Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags talking to Suhani in the party and introduces her to Yuvraaj’s friends. Menka asks Rags why is ignoring her and taking selfie with Suhani. Rags says yes, as she is my fav, idiot, can’t you understand, I will look most beautiful if I m with her, she is so ugly. Menka laughs. A guy Akhilesh meets Suhani and praises her as Indian beauty. Yuvraaj’s friends taunt him on Suhani’s bad looks. Suhani hears the guys laughing on Yuvraaj’s choice. She comes and they stop. She asks what are they talking. They say we were praising you. Yuvraaj leaves.

Anuj and Saurabh talk. Saurabh looks for Rags. Menka comes to Anuj and says I know why is Rags after Suhani, as she said she will look beautiful if she is with ugly Suhani. Anuj says it means Rags also bears you for your ugly face. Menka feels he insulted her. Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and smiles. A girl Rina comes and introduces that she is Yuvraaj’s college friend, we were best dancers and can I dance with him. Suhani says sure. Yuvraaj goes with her on the dance floor.

Rags comes to Menka and asks her to think how to insult Suhani. Menka says why did you insult me, you feel I m ugly, so you kept me with you to look beautiful. Rags says what, who told you. Menka says Anuj. Rags says ask Anuj why he called you ugly, I regard you my younger sister. Rags sees Saurabh drinking and asks what is it. Saurabh says nothing, its Anuj’s drink. Rags says don’t lie, I know you are hiding and drinking. Saurabh says hold this glass, I will call Anuj, you ask him. Rags drinks the wine and likes it. She smiles.

Akhilesh comes to Suhani and flirts with her. Suhani feels uncomfortable. Yuvraaj is dancing with Rina. He says lets go and dance. Suhani says no, I don’t want to. He insists and Suhani gets irked. Yuvraaj sees this and gets angry. He says come Suhani, lets dance. He holds her hand and takes her to the dance floor. Suhani says she don’t want to dance, and asks Rina to dance with Yuvraaj. She starts leaving. Yuvraaj plays Amitabh’s song and she stops. She gets excited to dance and controls herself. Suhani starts dancing on the song Inteha hogai intezaar ki………………….. She enjoys herself. Yuvraaj is shocked.

Rags gets jealous and drinks much wine. Everyone enjoy dancing with Suhani, and Yuvraaj smiles. Menka says how much is Rags drinking, when did she start drinking, anyways let her drink, she ignored me, now it will be fun. Everyone join Suhani in her loud dance. They clap for her. Rags comes to Suhani and says why did you stop, dance more Suhani. Rags says now I will tell and you will hear me. Rags is completely drunk. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Rags is drunk. He says I will get the car, bring her out. Suhani says fine. Yuvraaj leaves. Rags says she feels jealous of her, as she can explain Dadi whats right and wrong, she does not have guts to say it. She says you danced so well.

Menka says Rags is saying truth, it means she really likes Suhani, I will teach both of them a lesson. Suhani says thanks, lets go home. Menka says now I m not Rags’s fav, what to do now. They come home. Rags is much drunk. Menka makes Dadi hear Rags’s madness. She thinks see what I do now. She smiles as Dadi comes. Yuvraaj asks whats all this. Yuvraaj says we came late, and did not wish to disturb you. Dadi asks about party. Yuvraaj says it was good. She asks about Suhani. They lie to Dadi as Suhani hides from Dadi.

Dadi asks Menka to switch on the lights. Menka says fine and opens the lights. Suhani was hiding behnd Rags to support her balancing. Rags shows her drunk behavior. Dadi sees Suhani and says so you are also here, what happened to Rags, why are you all lying. Suhani says we are going in without disturbing you. Rags laughs and acts silly. Rags falls and Suhani holds her. Dadi asks whats going on. Suhani says Rags is drunk. Dadi is shocked. Yuvraaj says someone mixed wine in her juice drink. Saurabh says yes. Dadi says so you all were hiding this. She asks Menka to tell Rags that she will not go in any party since one month. Dadi leaves. Saurabh asks Rags to be quiet.

Rags says take me to my room. Suhani asks Yuvraja did she do any mistake by telling Dadi that Rags had wine. She says she did not want to come on dance floor, he took her. He says I did not know you are so dangerous dancer. She talks about Soumya and he goes to sleep. She smiles.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to give his blue towel. Suhani gets the towel and everything falls. She quicky arranges his cupboard while he comes out.

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