Service Wali Bahu 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi saying to Jogeshwar that she wants to prove herself infront of Payal. Jogeshwar asks her to mind her language and asks her not to become like Gulkan or Payal. Santoshi says you never gave me any responsibility till now, but today Payal showed truth on me and gave me responsibility. Jogeshwar says it is too much now. He refuses to listen to her lecture and asks her to give money else he will remind her position in the house. He says a woman’s place is on man’s feet only. Payal thinks to give tea to Jogeshwar. Jogeshwar asks did you forget that you were with me in the conspiracy to get Payal’s salary. Don’t try to be Santoshi maa. He says a woman should be trapped in house’s four walls, don’t teach me.

Santoshi holds his hand and asks him not to take the money. She says bahu gave me this money. Jogeshwar pushes her and she falls on the table. Payal is coming there with tea tray. Jogeshwar asks her to stop crying and says only he have the right on money. Just as Jogeshwar leaves, Payal comes and sees Santoshi crying. She asks what happened? Santoshi says she fell down. Payal brings first aid box and applies ointment on her wound. Santoshi sees Gulkan looking at her and says atleast she got a good bahu. She taunts Gulkan for badmouthing about her.

Rajath comes to his Mehra and apologizes to him. Mehra scolds him and asks him to go. He says he can’t give chance to him again. Rajath asks him to clear his payments. Mehra refuses to pay anything. Jogeshwar comes to Jaiswal and says he got salary from Service Wali bahu. He says he will doubled the money or many be four times more. Guddi is watching TV. Payal comes. Guddi says do you have any work. Payal says can’t I come to meet my nanand. Payal says I knows that you can only help me out. Guddi asks her to tell. Payal says she wants to know, what Dev likes in food. She says today is her holiday and she wants to cook food. Guddi says he isn’t at home.

Payal says Dev went with Rajesh. Dev and Rajesh are on the way to Dhaba. Guddi thinks she shall impress Payal to get her salary. She asks her to call Guddi. Payal agrees and calls her Guddi. Guddi asks how may I help you? Payal asks her to cut the cucumber. Guddi couldn’t cut it properly, so Payal takes it from her hand. She asks her to add spices in the dish. Payal says you are like my Neelu. Guddi says I am like your sister.

Dev and Rajesh come to the dhaba to have food. Jogeshwar starts gambling with other men. Rajesh notices Jogeshwar and informs Dev. Dev turns and is shocked to see his father gambling. They go to Jogeshwar. Jaiswal sees them and informs Jogeshwar to see. Jogeshwar gets shocked seeing Dev and Rajesh.

Dev tells everyone that Jogeshwar was gambling with Payal’s money and asks him to return the money to Santoshi, else he will leave the house with Payal for forever.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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