Pavitra Rishta 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi telling Teju about Pari troubling Ankita again. Teju says Ankita has come back stronger now and knows to face her problems, she will not give heed to Pari’s threats. Mansi says hope she is right and says she cannot see Ankita in pain.

Prashanth asks Ankita to tell if she sees any problem in work. Ankita says she sees problem in technical department and asks him to send someone from that department. He says that department is handled by Naren. She says she Azoba has given her a great responsibility and she does not want to disappoint him. She asks him to send Naren. Prashanth informs Naren about Ankita calling him in her cabin. Ankita sees Naren from her cabin and reminisces how he taught her job, etc.

Pari goes to cafeteria and orders cold coffee. She hears staff talking about Ankita who had disappeared for a long time and then appeared suddenly as MD. They say they are sorry about Pari who was MD aspirant and then even lose her house due to some case. Pari gets irked hearing that and starts scolding staff that it is none of their business and says soon she will be company’s MD. Staff says they are just discussing the fact and suggest her to mend her ways, else she will be thrown out of the company. Pari shouts nobody can kick her out of her azoba’s company.

Mansi serves food for Prashanth and Shashank. Prashanth says Pari had to greet Ankita against her wish. Mansi says he should not joke about her. Prashanth says she deserves it as she is very arrogant. Mansi says we cannot become like her and after all she is our sister. Prashanth says why should not he as he got an opportunity now, says he cannot see Ankita crying always. Shashank says Ankita does not joke about anybody. Mansi says Ankita taught us to behave with everyone and she is very strong and can handle everything. Prashanth gets a call from Ankita who informs that she is going to Bangalore on a business meeting. He says he will come with her. She says she will go alone. Prashanth says Mansi that you are right Ankita is strong and can handle everything alone.

Pari starts badmouthing about Ankita and says Naren that Ankita took everything from her. She says he has changed a lot and not a guy whom she loved. Naren says even Ankita told the same thing and they both start verbal argument. He says she does not care about Ashi. She says she is neither my daughter nor yours, so why should she care about her. He then says Ankita has gone to Bangalore and has given him a project to complete. Pari says even we should have gone there. He says she is MD and decides who will go and we just have to follow her orders. Pari gets irked and goes to sleep. Naren thinks maybe pari is right, but he does not feel angry on Ankita as he always troubled her and even tried to take out her husband.

Vaishnavi gets sad and asks Manav when will her mummy come back. Manav starts playing trick with her and gifts her a doll. He then makes her sleep.

Manav says he wants to speak to her. She says she is getting late as she has to report someone whom he made a boss. He asks that is the reason she is angry on him. She says she worked for this company and says he would have at least set some criteria and given her a chance. He says for him both she and Ankita are same and says Ankita also has experience as she worked under Naren and knows how to handle business. He says he gave her also equal opportunity and says to get Ankita out of her sorrows, he had to give her opportunity and she deserved it. He says she will realize later that howmuch Ankita and he love her and says she has a family and should concentrate more on business, says Ankita has only MD position and no family. Pari says she wants to become successful and says some day he will realize his mistake. Manav says she is wrong, but she does not listen to him and leaves. He says some day she will realize her mistake soon.

Precap: Kinnari asks her mother to give her an idea to send Ankita back. She suggests to send Vaishani back to Banaras, Ankita will go back with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. When will Naren regain his memory

  2. Now i want to see how Ankita is going to kick Pari’s butt

  3. Let Ankita hear what Rushali said to send Vashnavi back, She will tell her like it is

  4. Pari b*t*h as usual,ankita stay strong and honest,always hard working.

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