Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anant saying Diwakar did not make us meet Thapki before. He calls him Diwakar as Chotu, and says we don’t need to say why is this nickname. Diwakar does not let Thapki speak and answers on her side, so that they don’t know her stammering name. They ask about her short name Thapki. Diwakar says she is very intelligent and they use to pat to compliment her success, and thus name Thapki. Poonam says if Diwakar’s friends joke on her stammering. Anant asks Thapki to order food and calls the waiter. Krishnakant says if you see her many qualities, instead of one weakness, your fears will end, she is very strong, everything will be fine.

Thapki orders the food and starts stammering. Diwakar’s friends are shocked. He feels irked and embarrassed. Anant says give me the menu card, and asks waiter did he understand. He gives the order. Thapki gets teary eyed. The ladies start laughing silently, and makes faces. Aankhon me …………..plays………….. Thapki says I will go washroom and the chair falls by her nervous move. She says sorry and goes. She cries in the washroom. Anant asks Diwakar about him. They all joke on him, and Thapki comes there.

She acts normal and says whats written in their mythology. She tells a story of Hamuman. She gives them a lesson to them. Anant asks why is she telling them. She says Diwakar means sun, he looks short but I m sure you love them and call him Chotu, I felt nice meeting you all. Krishnakant tells Poonam that they will give cash envelops to relatives. She says the names and he sits noting. Thapki comes home. Poonam asks did everything go fine there.

Thapki says yes. Poonam is relieved. Aditi and Shubh ask about her date. Krishnakant asks her to sit with him, she will be going tomorrow and not get time to talk to them. She says I will miss you all a lot and cries. Poonam asks her to take rest. Krishnakant senses Thapki is upset. Thapki goes to room and practices to speak without stammering. Krishnakant comes to her. She says I m tired by my stammering. He cries and hugs her. He says you don’t have to get tired, they will be tired who laugh on her, who joke about her, she has to be strong.

He says world is won by heart and mind, I know you will win. She hugs him and he wipes her tears. Diwakar says I should be happy that its my marriage tomorrow, but everyone is making fun of me. He gets his flat shoes and says I will look more short in this. Thapki sits to get mehendi applied on her hands. Mehendi hai rachne wali…………..plays………….. Aditi writes D in it and Thapki smiles. Diwakar thinks of how friends joked on him and Thapki and gets upset. Thapki messages him, saying thanks for coming in his life.

Diwakar gets her message and gets angry, thinking where is he getting stuck. Its morning, Thapki reads her letter, while everyone dances in the sangeet. Aditi asks her to come for dance and takes her.

Thapki dances for a while and sits back. Aditi asks her to read what she has written. Thapki says no, let me read. Aditi stops the dhol and tells everyone that now Thapki will read what she wrote for them. Thapki says not now. Aditi says its haldi and marriage, then vidaai, when will she say. They all welcome Thapki. Aditi says you will not be seen in this house tomorrow and will go in new home, leaving all of us, we want to get this surprise. She hugs Thapki.

Thapki says they all have smile on their faces, but she knows they all are upset from within, as she is going today. She says she wrote a lot for them, and cries. Thapki…………..plays……… They all hug her and ask her not to cry. They make her sit and do the haldi rituals. Aditi and Shubh tease Thapki. Varun calls them and Aditi says she will get laptop now. Varun talks to them and have a laugh. Varun gets emotional that he is not able to come in her marriage.

She says she has everyone here. Varun blesses her. The haldi is about to fall and Poonam says it would have been big bad sign. Anant asks Diwakar to think again, will he marry Thapki. Diwakar asks him to stop it. Anant says you try to look handsome. Diwakar stops his scooty and Anant jokes on him, as it does not start. Anant jokes on him about Thapki, and says his fate will be slow now, get habitual. Poonam sees Thapki in her bridal dress and smiles.

Thapki says her family is the best, she will miss them a lot, and gets married to Diwakar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will this marriage take place next month ? If so please show a different precap.

  2. this marriage wont take place….. d is fr dhruv nt diwaker 😉

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