meera says she will not. Molu takes Baa from there. Mansi asks Meera why don’t she do as Baa said. Meera says Modi’s are very clever and are trapping her.

Meera goes to close door when Tolu/molu enter and asks her to do as Baa said. She says never. They hold her hair and send Mansi out saying it is their personal matter and outsiders are not allowed. Tolu holds knife on her hair and says if she does, he will cut her hair. She resists, but agrees. He calls Jigar and tells Meera wants to speak to choti daadi and Meera tells she and Gopi have patched up and everything is fine between them now. she gets happy but hears Tolu’s voice and asks what is it. Jigar switches off phone and says now she should relax.

Kokila hears Jigar telling he will reach hospital soon. She asks what is he hiding and asks who is in hospital. Dhaval interferes and asks her to come in. She asks him to keep quiet and gives Jigar her promise. He says Gopi met with an accident. She says how can Gopi meet with an accident when she has gone to meet Meera in Modi bhavan. Urmila asks if she goes weak, who will console her. Kokila asks where is her Gopi, if something happens to her, she will die. Jigar says that is the reason he wanted to hide it from her. She say she is ill, but not disabaled that she will stay at house when Gopi is in hospital. She asks how did the accident happen. He says Meera had gone to club with her friend, gopi went there and fell from first floor.

Kokila asks Jigar to take her to Gopi. Jigar asks her to calm down. She says she lied him and asks him to do a favor by telling where Gopi is. He says hospital’s name. She leaves alone in scooter saying she does not need anyone now. Jigar follows her in car and informs Pari that Kokila has headed towards hospital alone and he is following her.

Vidya hears Pari’s conversation and tells if Kokila comes, Gopi will wake up. Ahem reminisces insulting Gopi many times and sheds tears. Hetal asks Vidya to leave her papa alone for some time.

Meera tells Mansi that she has to go to hospital now. Mansi says she should not, but Meera insists and asks her to accompany her. Mansi says she will not as situation is not in her favor. Meera hugs her and leaves towards hospital alone.

Kokila reaches hospital and tries to enter OT. Nurse stops her and says she cannot enter as surgery is going on. Kokila tells Ahem that he wanted to get rid of Gopi. He asks what is she telling. She says Gopi sacrified her 10 years of life, but he always called her selfish. He killed her each day with his taunts..etc..

Precap: Kokila tells Ahem that if Gopi dies, he should not touch her dead body or do her last rights.

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  1. stupid meera..still didnt change 😮

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  3. 😮 blo*dy hell meera

  4. Whats wrong with Meera

  5. Update fast

  6. Tolu molu nice

  7. Un mi na mas tarde, un mi nad struggle. Yo venor una hacer de rarea y para juego de nadar.

    1. Papa which language are you speaking?

    2. The language that none of you can understand.

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  8. Finally kokila came…nw smthing interesting to watch…

  9. Oh gopi,

  10. hmmmm nice twist!

  11. What the hell? Still meera is not change?? What an attitude she hv??? I would lovd if meera falls down from building instead of gopi.. Owww poor gopi.. Feeling bad for her… This meera was not gopi’s good daughter.. She is now that b*t*h mansi’s daughter… I hate meera and mansi a lot. :O:O:O:O:-/:-/:-/:S:S:S

  12. Meera di…… sudhar jawo na

  13. Gopi should not die…meera still doesnt have any change in her behaviour eventhough some1 is gng 2 die due to her.huh

  14. sara amersi (kokila modi)

    Vidya, laato k bhoot baaton se nh mantay, yadi meera tumhari bt nh sun rahi to usko to Bhagwan he sabaq sikha sakta h

  15. i hate meera 🙁 but she in nice looking

  16. Mohammed inayat

    Araey meera Kay saat to nagin hai na mansi

  17. is kokila modi mad

  18. Getting better. Now meera will realize and will understand that gopi didn’t kill raadha intentionally

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