Mohe Piya Milenge 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meghna is in park with Aadi desai, he says i wanted to meet in a park you have to behave very formal in the restaurants. I thought you would feel better here. he says you wanted to say something? She says yes. He says wait i will bring ice cream, we will talk while eating. He comes back. She says i don’t wanna eat. She says this wedding is happening against my will. Aadi is shocked. He says what? he says i am already committed i already love someone. He says you should have told me. She says aadi, he says fine thanks for telling me. I thought i was trying to make you feel easy but you were never mine. I am not doing this wedding, thats it. Meghna says my dad would not tolerate it, it can’t say no. can you? He says oh, you want me to say no. i have a family too. Sorry i can’t do this. You want it so you will have to say no, he leaves. She says aadi please stop she runs after him and collides, the ice cream falls down. It was all meghna’s imagination. Aadi says what? I was coming to you with the ice cream why did you come running here like this? She says i am sorry, he says its okay relax. He says wait here i will bring another ice cream. She says okay. He brings another ice cream, he says now tell me what is it? She says nothing. He says you think i will judge you? she says no. He says you should know it should be a mutual decision, i care about what you think. have you decided something about this or not? I thought you must have.

A neighbor says to desai, aadi keeps on giving dates over dates. He says its final hearing today. aadi comes home. The lady says you won the case aadi? He shows a victory sign, they all laugh.
Aadi goes in home. Arhana says where were you? we were worreid.
desai asks is it final? Aadi says you wont call until i ask you to. Desai says we wan to know. desai says isn’t it taking too much time? This might risk your wedding with her. Amit tells him about his dad. Aadi says i have nothing to do with it. desai says wedding is between two families. aadi says i dont care, there is one thing i will marry only meghna no one else. He goes to his room.

Suresh comes and says to madhvi all the money i saved. Thanks to baba ji, meena is watching them. Madhvi says all the tension is over. meena says what is all this? She goes in. madhvi says calm down. Madhvi says meghna has said yes to aadi. Suresh says thanks to baba ji. Madhvi says lets decide about the wedding.

Meghna is in her room, She gets a call from Karan. He says i know where aadi is, you should get your stuff and things ready. she says thanks and she smiles.

Scene 2
Sanjivni gets ready, archana says tell me everything step by step. Sanjivvni says lets go now. they leave, madhvi and suresh come in. They are all glad to see them. Suresh does his baba ji thing. They find it awkward. Sanjivni introduces them. They ask them to sit. Amit says hello to them. Suresh says both of your sons are too good. They introduce vidya and archana. Suresh says your daughter’s husband lives here? suresh says we all live here happily. Amit and addi are like archana to us. Suresh says lets do the engagement. desai says we have no issues. sanjivni says i should bring something to eat.
Meghna is walking ddown the street. suresh sees her, he follows her. he comes in front of meghna and says where were you going? She gets confused.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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