Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari reaches Urmila’s house and says she came to take back Tolu/molu. Urmila gets irked seeing her and starts beating her with broom. They both get tired and sit on chairs. Pari then ties Urmila with a rope and asks Tolu/molu to come with her. Kids say they don’t want to come with her. Kinjal and Madhuben say they will free Urmila. Pari asks them why they are supporting Urmila. She says tolu/molu that their papa is sad and has not gone to US. Kids say the don’t want to come with her. She says if they don’t come, she will go to US with their papa. She asks Kinjal to explain kids. Kinjal asks kids to go to Modi Bhavan for their papa. Kids agree and leave with Pari, waving her bye. Madhuben and Kinjal then free Urmila from the rope. Urmila says they send her children, she will not leave them.

Jigar is about to go to Urmila’s chawl when Pari comes with kids. Kids hug Jigar. Pari says she told them they will get back kids, they should praise her now. Jigar angrily looks at Pari. She asks why is he looking angrily at her and starts joking with even Kokila. Kids say Pari is very bad. Kokila says everyone of us know she is lying and says she will have go back.

Pari asks Jigar which side of the bed to sleep with him. Kokila and other family members come and ask how dare she is talking about. Pari says he is my husband and it is my right to sleep with him. Jigar asks Kokila not to waste her energy on Pari and says he is going to US tomorrow. She says she will how will he go, sends everyone out and burns his passport. Jigar is very angry seeing that and tries to slap her. Pari says instead of praising her, they are scolding her.

Kids talk that Pari is stupid and mad and think about teaching her a lesson. They hear Pari talking to someone and says to get her work done and she will give him money. Jigar calls his travel agent and asks him to get him a new passport. He then sees a constable outside house. Pari sees constable and starts enjoying music.

Kokila says Hetal and Gopi that they should plan something to get Pari out of her house. Gopi says only one person can kick her out and it is Urmila. Kokila says why will she help us. Gopi says we will have to convince her and ask her to call Pari’s papa and ask him to take her from here. Kids come there and say Pari cannot be their mom as she is troubling papa. Kokila says she is not their mom and is lying. She says she will speak to Urmila. Gopi says she will speak to Urmila, even if she scolds her, it does not make her any difference. Kokila permits and says we should get Pari out soon. Kids talk that our elders are talking about getting evidence against Pari and even we should help her.

Jigar is driving his car and he sees constable following him. Kokila and Hetal see Pari busy enjoying music and Kokila says they should check Pari’s room and get evidence against her. Kokila gets into her room while Hetal guards outside. Jigar gets irked seeing constable following him everywhere. Kokila on the other side checks Pari’s room and finds a love note of Pari saying “Pari loves Jigar.” Pari is about to enter her room when Hetal stops her and starts chatting with her. Pari asks why is she chatting so much and starts heading back towards her room. Kokila finds Pari’s bag and thinks she will get some evidence in it.

Precap: Pari comes to her room and sees her room items shattered. She then goes and checks Kokila’s room.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Guys i watched sass bahu aur beetyian the other day and i heard parhidhi is a postive character and whatever shes doing is for good thingss.So i guess we shouldnt blame parhidhi for all this.its the writters fault for showing her like this.Belive it or not we ll guys love parhidi one day! :)…so i am just gonna wait till the good episode comes and then i ll watch the show.

  2. Today’s episode is a Good….

  3. Nice episode ……GOOD.

  4. Lok not bad

  5. I cant see paridhi as jigars wife… either role …positive or negative…..
    sumbody should kick her out of the Modi house….

  6. Paridhi….disgusting character…..disgusting role…

  7. Ya….get some nice and beautiful wife for jigar .,,n not dis shameless paridhi…

  8. atleast follow pyar ka dard hai track to bring rashi back plz.
    i cant tolerate dis pari no matter shes positiv or negativ.
    or else atleast bring back sonal with whom jigar was betrothed to bfre marrying rashi .

  9. it becomes boaring now

  10. trust me.paridhi is such an annoyin person.sumtyms i want 2 slap her its a shame i cnt since.i dnt knw her.

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