Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indrajeet asking the guard not to let anyone go inside the home. Indrajeet, Astha and kids are on their way. Shlok messages Astha about if she is coming for coffee. She replies she is out with kids and Indrajeet, and apologizes. Apsara says she will go inside home, she works here and the guard stops him. Some guys fix cameras in his home. Indrajeet thinks he has to inform Shlok that they came on picnic. He tells Shlok that he wasted today, Barkha is with him. Shlok says day did not end, I will take Astha right from there infront of your eyes.

Indrajeet says time will say who is confident and who is overconfident. Shlok says rightly said, be ready. Indrajeet says I will be waiting and ends the call. He counts the day for his marriage and says Shlok and his warnings will fall flat once is marries Astha, no one can stop Astha from becoming my Barkha. The guard calls Indrajeet and says maid Kamla went inside the home. He says what, stop her. The guard says fine.

Indrajeet says they are going back home and rushes. He asks her to call Kamla. Apsara asks the men who are they. Astha calls Apsara and asks why did she not go out when guard said. Apsara says I m going, but some men… the call ends. The guard brings Apsara out. Apsara thinks this is strange and she has to inform Shlok. She comes outside the house and calls Shlok. She says Indrajeet took Astha and kids out, and there was no program. He says yes, he called me too. She says guard stopped me from going inside, and when I went, I saw some men coming out, I think its fishy, Astha called me and asked me to leave the home. Shlok says I think its new planning, tell me if there is anything.

Astha asks Indrajeet why are we going back, kids got upset. Indrajeet says I told electrician to do the work, guard said it was some short circuit problem, its our responsibility to save Kamla. Astha says you did not tell me before. He says I forgot in marriage arrangements. She says how can you forget it. They come home. Indrajeet scolds Apsara and says if anything happened to you. Apsara says I went there, as I was tired coming from outside.

Sojal checks shirts and gets a small box from it. She asks Shlok why is he worried. He says nothing. She asks how is Astha. He says don’t worry. She shows the box to him. He says I bought gift for Astha. She smiles seeing the ring. Indrajeet sees Astha in live feed and comes to her, asking is she going anywhere. She says how did you know. He says I just came to take file. She says she is going to meet Megha. He says I will call Megha at home. She thinks what happened to him, he is behaving weird.

Sojal asks how will he give her the gift. He says he will gift her. She says I hope Indrajeet does not do anything. Shlok says its Astha’s birthday and I will wish her first. Indrajeet asks Astha why did she not sleep. She says I was not getting sleep. Apsara calls Shlok and tells him that Indrajeet came out of Astha’s room, and I think he went to kids room. Shlok comes there and says fine. Indrajeet asks the kids to sleep, he was finding them in room and they are here. He says he has an idea, will they hear a story from Astha. Mishti says she will be sleeping now. He says no, she is awake, come she will tell a story. He gets the kids to Astha and asks her to tell a story to them. Astha says but kids I have told all the stories, what should I tell now. He says fine, I will tell a story. Apsara calls Shlok and says Indrajeet took kids and went to Astha’s room, I don’t think you should come. Shlok says fine, I know. Indrajeet tells about a powerful king, he was very good and ……. (mute) The kids smile. Indrajeet walks to the window and sees Shlok. Shlok smiles.

Indrajeet closes the window. The kids ask what happened then. Indrajeet says where was I, then king came to know his minister is not good man, he has done theft and king made him admit his truth….. Mishti and Shantanu sleep there and even Astha lies to sleep. Indrajeet continues the story and goes to see Shlok. He does not find him and shuts the window. Shlok messages him that there is a surprise for him in the hall. Indrajeet goes there. Shlok comes to Astha and smiles seeing her. He moves her hair strands and kisses on her forehead. Khuda………………..plays…………. Indrajeet gets Shlok’s letter that he came to wish and see Astha today, but tomorrow he will take Astha along to celebrate her birthday. He tears the letter in anger.

Shlok comes home and says great Sojal made Astha’s fav sheera. Varad says she made many things, but how does she know. Sojal says she was with her for long time, she knows her likes and dislikes, and asks Shlok to take this for her. Shlok says fine, I want to spend the day with her. Indrajeet thinks he has to be with Astha all day and keep her busy. Astha asks does he not have to go office. He says he invited his friends home and requests her to make lunch for him. She says sure. He thanks her. She gets Shlok’s call. He asks can she meet today. She says no, Indrajeet’s friends are coming on lunch. He says I want to gift of your choice. She says fine, I will meet in evening. He says fine and tells Varad that Indrajeet is keeping her busy. Varad says he has become alert. Shlok says he has do something to keep her away from Indrajeet, he will celebrate Astha’s birthday with her, he has to do one thing.

Shlok makes a plan and gets a new car. He takes Manya’s help and they leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shrenu might look short beside Avi,but she is not that short individually n that itself is advantage for Shrenu who after years pass she even looks young.Avi looks 40 as he is too tall n even his face looks too aged n even his jaws have started hanging.

  2. If Shrenu is successful today it is only because of Avinash.isase pahele na use koi Janata tha na uski jodi kisi bhi costar k sath popular hui thi.She is very comfortable while working with Avi.Agar unki jodi acchi nahi lagati to ASHLOK k itane sare fans nahi hote..They r gorgious together .Avi plz do not marry with that creature SHAL.

  3. Avinash,what happened to u yaar?U completely lost ur charm n urface is looking so dull n sad since many months n that’s d reason why u r looking aged I think.Look at Shrenu how happy she is looking off d screen with oomeri jaan team.When a person is happy auromatically he or she looks good n cute.

  4. Height for a girl is not at all a big defect n if its dwarfism then its really a big thing for girl then d height should be discussed.Shrenu’s height is enough for agirl.But I feel girl or boy should have innate good qualities n his or her character shd be good.Changing hus or wives like dolls is not good n correct,which hurts many people in our own family n opp family too.

  5. Hus n wife both bend n both look aged n ugly for d past one year n they even look aged as d days pass on n even they both match in characters also as they both ditched thier ex boy friend/girl friend.

  6. Nice episode

  7. Nice after a long time shlok kissed on her shlok made fool to indrajeet to see astha was superb

  8. Guys guys why u all are intrfring in there personal life?its their lyf n their dczns.plz dnt use bad wrds fr their prsonal lyf.n by the way on screen at least i.s gave astha gud designr sarees lol.she luks georgs these days

  9. Nice episode

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